News: Azealia Banks, Annie, #SignsYoSonisGay, Matt Bomer

RoadRomnesia explained, by Mitt Romney himself.

GabbanaRoadAzealia Banks attacks Dolce & Gabbana for racist imagery: “Definitely boycotting Dolce & Gabanna…Whoever designed that racist ass Dolce and Gabanna collection needs a swift kick in the mouth and a big d**k up the ass…I really hate it when people do corny, racist things then try to justify it as 'art'…It’s all just really unnecessary. the clothes in the collection were fine without all the “black mammie” imagery”.

RoadBeefcake carpet sales for all ages in Florida.

RoadDharbin: A blogger's guilt about not saying something. "Today I was at a church-sponsored paintball field with most of my family, and the man running things pointed out in no uncertain terms during his safety/rules talk: 'No homosexuals,' and I didn’t say anything. Not a peep."

RoadFirst look: Rihanna's 'Diamonds' video.

RoadWhat's Kylie Minogue doing in the art house film Holy Motors? "The French director may not be a household name, but it probably suffices to say that his dark, romantically tragic oeuvre stands in sharp contrast to the candy-flavored club songs and scantily clad music videos for which Minogue is best known."

RoadPenn Badgely buzzed all his hair off.

RoadJosh Brolin flaunts his smooth skin on the set of Oldboy.

SunnyRoadShelter dog pulled from the street is the star of Broadway's Annie revival: "The production team for 'Annie' had narrowed the role of Sandy down to three canine candidates, but decided to look for a fourth. Sunny was eventually found in BARC, a Houston shelter where she was within two days of being put down."

RoadFan: Chris Brown called me a "faggot".

RoadSao Paulo mayoral candidate Serra slammed for anti-gay remarks.

RoadNYT: "'Paul Ryan shirtless' is currently Googled 9 times more often than 'Paul Ryan budget.' Don’t ask me why, but 'Paul Ryan shirtless' is Googled more frequently in blue states than in red."

RoadJonathan Capehart on the lack of an LGBT mention in the presidential debates: "There have been three debates featuring President Obama, Mitt Romney and their respective running mates without so much as an allusion to the LGBT community. There are two reasons for this. First, the president took the issue (and the drama that went with it) off the table when he declared his personal support for marriage equality in May. Second, the American people, particularly deep-pocketed and well-connected Republicans, believe that same-sex couples should have the right to marry the person they love."

RoadAnd here's the much-anticipated teaser for the trailer for Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man 3.

CorredorRoadMale model fix: Leonardo Corredor.

RoadBest squirrel feeder ever.

RoadTwitter users take stand against homophobic #SignsYoSonIsGay hashtag."Twitter users by the thousands hijacked the inane, anti-gay (not to mention often unintelligible) new hashtag, #SignsYoSonIsGay, flooding it with inspiring messages of positivity."

RoadGoing down?

RoadChuck Close does Obama.

RoadJackie Collins says Matt Bomer didn't get the role of Superman because he's gay: "Matt Bomer, who is the most gorgeous guy … was up for the role of Superman. He had not come out of the closet but people in the know knew he was gay. He lives down the street from a friend of mine. She knew, and I knew. His audition tape went in and they called up the agent. Somebody didn't like him and told them he was gay. They said, 'No, no. We can't cast you'. The reason he didn't get cast was because he was gay."


  1. Icebloo says

    We need an official boycott of Chris Brown. He is a piece of sh%t. He got famous too early. He has never done a real day’s work in his life and that’s why he is arrogant and so full of himself.

    If the gays boycotted his music he would suffer a lot because most of his fans are gays even though he won’t admit it. His music is POP MUSIC. Straight men in the US don’t buy pop music even when people like Chris try to call it R&B. It’s not R&B. It’s pop music.

  2. jason says


    We also need an official boycott of Rihanna. Rihanna has known links to violent, anti-gay music acts. She’s associated with Beenie Man and other dancehall acts with murderous anti-gay lyrics even after they were exposed thus.

    For instance, Rihanna was joining Beenie Man on stage in 2007 despite him having been exposed as a virulent homophobe in 2004.

    It’s unbelievable that Andy of towleroad would give her any publicity at all. Something’s going wrong with towleroad.

