1. Rob says

    Funny thing is.. If you are doing Home Control for lights, etc this is really quite reasonable. Good LED bulbs run 25-30 dollars and plug in or wall controllers for Lamps run from 45-100 a each. For this market, 60 really isnt bad at all.

  2. Scott says

    Also remember that you should expect at least a 15 YEAR lifespan with these bulbs and that they’ll be using about 1/10th the energy as a standard incandescent.

  3. jdot says

    I’m all for Open Source, but unless you expect people to build their own lightbulbs the same costs are there. Presumably much of the cost of the $199 is also for the actual equipment, the smart bridge, rather than the app itself.

    (also Open Source like who, Google? Microsoft? All the giants are, in many ways, just as proprietary as Apple)

  4. KC says

    This actually sounds like an interesting idea. LEDs last on the order of 20 years, so the cost of LED bulbs compared to standard incandescent bulbs is less than it would seem. This will be an idea to watch, and I have to think within a few years it will be a very viable product.

    On the other hand, if this is an exclusive Apple app, count on the technology being at least twice as expensive as it should be, and the iSheep will flock to it. Has Apple taken out a series of patents on “light-emitting objects that screw into a standard bulb socket?” I’m sure they must. Soon enough, Apple will control light itself.

  5. Stefan says

    The same people who enjoy bashing Apple now are probably the same ones who once stood in line for the latest iPod or iPhone not long ago. Do the research and make up your own mind on what to buy. Apple products aren’t faultless, but the company has historically been a market leader in bringing some pretty remarkable technology to the average consumer. Wait another three years, and Apple will suddenly be “cool” again with the hipsters (whatever those are).

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