NJ School Cuts Ties With Anti-Gay Boy Scouts

NormanRockwellThe Golda Och Academy in West Orange, NJ, is the latest institution to discontinue its ties to the Boy Scouts over that group’s homophobic policies. GLAAD passes on word that the Jewish day school decided not to renew its Boy Scout charter, meaning that the local troop that held meetings there will have to find a new HQ.

The school’s head, Dr. Joyce Raynor, wrote a letter earlier this month explaining Golda Och Academy’s stance: “The scouts represent a problematic image for many families… To exclude same-sex families from membership and adult volunteerism is in direct contradiction of School policies, which place high value on inclusion It has been decided that GOA cannot act as the sponsor organization until [the BSA’s] national policy changes.”

The leaders of the troop that met at Golda Och actually agree with the school’s position. Assistant scout master Rabbi Lisa Vernon described the policies as “terrible” and “egregious”. But she also added, telling New Jersey Jewish News, “You can’t change the policy if you are not part of Scouting.”

As it stands, the group Scouts for Equality says 254,645 “members of supporting councils and troops” have joined their movement to reverse the BSA’s policies.


  1. Rick says

    It turns out the Boy Scouts are no better than the Catholic Church because of their pedophile scout leaders and priest and also the people in their organizations/religions who hide these pedophiles from the authorities who would bring justice to the countless raped and abused children who were put in their care by parents who trusted them to not do what they did to their children. Now that the children have been damaged by the scouts and Catholics they have no recourse because they would hide their sex abusers from the parents and authorities, they need to change the laws to include these scouts and priest who raped and abused these children to be arrested and tried in a court of law to keep these religious leaders and scout leaders from getting away with almost murder of countless children who’s lives have been destroyed by these so called religious and scout leaders.

  2. andrew says

    A pedophile is someone who is sexually attracted to prepubescent boys and girls. Those who have not yet gone through puberty. The great majority of priests and scout leaders accused of sexual contact with children are ephebophiles. Their strong sexual attraction is for teenage boys and girls who have achieved puberty. Of course acting on either of these types of sexual attractions is legally and morally wrong. Parents should seriously investigate any men with whom their children will have close contact.

  3. JT says

    More NJ schools and organizations could stand up to the BSA by cutting ties to them. I’m proud of this one’s decision. Why should BSA get free space when they are discriminating against us gays and our children.

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