Matt Bomer to Play a ‘Sexy Ex-Boyfriend’ on ‘The New Normal’


Matt Bomer, who played Blaine's brother Cooper Anderson, in a recent Glee episode, is making his way to another Ryan Murphy show. He'll play Andrew Rannells' (Bryan's) "sexy ex-boyfriend" according to a tweet from Murphy.

I doubt he'll be showing up in his Magic Mike gear but one can always dream.


  1. Juan says

    The prepossessing Matt Bomer could swing from the rafters of this show in nothing but a latex thong and it still could not force me into watching this colossal stepback in gay media portrayals. And he would so totally go for the other guy – not Book of Mormon.

  2. jason says

    The New Normal is a horribly stereotypical show. GLAAD ought to condemn it. By the way, does GLAAD speak up for us these days or does it simply sit in an office and exist in name only?

    One can only wish that this stereotypical pile of detritus is taken off the air.

  3. Jon says

    The worst depiction of Gay life ever! It sets us back 40 years and is so poorly written it is BORING!

  4. Remote Patrolled says

    wow – so many negative comments. Personally I’m loving The New Normal – sharp one liners, smart, funny. Only problem is it’s a bit preachy at times!

  5. CCGuy000 says

    This is Ryan Murphy once again projecting his desires into his show… some fruity queen dating all these impossibly hot guys… it just doesn’t happen. Look at Kurt/Blaine and now Rannells character and his two boyfriends… gimme a break Ryan.

  6. C says

    I LOVE THE NEW NORMAL! =D Some of us live and act the way they do, but they aren’t meant to represent everyone. This show is not what’s setting us back…and that’s if you even believe we are being set back!!

    Life’s still tough and there’s lots to do, but this particular series is hardly the frontline of the battle. Keep your passion, by all means, but it might be more effective focused elsewhere.

    Meanwhile, “Enjoy the show!” to all who like it! 😉 Love you Andrew! (& friends.)

  7. RobWest says

    I like the show, but I do wish it had a bit of John Water’s touch. The proposal scene brought tears to my eyes, great episode.

  8. Michael says

    I have to agree, the New Normal is painful. I watched it for the first time last week and, along with obnoxious stereotypes, I felt like I was having to sit through one lone, very unfunny bad PSA.

  9. says

    Ryan Murphy is very good at writing those incredibly touching bring on the tears moments. There is a lot not to like about The New Normal and a lot to like too. Again, he needs to slow down the diction of lines because they are so rapid-fire they lose their effect. I think Rannells is perfect for the show and Bartha miscast. Odd that Bomer would appear in such a public gay role with his PR people pushing for the lead in “Fifty Shades of Gray” but maybe he and his people believe he is the exception to the rule (as romantic lead).

    Overall we watch the show, haven’t missed an episode. I like it more than my husband and for us there are life-similarities (the surrogacy, who will be bio dad) and sure to be the night sweats panic scene when the reality of an actual child to take care of hits. I like that both men obviously love and care for each other and that love grows stronger with each episode and that Ryan doesn’t hide their kisses. Goldie is perfect, the little girl is growing on me and honestly, I could do without Ellen Barkin’s outright hatred but that’s the reality of our lives.

  10. llm says

    My boyfriend and I love the show and enjoy it quite a bit. We are happy to see it gelling as it goes along, however, as it was uneven and still is finding some balance…but hey, that is also Ryan Murphy.

    I wonder if many of the comments above are the same person, anyway. But I hardly see how a peek into the relatively normal life of a gay couple, which shows them more same than different, is bad. Is one more effeminate? Sure! But that’s also true in life. The advancement in gay rights is in the non stereotypical portrayal (which means they aren’t sidekicks but main characters; they act instead of react, as Nene Leakes does on the show, and what the gay characters do on most shows) of the relationship…no one promised all andcharacters people would be non-stereotypical.

  11. Lucas H says

    Oooh, I love them both! But yeah that relationship would never work. Too much pretty for one couple, LOL

  12. e.c. says

    Been enjoying the show for the most part, it has some real heart at times underneath the bitchy (and some times just plain mean-spirited)banter.

  13. TR K says

    TNN is dreadfully stereotypical. That said I would watch Matt Bomer read the phone book. But seriously, although not sure where he will take character, a guy of Matt’s caliber and masculinity would hardly go for that character in the show. The other husband yes, but not Andrews character, doesn’t happen in real life, ever.

  14. Buster says

    I finally abandoned “Glee” this season, so I think I’m watching TNN as a replacement “favorite show to hate.”

    TNN has some great moments (e.g. the daughter behaving like Edie Beale) but then it falls back into bad stereotypes (like Ellen Barkin’s 1950’s-style conservative) and Ryan Murphy’s patented “why have the characters behave in some sensible way when I can have them do something that’s terribly odd and inprobable?” (e.g. Justin Bartha’s character saying that he had never been to a gay bar before graduating medical school.)

    And, as usual with Murphy shows, the plot elements are moving along at hyperspeed, assuring the audience that the writers will quickly run through every interesting idea and have to start repeating themselves and/or injecting ridiculous plots and guest stars before the end of the first season (e.g. bringing in Matt Bomer as an ex-boyfriend.)

    In a perfect world, Murphy would be banned from day-to-day work on any of his shows as soon as the series is green-lighted. Given his predilection for running good series into the ground, I guess I’m just anxiously anticipating the day when I’ll decide (as I did with “Glee”) that I just can’t bear it anymore.

    In the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing Matt on another Murphy show. (Can we hope for a Bomer/Ranells version of “Somebody I Used to Know”?)

  15. says

    gay men who complain anonymous (as they always do) about “gay stereotypes” are just like anti-gay republican legislators.

    you project what you hate in others that you secretly hate in yourself.

    let’s see these incredible examples of “non-stereotypical gay men” that you fellas claim to be.

    what’s that? you can’t do that?

    of course not. because you’re stereotypical closet cases.

    hating “stereotypical gay men” , from your consistent place of internet anonymity, makes you the biggest saddest wimps of all.

    grow a pair and man up already.

  16. says

    The New Normal is an amazingly funny show. Very over the top, which is typical Ryan Murphy, and it has huge holes in its plot and timelines, however the show is great overall. Ellen Barkin is amazing and Justin Bartha is gorgeous and charming as usual. I’ve even grown to like the flaming one. Much better than that crapfest Glee that every gay seems to love so much.

  17. Matty says

    I personally think Matt should stay away from this show. It’s dated cliches and stereotypes about gays are awful. If Matt wants to do a gay role, he should save it for a decent project.