1. Well, yes says

    Well, yes. I can see how people who support Crazy Uncle Joe’s performance last night might find Mr. Ryan’s *thoughtfulness* troubling.

    Give me a break.

  2. says

    eh … my favorite part was the ominous music behind Biden’s laughter; it reminded me of that NOM ad with the ordinary Americans frightened of the gays because – oh look, lightning, dark clouds!

  3. Dave says

    Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately, I think the RNC ad will be more effective. Obviously to us, it is more dishonest with cut-and-paste laughter, but viscerally it will connect more. For those watching the debate, Biden did much better. Ryan got away with his false figures once again, however.

  4. petensfo says

    I was disappointed that no one called Ryan on his, “we believe judges should be elected” comment… in other words, any decision that isn’t majority mob rule is subject to review for change. Not even SCOTUS is elected, but elections sure do affect SCOTUS. Watch out- everyone but rich, white guys.

  5. bobbyjoe says

    Ryan looked like a re-animated corpse. Seriously, I guess it’s a good thing they put out those muscle pictures yesterday morning, ’cause Ryan looked gaunt and sickly. And if he took one more nervous swig of water, I was afraid Martha Raddatz was gonna have to stop the debate for a potty break.

    If the best the GOP can do against Biden is complain about him smiling a lot, you know they decisively lost last night.

  6. MarkUs says

    Hilarious. You can go to Drudge and see Obama is disintegrating like a house of cards. Colorado, gone. Virginia, gone. Florida, gone. North Carolina, gone. What’s that? Even the beloved lib soothsayer Nate whatshisface is crumbling?!

  7. i could go on, but I won't says

    I find Biden’s laugh charming and infectious. The truly revealing moment was Ryan’s response to the abortion question. He has said that Scalia would be the model for future Supreme Court nominees and that in a few years abortion would be illegal in this country if Romney wins because it would reflect the voters’ will.

    Now rich white women don’t have to worry. Their private clinics know how to categorize an abortion so that there’s no record of it. And there’s always that quick trip to Sweden if necessary. It is the women without means that will not have access to the abortion option.

  8. KuMiCu says

    My favorite part was the moderator asking about the 20% tax cut and how they were going to do that, Ryan was like “we don’t have the details yet”? WTF??!! Because you don’t have squat. You are going to start a war with Iran and tax the middle class like there is no tomorrow!.

  9. NwYrkr says

    Yes Markus you are correct in that the polls are shifting in favor of Myth Romney, and this is based on an incredibly lackluster performance by President Obama in the debate last week. Hell, I wrote in calling him out on it and was thinking that maybe Myth Romney and Lying Ryan wouldn’t be that terrible after all it’s only four years, However, after watching Biden come out swinging last night and mopping up the floor with Pretty Boy Paul, O knows what needs to be done, and how to do it and he will bring it Tuesday night at Hofstra. If the polls of sheep like voters can swing that easily based on Romney lying his ass off, when he is called out on his lies, and not allowed to escape the way he was allowed to last time, you will see the polls swing back

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