1. Robert says

    Just goes to show you. No matter how “moderate” a Republican says they are, they will eventually cave when pressured by their party. Sure, she may personally put pro-gay votes out there, but at the end of the day she will be another hatchmark in the same column as the rabid right-wing GOP.

  2. Joshuapolis says

    Suddenly those tweets last night from @GOProud celebrating McMahon’s commitment to marriage equality are put in perspective. In them they were bragging about being the only gay organization to endorse her. I guess we all know why.

  3. Paul says

    I support America’s law on having slaves! It’s so useful!

    Oh, what do you say? We have a law *against* having slaves. Shucks, maybe I’m not qualified to be a US Senator.

  4. says

    He ran circles around her in terms of charisma and quality in that debate, at least the bits of it I watched (including the marriage equality question).