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Paul Ryan Flexes Muscle for Workout Photos


TIME magazine spills 'em:

"When TIME named Paul Ryan a runner-up in last year’s Person of the Year issue, many were familiar with his proposed budget, but few knew that the Wisconsin congressman stayed fit with the now-best selling P90X workout plan. (Ryan’s father and grandfather died of heart attacks.) In fact, it was Ryan’s fitness regime (and Herculean strength on all things fiscal) that inspired the workout-themed sitting for the Person of the Year; those portraits, photographed by Gregg Segal, appear in this week’s issue."

One more, AFTER THE JUMP...


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  1. I know that some of the pathetic, middle-aged queens around here are going to bash Tank for saying this, but I think that if a lot of you had the chance to get Paul Ryan a go, you would be all over him like a bad rash! Yeah, his ideas are hateful and he is a real jerk, and he has a goofy face, but you guys would bang him till the cows came home if you had the opportunity! Just keeping it real, bitches!

    Posted by: TANK | Oct 11, 2012 1:11:31 PM

  2. "When TIME named Paul Ryan a runner-up in last year’s Person of the Year issue..."

    How can anyone have any respect left for TIME?

    Posted by: Diogenes Arktos | Oct 11, 2012 1:11:39 PM

  3. Total goober.

    Posted by: Mawm | Oct 11, 2012 1:13:34 PM

  4. *************** ELMER FUDD ********************

    Posted by: jtramon | Oct 11, 2012 1:15:38 PM

  5. Truly the male Sarah Palin.

    Posted by: Gregoire | Oct 11, 2012 1:15:41 PM

  6. Do people think he's handsome? Because I sure don't.

    Posted by: NaughtyLola | Oct 11, 2012 1:19:59 PM

  7. http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/523834_4130472413361_1778056348_n.jpg

    Posted by: endo | Oct 11, 2012 1:21:42 PM

  8. HAHAHA he is ugly as sh*t and he does NOT have an impressive body at all. The only nice thing I can say about his physical appearance is that he's not fat.

    Posted by: danswon | Oct 11, 2012 1:29:56 PM

  9. Oh TANK, you'd be the first in line. THAT'S keeping it real.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Oct 11, 2012 1:39:55 PM

  10. He gives me the creeps. The guy has no lips. Why is it that most far right wing nuts don't have lips? Someone should study that.

    Posted by: Matt | Oct 11, 2012 1:40:51 PM

  11. He's a walking parody.

    Posted by: Lucas H | Oct 11, 2012 1:42:03 PM

  12. Between his abhorrent politics, d-bag personality and stick legs, I'd rather f**k a rabid wolverine than Paul Ryan.

    Posted by: FuryOfFirestorm | Oct 11, 2012 1:49:09 PM

  13. He's the guy on Grinder Paris Hilton was talking about.

    Posted by: Kevin | Oct 11, 2012 1:49:18 PM

  14. Too thin, plus like I told the republican on an app who invited me to pleasure him, id rather eat p****

    Posted by: rick scatorum | Oct 11, 2012 1:51:57 PM

  15. P***y

    Posted by: rick scatorum | Oct 11, 2012 1:52:47 PM

  16. Okay, so you're a date rapist. That don't impress me much...

    Posted by: Feral | Oct 11, 2012 2:01:35 PM

  17. Yeah, that's bringing a lot of class to the election, allright.

    I weep for this democracy.

    Posted by: johnny | Oct 11, 2012 2:02:20 PM

  18. I'll admit it. There have been photos of Paul Ryan where I thought he was attractive, in an Eddie Munster all-growed-up sort of way. Hey, I have a thing for distinctive noses (don't ask).

    But that objective aesthetic appreciation of him in those photos doesn't mean I'd overlook how vile he is politically and it sure as hell doesn't mean I'd ever vote for him. And I wouldn't f*ck him with Glenn Beck's d*ck.

    Ew. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    Posted by: Caliban | Oct 11, 2012 2:04:35 PM

  19. I know we will never be able to prove it but I suspect he is gay. I wish some of his ex lovers would speak out BEFORE the election !

    Posted by: Icebloo | Oct 11, 2012 2:14:28 PM

  20. He still looks like Jerry Mahoney. Guy's got zombie eyes. W.E.I.R.D.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Oct 11, 2012 2:15:13 PM

  21. http://www.theonion.com/articles/naked-tiedup-paul-ryan-tells-staff-he-cant-prepare,29872/

    Text of the link says it all. Enjoy. (It's the Onion, but it rings soooo true.)

    Posted by: Zlick | Oct 11, 2012 2:18:26 PM


    NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!! ("next" applies to my vote as well LOL)

    Posted by: redball | Oct 11, 2012 2:39:15 PM

  23. How can anyone not think this moron is gay ? REALLY ?

    I just have to add.....this guy is ugly on the inside AND the outside. What a fugly guy - I hope his kids don't inherit his face.

    Posted by: Icebloo | Oct 11, 2012 2:55:49 PM

  24. Made me think of the song by Offspring

    Pretty Fly for a White Guy

    Posted by: TorontoDude | Oct 11, 2012 3:04:15 PM

  25. Little Red Riding Hood as VP? Big Bain Wolf as President?
    What a shame for the USA!

    Posted by: Roman Bolliger | Oct 11, 2012 3:05:00 PM

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