1. andrew says

    I will vote for the same outstanding candidate that Mr. Obama voted for. However, I don’t like that voting “booth” set up they have at that polling center. It doesn’t seem very private. There should be a curtain around the voting machine so that people can have complete privacy to cast their secret ballot.

  2. andrew says

    @Saywhat: Ending DADT, supporting same sex marriage, gradually turning Bush’s deep recession around, ending the war in Iraq, in the process of ending the war in Afghanistan, aiding the Libyans gain their freedom, appointing two highly qualified progressive women to the U S Supreme Court, saving the auto industry, supporting a woman’s right to control her own body, being a great father and husband, “Obama Care, etc etc, MORE THAN “NUFF” SAID!!!!!

  3. SAYWHAT says

    @andrew: nice koolaid-soaked talking points. How bout you address the lies about Benghazi. 4 Americans murdered. You can think for yourself, can’t you?

  4. millerbeach says

    Yeah, so can most others on this board, saywhat. Ever hear of the wars started by GWB? All lives count, but your buddy GWB has a much, much higher body count than Obama. Ever hear of Iraq?

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