1. says

    John is not that bad, he’s even endorsed by peace activists and he also supports equality. He wants us out of Afghanistan, he does not want war with Iran.

    John does not like indefinite detention nor the other liberty draining ideas that Pelosi and her friends pass.

  2. mike8787 says

    Has his Pelosi clone ask his position on unemployment, and instead starts randomly talking about the NDAA . . . in an ad scripted by him and his staff.

  3. GMcGinnis says

    The GOP really has gone to the lowest level of intelligence in the history of politics in this country, and it has been pretty low before. This is not just sad but pathetic. At least Christine O’Donnel’s, “I’m not a Witch” ad was entertaining. This one is just repulsive like the candidate promoting it. Just sickening.

  4. io.caprone says

    i kinda like it

    kinda amazed he would spend the money to buy space to air this and i’d be pretty darn pissed if i was a donor and found out this is what my money went to (obviously didn’t spend it on production)

    doubt it will help Dennis but as stupid good fun why not.

  5. Tom says

    I vote for Pelosi and I’ve never even heard of this loser (figuratively and, in about a month, literally). He has ZERO chance of being elected, so by all means, keep wasting your money on pointless ads and keep showing the world what a ridiculous horse’s ass you are.

  6. Nancy Horrigan says

    I thought this advert was pro-Nancy Pelosi at first. In any case, it made me want to vote for her more – anyone leading a zombie army has my vote.

  7. MaddM@ says

    the american political system of having a choice of two candidates which are the same scramble of polar opposites is so ridiculous. I will vote again for Obama however there are some big problems that if he doesn’t do something with it will be a mark on his legacy, including closing guantanamo and holding some wall street feet to the fire regarding subprime mortgage fallout in a manner usually reserved for drug dealers a la chappelle’s show

  8. MaddM@ says

    sorry I had a point RE this vid- I feel like this with pelosi, she’s part of a congress that was willingly ceding power to GWB post 9-11 and I think should be out on her ass for that, but not at the expense of people that want to support the american taliban aka the religious right

  9. entrepoid says

    I guess he thought that since he’s going to lose anyway, he might as well have some fun with an art project. It was kind of fun till he started talking and got all serious. And the end was really boring. A B- at best. I’m sure the Republican party is thrilled to be paying for this. Honestly, speaking as a voting San Franciscan, Pelosi is awfully conservative for me- in SF politics she’s a kind of crypto-Republican. But I hear that outside of SF she’s considered a liberal. So I’ll vote for her. For your sake.

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