1. Yupp says

    I remember in 2006 when Obama was the only Democrat candidate who said Mike Nifong needed to be investigated, when the NYC and NC gays (Humm, Towle, Belonsky)were screeching for the heads of the Duke lacrosse guys. Talk about honesty, and dishonesty.

  2. Johnny says

    You wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the face. One thing is for sure, ANYTHING that comes from the Obama camp is a filthy lie. Romney is going to make a great president so just get used to it. Obama’s reign of terror and destruction will soon be over. Any fool could watch his debate performance and know that his treasonous actions are indefensible. Obama can’t even defend is own lunacy.

  3. gr8guya says


    How many times do I have to tell you that the computer is for
    the asylum staff, not the patients? Now go take your meds and we will discuss this in the group session this evening.

  4. Tristram says

    Btw Lol @ Mitt Romney. Women generally don’t like the guy, so his marketing team find one that does, but even she can’t offer any real evidence for why women should warm to him, other than the fact that gold hasn’t rained from the skies since Obama took office.

  5. reality says

    Romney changes positions more often than a prostitute … heck, he IS a prostitute for this radical right-wing neo-cons. He will say ANYTHING to get elected, even if it means flip flopping within the same day. He’d be a pitiful President and a DANGEROUS President for gays, immigrants, women, the middle class, and for our economic security (trickle down? please) and our foreign policy. Romney is a joke – make it known.

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