  3. NaughtyLola says

    I’m not sure what the takeaway about the Azaelia Banks story is supposed to be. Are you pointing out her hypocrisy in using blatant homophobia and threats of sexual violence (“needs…a big d*ck up the ass”) when complaining about racist imagery? Because it seems to me that a person immediately loses any standing to complain about social injustice when they in turn but their own biases on full display.

  4. Larry says

    As much as I don’t want to believe it, Jackie Collins might be right about Bomer. I remember when the director pushed hard for him to be Superman, but the story was the studio didn’t think he was well known enough to be cast. The director left. When a new director was signed, they cast Brandon Routh, who was equally unknown. But I agree with FernLaPlante–he’s better off.

  5. Paul R says

    D&G should have been boycotted years ago, if only because they’re smug, horrible, self-loathing people who put out crappy clothes that cost a fortune.

  6. THE QUEEN says


  7. Ozu says

    Azealia Banks is not only a homophobe but also the type of American who gives us a bad name overseas. She sees a representation of African settlers in Sicily and applies American perceptions of racism where there are none. Soooo full of herself that of course Italians need to know all about Aunt Jemima and plantation mammies because why shouldn’t they know as much about our history as she is ignorant of theirs. 100 to 1 that she would be blown away to know that there is such a thing as an Afro-Italian. Reminds of folks who call any person of African decent “African-American” whether they’re from Alabama or England or Nigeria. Ugh.

  8. Iban4yesu says

    “What’s Kylie Minogue doing in the art house film Holy Motors?”

    Biatch, what kind of q. is that? Radically upgrading her filmography, of course!!!!

    Biodome w/ Pauly Shore? Quelle horreur!

    Streetfighter, of which the costar, the bastard (I mean, salaud!), Jean-Claude Van Damme, recently spilled the bean, saying that he had an affair w/ Kylie during the the filming of that mess…. He ain’t no gentleman, salaud et merde!

    Nobody saw on this shore the presumably serviceable Aussie weepie The Delinquents.
    Blink and you’ll miss that lovely green fairy in Moulin Rouge!

    FINALLY, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY!! Holy Motors which will open soon, Got glorious reviews everywhere. U can’t go wrong w/ a Leos Carax film.

    “the candy-flavored club songs” blah blah….

    Yuck, if u’ve missed the whole edgy Indie Kylie era, then, it’s ur loss, not Her Majesty, the (current) Goddess of Pop’s!

    You go girl Kylie, we love u! ALL THE WAY!

  9. NeverEclipsed81 says

    I guess 6 months have passed, it’s like clockwork, Chris Brown calls someone a fagggot every 6 months.. He’s rubbing off on Rihanna, and now she’s shining like a Cubic Zirconia.

  10. Stacy says

    Poor old Jackie Collins, she has her decades mixed up. Bomer was up for the 2003 Supermen but actually declined any interest publicly for the current sad 2013 reboot due to his White Collar shooting schedule. Matt would be great at anything, but I am glad he is focusing on truly dramatic acting gigs like his lead in The Normal Heart which requires real acting, not just standing and reciting lines in front of a green screen. Ironic though that the new Superman has a hidden past, isn’t it.

  11. NaughtyLola says

    @Fernlaplante, Superman hasn’t come out yet, its due to be released in 2013.

    I’d say Matt Bomer wasn’t cast because Henry Cavill is sex on legs. Matt Bomer is cute in a bland sort of way, but whenever I see Henry Cavill my clothes fall off, its really weird.

  12. Joe De Hoyos says

    I’ll tell you why Paul Ryan shirtless is Googled more often than his budget: because this generation is obsessed with sex and sleaze. They grew up with Pam Anderson, Paris Hilton and all the other trashiness their culture has embraced, from self-hyping Gangsta Rap to full body tattoos. If its not vulgar its not cool.

    When Madonna did her SEX installment it was tastefully shocking, but it opened peoples eyes to a stylized sort of reality. This has been interpreted into sex tapes and mindless blogging and the belief that bad press equals good news. Bleh. I’m bored already.

  13. CJ says

    @ naughtylola: The Superman film Matt Bomer was up for was in 2003, not the new one with Cavill. Bomer was Brett Ratner’s choice, but then Ratner left the project. Brian Singer came in and started over. But Bomer’s career is doing just fine these days.

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