1. JIm says

    I ended up going to this very NYC concert at the last minute, as guests of a couple of young friends. I never would have gone on my own. The whole audience seemed to be gay men and straight girls, and it was packed. Mika completely won me over. He’s an adorable guy the whole audience wants to take home. Very unpretentious, great voice, catchy music, just comes out and sings and jumps around the stage like a bunny and gets the audience going. Adam Lambert could learn from him – when I saw Adam live he didn’t connect with the audience like Mika did, since Adam was so busy posing & changing outfits. Mika just sings, and is great at it.

  2. cloistered1 says

    Thanks for your post Jim. I thought I was the only one who thought about Adam Lambert like you do. Wish I had been there to experience this moment in time.

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