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John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John Making Christmas Album


Writes Matt Rettenmund of the forthcoming reunion: "The album will have an original duet written by the 'You're the One That I Want' writer and guest spots by Barbra Streisand (really?), Kenny G, Cliff Richard, Tony Bennett, James Taylor and Chick Corea."

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  1. Don we now our gay apparel.

    Posted by: Peter | Oct 2, 2012 10:03:55 AM

  2. I wish he wouldn't draw his hair on with a sharpie.

    Posted by: Ginbuck (@Ginbuck1) | Oct 2, 2012 10:05:40 AM

  3. OK this is just freaky!

    Posted by: dc20008 | Oct 2, 2012 10:09:14 AM

  4. Don't worry…the Cylons are still to get their hair and skin worked out. Travolta is one of the early attempts.

    Posted by: Mark Alexander | Oct 2, 2012 10:10:47 AM

  5. Bizarre.

    Posted by: Gregoire | Oct 2, 2012 10:13:33 AM

  6. I love Olivia. By the way, there's a "Magic" remix on I-tunes that gives all proceeds to the Olivia Newton John Cancer Treatment Centre.

    Posted by: GregV | Oct 2, 2012 10:21:55 AM

  7. I love Olivia. By the way, there's a "Magic" remix on I-tunes that gives all proceeds to the Olivia Newton John Cancer Treatment Centre.

    Posted by: GregV | Oct 2, 2012 10:21:56 AM

  8. John Travolta looks like he is wearing one of those Devo wigs. Talk about ageing ungracefully. ONJ looks good though.

    Posted by: jamesintoronto | Oct 2, 2012 10:34:27 AM

  9. This isn't an album I would ever buy, even with Streisand. Speaking of which --- Streisand was on Katie last week and said her next album is a set of duets with various crooners adding that Jason will join her "He has a beautiful voice and has been singing privately for years.... Jason is an accomplished violinist. Streisand also admitted to a bank of music recorded over the years that she has never released.

    Posted by: OS2Guy | Oct 2, 2012 10:46:53 AM

  10. Is this a JOKE?

    Posted by: MK | Oct 2, 2012 10:50:25 AM

  11. omg! i can't wait! LOVE Livvy & John's tenor was sooooo sweet, practically absurdly so--were his albums ever released digitally? DEF didn't see this one coming...

    Posted by: a wella-wella-wella what? | Oct 2, 2012 11:06:15 AM

  12. It's heartwarming to see that a performer who has touched so many gays is still releasing music.

    Also Olivia Newton-John.

    Posted by: CHRISTOPHER I | Oct 2, 2012 12:08:23 PM

  13. This is just another sign that this thankless world will luckily end before the new year.

    Posted by: Tyler | Oct 2, 2012 12:45:11 PM

  14. Well, I suppose they have to play *something* on the loudspeakers in hell.

    Posted by: Caliban | Oct 2, 2012 12:54:51 PM

  15. Travolta: "Hairy nuts resting on my open mouth...Jack Frost licking up my butt"

    Olivia: "John, you're gayer than my "Physical" video and my guest spot on Glee, combined."

    Posted by: FuryOfFirestorm | Oct 2, 2012 2:36:55 PM

  16. What the hell is up with that set? It looks like they should call the album "This Ghetto-Ass Christmas"... which in and of itself would make a great title for a holiday album.

    Posted by: Alex Sarmiento | Oct 2, 2012 3:08:26 PM

  17. Oh this looks really really bad. I wanteee for Xmas!

    Posted by: Evi | Oct 2, 2012 5:32:32 PM

  18. A Christmas album? And with Olivia? He's not even trying to stop the gay rumors anymore, is he?

    Posted by: Laughable | Oct 2, 2012 7:12:31 PM

  19. Was it art-directed by a mortician?

    Posted by: Mort | Oct 2, 2012 9:37:58 PM

  20. I'm gonna have nightmares about that album cover. Revolting.

    Posted by: Keppler | Oct 3, 2012 12:13:27 AM

  21. Does America really care if John Travolta is gay or not. HE IS A FREAKIN SCIENTOLOGIST. Is there anything crazier than that?

    Posted by: andrew | Oct 3, 2012 2:41:29 AM

    I met Olivia, 32 or 33 years ago, in Rome, and spent some time. I don't recognize her in that photo.
    As for Traveltina, she looks like a jack-o-lantern of herself

    Posted by: Bob | Oct 3, 2012 4:22:37 AM

  23. Olivia looks amazing, maybe it's your eyes that need checked Bob.

    As for the album, it's got to be better than 80% of the crap on radio today.

    I'll buy it.

    Posted by: Bobby | Oct 3, 2012 10:46:39 AM

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