1. rjp3 says

    I personally think he was trying too hard to not come off as an “angry black man” — which is exactly the trap the GOP / FOX NEWS set for him.

    He also does not have a lot of experience playing with Corporate snakes like Romney who lie to your face on national television (then still get declared the winner by News Organization in our sick nation).

    But I think he was thrown by being call a “Boy”.

    America loves a condescending bigot and liar. Romney has a real shot.

  2. ratbastard says

    1) The president performed VERY poorly, a;most bizarrely bad, like he was on drugs. Romney acted like he was on some type of amphetamine-type substance. His inappropriate smiling was bizarre.

    2) Romney and the Republicans LIE…about all kinds of stuff. The president and the Democrats ALSO lie, routinely.

    ALL politicians lie and exaggerate. ALL ideologically motivated people lie and exaggerate if it suits their purpose. ALL people and institutions who have especially a vested financial interest in a particular industry will lie and exaggerate if it protects their interests and especially if it helps them make more $. ALL human beings are flawed and will on occasion lie and exaggerate, a few are pathological/sociopathic/psychopathic.

    It is what it is.

  3. ratbastard says


    DON’T PLAY THE RACE CARD,BOSS. Obama isn’t stupid or unfamiliar with snake-like corporate culture. HE WAS A CORPORATE LAWYER, and did many mean spirited things for his corporate clients, some against his own ‘People’.

    WTF is this ‘Boy’ sh*t and ‘Angry Black Man’ you’re babbling about? I have never heard anyone growing up in the north using the word ‘Boy’ as a pejorative, EXCEPT black people from the south, and even then they often weren’t using it as a pejorative, ignorant tight a**ed northern ‘progressives’ jumped on commonplace tradition rural southern slang as being all ‘racist’, when in fact guys would routinely address each other as ‘Boy’ in a familiar fashion. It’s wasn’t meant as an insult, just a friendly laid back greeting, like calling your GF or wife ‘Old Lady’ or your BF or husband ‘Old Man’.

  4. Derrick from Philly says


    I don’t need to tell you to pay that Boston Bean Bag any mind. Rat doesn’t know what the he’s talking about concerning the use of word “boy” in the South. He only knows enough about Black America to reinforce his hatred of Black America.

    And what is this about the President having been a corporate lawyer? When? Rat, are you making up sh.t again?

  5. ratbastard says


    You can take the ‘boy’ out of the south, but you obviously can’t take the south out of the ‘boy’. Many black Americans are perfect examples of this. In my experience [I was raised, Derrick, in ‘MINORITY MAJORITY neighborhoods and live in a very ‘diverse’ place now, many [DISCLAIMER: NOT ALL, but MANY] black Americans are OBSESSED with all things southern. And you’re right, there are many southern cultural habits and language not used by northerners except by black folks with some connection to the south.

  6. ratbastard says


    Was Obama a CORPORATE lawyer [same with his wife]? YES.

    Did Obama do things ‘mean spirited’ and ruthless for his corporate clients against his own so-called people? YES.

    Obama NEVER lived in majority black ‘ghetto’ or majority black neighborhood in his life, period. Even when he decided to become a ‘Community Activist’ [he needed street cred for his political ambitions] HE DIDN’T LIVE IN THE ‘COMMUNITY’, he commuted from a much nicer ‘white’ neighborhood.

  7. says

    Jon took the opportunity to skewer his own side for a change, and it was on target, though the whole debate response has been hugely exaggerated, both by annoying handwringing liberals and desperate conservatives and especially by the media who are relishing the chance to turn this into a fake horse race again.

    Obama was lackluster, but I’m mystified as to why people think Romney did such a great job. He looked manic and unhinged at some points, like he’d done a few lines of coke backstage. I guess that’s winning, but it doesn’t change his complete unlikeability or his etch-a-sketch persona. He probably won 3 votes and lost 3 among the braindead undecideds.

  8. alexander says

    i think obama was genius. just let Romney say all he wants he’s only looking worse and worse. ^_^ we all know he’s a liar. Obama stated the facts and if that’s too boring for ya’ll well get over it facts shall destroy mittler, i hope.

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