‘One Million Moms’ Boycotts J Lo-Produced Gay-Themed TV Show That Might Someday Exist


American Family Association subgroup One Million Moms is going nuts over a television show that doesn't exist yet:

EW announced in August that the cable network had greenlit The Fosters, an hourlong drama executive produced by Jennifer Lopez and created by Bradley Bredeweg and Queer as Folk‘s Peter Paige. The show will focus on a multi-ethnic family headed by a lesbian couple.

One Million Moms has called the program “anti-family,” posting a call to arms on its website: A premiere date has not been set, but One Million Moms wanted to sound the alarm about this new series. It will be airing on the network soon unless we do something about it. They are in the beginning stages.

ColeShrieks OMM (director Monica Cole, pictured):

Obviously, ABC has lost their minds. They haven't let up so neither will we. ABC's Family Channel has several anti-family programs, and they are planning on adding to that growing list. ABC Family has approved a series pilot from Jennifer Lopez's production company, Nuyorican, about a lesbian couple and their diverse family. Many families have already discovered that ABC Family Channel is anything but family-friendly. But because of family being part of the network's name, we thought a warning should still be sent out for anyone who continues to watch the channel. A premiere date has not been set, but One Million Moms wanted to sound the alarm about this new series. It will be airing on the network soon unless we do something about it. They are in the beginning stages.

ABC Family reported the comedy-drama pilot, working with the title "The Fosters," is about two women raising a "21st century," multi-ethnic mix of foster and biological kids. While foster care and adoption is a wonderful thing and the Bible does teach us to help orphans, this program is attempting to redefine marriage and family by having two moms raise these children together. One Million Moms is not sure how the explanation will be given on how the biological children were conceived. None of this material is acceptable content for a family show.

Hollywood is continuing to push an agenda that homosexuality is acceptable when scripture states clearly it is a sin. As Christians, the Bible also says that we must speak up against sin. If we remain silent then we are guilty of sin also.

Lopez will be an executive producer for the hour-long project. Casting has not been announced. It's still in the pilot stage and hasn't been picked up for a series yet. Let's stop this dead in it its tracks.

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  1. says

    fun fact – she’s never had an orgasm.

    another fun fact – scripture says women like her shouldn’t be telling us men what do to. so go pick up some heavy stones, throw them at her, and make sure you aim for her head.

    scripture says it’s the right thing to do.

  2. Dave says

    I went to the OMM website, clicked on their “Take Action” link and used their website to send ABC a letter in SUPPORT of “The Fosters”.

  3. Arrowsmith says

    Stupid ABC Family! How DARE they show that gay people are the same as everyone else!


  4. Lucas H says

    I’ll watch it if it is any good.

    Too bad Partners sucks, and New Normal is not getting the best reviews that I’ve seen (but I like it!)

  5. snightsp says

    a (1) : the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law (2) : the state of being united to a person of the same sex in a relationship like that of a traditional marriage

    The Oxford:
    1the formal union of a man and a woman, typically as recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife:
    •[mass noun] the state of being married: women want equality in marriage

    •(in some jurisdictions) a union between partners of the same sex.

    Why would anyone feel the need to redefine marriage? It’s already defined by M-W just fine, all ‘THEY’ want is the equality that *straight* people have that nobody else got to vote for, which is marrying the person you love.
    I see nothing about religion, or who created it, I only see the definition of how we use it now which is as a legal contract between two people that provides legal rights. (Not to mention separation of church and state, and freedom *from* religion as well as freedom *of* religion).

  6. Jeff York says

    Thanks to this, I’ll watch for it and see if it’s any good. Partners sucked and not in a fun way. The New Normal is neither new or normal. By normal, i mean it’s trying to hard to be different. The young girl and the bigot grandmother seem like real people.

  7. Gregor says

    I see “crazy” in Monica Cole’s eyes. Wonder if she’s related to Michele Bachmann.

  8. gregory brown says

    Monica Cole has the lizardy shape-shifting eyes of Laura bush, with a dash of Bachmann craziness.

  9. i could go on, but I won't says

    This is obviously a market segment that ABC has neglected.

    They need an ABC Family Bigot channel. You know, sorta like what Fox News is to the real news.

  10. Chuck Mielke says

    Curious that “3 1/2 Moms” get to decide what is a family for all the rest of the nation. She can’t even bring herself to use the word “family” in the context of quoting the TV network’s promotional material.

    And, yes; I see “crazy” in her in her face, too. It’s the same manic smile I’ve seen on Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and Ann Coulter.

  11. Ken says

    How many moms does “One Millions Moms” really represent? According to site traffic, less than 90k, or less than .03% of the population of the US. People that have bought Twilight books: 14.3% of the US population. Why does ANYONE report on OMM?

  12. "The Gay" says

    Nobody cares about OMM, and nobody is going to remember them in 10 years.

    But this will be around forever :

  13. Mary says

    I guess they decided to boycott shows that don’t exist yet because they’ve had no luck boycotting shows that DO exist.

  14. test says

    So since there are only about 30,000 of them can we start a group called 5,000,000 gays and just start issuing statements from that letterhead?

  15. Dave says

    LOL I’d die laughing every time I see a statement listed as coming from “5 million gays”.

  16. andrew says

    Somebody should tell these FTM’s (Few thousand Moms) that they have spread themselves way too thin and have little or no effect.

  17. Steve says

    I followed Dave’s example and went to the OMM website and sent an email of THANKS to the sponsors of the New Normal (popped up first) pledging my support because of their support. I also sent a message to the website area looking for users to report “trash material” and told them that I was praying for them that one day they will see the misguided path they have found themselves down.

  18. JD says

    One Million Moms chained together at the bottom of the ocean…just kidding; my mom will kick your ass, just saying, she doesn’t like hateful ignorant people.

    The show sounds like some good quality family programming if you ask me.

  19. says

    I’m just curious as to what other shows this group takes issue with, when it comes to “what scripture says” (or rather, what they mistakenly think scripture says)…

    are they going to boycott programs that shows families and individuals not spending the Sabbath devoted to prayer and prayer alone?

    or….um… is this one of those things where the group is only “Christian” when it comes to hating gays and/or Muslims?