1. Diogenes Arktos says

    We apparently cannot have “social experiments”. What does he call polygamy? What does he call the reality of a constant historical change in the nature (definition) of marriage? More to the point, what about the sad reality of straight marriage that he documented? Why isn’t he calling it a “social experiment” and campaigning to clean up that act? Do these people listen to themselves so that they would produce utterances without so many holes?

  2. BrokebackBob says

    He also recommended that the United States and Utah rescind any current laws against polygamy which will help reduce the number of homosexual men because they will be able to have many many wives to fufill their sexual desires at any time day or night any day of the year. Polygamist wives will be given special Mormon training in how to stay in the home, dress in a manner honoring her husband and look like other wives, and how to cook and sew and clean and bear children as a lifelong vocation.

  3. jason says

    Notice how rich these Mormons are. Their wealth flies in the face of what the Bible says. They are the ultimate hypocrites. Didn’t the Bible say that it is easier to thread a camel through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter Heaven?

  4. says

    L Ron Hubbard learned everything he needed to know about starting a religion to make money from the LDS.

  5. BobN says

    Says the man whose home state has one of the highest rates of child suicide in the country…

  6. says

    Is this guy a robot?

    I am so tired of the Mormons trying to turn everyone against us. Even trying to turn our own families against us.

    I see a supremacist here.

    To all my Gay generation: we are winning a historic battle.

  7. Stefan says

    If they’re going to drum up the social experiment language, then they should be prepared to get scientific. First, these “leaders” are unable to specify an empirically and theoretically sound mechanism by which children of gay parents will be developmentally disadvantaged or turn out gay (I presume that’s the basic hypothesis). Second, children like Zach Wahls (heterosexual and basically awesome) and others create a compelling body of evidence that contradicts this line of thought. We also have the ample evidence of the many, many children who were raised in “traditional” families and are gay or developmentally disabled. I hate when religious zealots try to dress up their prejudice in scientific sounding language. It’s an embarrassment.

  8. Aulton says

    It doesn’t matter what this vermin says. He is a religious figure, and therefore a terrorist, betraying everything humanity stands for. Religion is a plague upon society, and its followers are no more than rabid dogs.

  9. Chadd says

    By calling to for an end to bullying, he is trying to wash his hands of all of the bullying that is generated by calling gay abnormal and sinful. Sorry Mr Oaks, you can’t throw fuel on the fire and expect it not to explode.

  10. chuck says

    Great…so we have a Republican Presidential candidate who was a bishop in a homophobic Church and a vice-Presidential candidate, whose Pope was a Hitler-Youth and is just as homophobic. And GoProud, et al, want them elected.

  11. says

    What an asshat. LIFE is a social experiment, and it’s not limited to children being raised by gay parents. How about women, working outside the home? How about women, attending university. How about stay-at-home dads?
    The one blessing of silly fossils like this guy is that increasingly, people are aware of the damage from religious hucksterism, and are turning away and taking control of their own lives. Why is he against freedom? Why is he so un-American?

  12. says

    dear Mormons, when your “small” families consist of 7 children you’re gonna have at least one gay in them. likely more.

    and this is why the leading cause of death in Utah for males between 15 and 30 is suicide.

    rock on, Mormons. enjoying attending your own children’s funerals.

  13. DAN says

    Why wasn’t Mittens at the convention? Oh yeah, he don’t want to associate with them too much before the election. He needs to downplay his mormonism.

  14. robert says

    When you think on it, the founding of the United States of America was a “social experiment”.