1. Onnyjay says

    Just when you think the supply of stupid has been used up, Flarda comes up with another bumper crop.

  2. kp05 says

    It’s even more depressing to know our equality is being held hostage by the lowest thinkers and dumbest people in the country. It would be one thing if our opponents were well spoken and had well reasoned arguments. Instead, we’re bombarded with:

    ‘Your’ wrong because of the Bible!

  3. mike8787 says

    The Jacksonville City Council is overrun with bigoted religious nuts besides this one. Clay Yarborough is an outspoken homophobe and bigot, and, at the hearings on the LGBT nondiscrimination ordinance, Matt Schellenberg suggested that people not moving to Jacksonville because of its lack of LGBT protections were the ones discriminating against their “nice” city, and refused to acknowledge discrimination exists.

    Perhaps the craziest, though, is Kim Daniels. A reformed prostitute, she is now a self-ordained preacher who uses the power of rap to, among other things, cure homosexuality.

    The scariest thing is not that these people exist, or even that they’re on this council, but that the people of Jacksonville are VOTING for them — and such a large number of them, at that. To be fair, Jacksonville is a consolidated city, which means the “city” includes the surrounding suburbs (and the rural crazy that is inherent in that). It is still baffling that Americans elect not only extremely prejudiced politicians, but ones completely incompetent and ignorant of the law as well.

  4. JP says

    I wonder if this tool is using Clairol Men’s Choice for males or the Nice & Easy favored by the females. Because usually with Clairol, there’s ‘Less Guilt. More Gorgeous.’ I’m not seeing either, but it’s the golden glimmer shades that are throwing me off. Does this person identify as male or female?

  5. PAUL B. says

    @KP05…it can be depressing. Then, there is always the silver lining…they’re so dumb that if we don’t succeed in our own efforts for equality…natural selection will do it for us. Can you imagine a species surviving for very long thinking the way he does? Inbreeding, lower IQ’s, hunting & gathering revisited & then puff…they’re gone. We win.

  6. Paul R says

    I never want to hear another word about this stupid company. The entire “controversy” has done nothing but make more money for them.

  7. Tom in long beach says

    True Christians should be guided by the golden rule of “Do to others as you would have them do to you”. (Luke 6:31) That said people’s interpretations of Leviticus and why it is O.K. to discriminate should be left out of city council meetings.

  8. JJ says

    Vegetarianism is super “contrary to the Bible.” I’m not judging, but if that’s the lifestyle you’ve chosen, you’re going to burn in Hell forever and ever. Praise the Lord!

  9. Tim says

    I work in a grocery store in N.Ca. As I was walking past the huge gift card display I noticed the Chick-fil-A gift cards among the rest of the fast food company’s so I stopped took them off the display turned them around and put them back on the display backwards.Then I put a Burger King card on top. It made me feel fantastic! I think I will do it again where ever I see them! Bigoted, lying bible thumpers!

  10. PAUL B. says

    @Tim…I live & work in N.Ca. too and I’m going to do just what you did the next chance I get. What a great idea…don’t get caught!
    I’m guessing it’s only one step over to the meat isle and putting a few of their cards buried in the chicken breasts might be helpful.

  11. Diogenes Arktos says

    All of the vegetarians I know are intelligent, principled people. They have embraced vegetarianism for clearly defensible reaons and hold to them. The idea that a vegetarian would drop vegetarianism for bigotry boggles my mind.

    BTW – there is a subgroup of Jews who practice vegetarianism – it does have some support within Jewish tradition. Being vegetarisn is a way to allow Jews who keep kosher to be welcome for meals at their houses. It is not uncommon, moreover, for vegetarianism to be a waystation to keeping kosher.

  12. yehadut says

    Just because he disagrees with you doesn’t mean he hates you. The people I know who are against gay marriage do not appear to hate gays, they just disagree with what they’re doing. Do ethical vegetarians hate carnivores? Do Democrats hate Republicans? I feel that this is a bigoted stereotype of opponents of gay marriage. *Some* of them are hateful, but to generalize about all of them — how is that different than generalizing about all gay people?

    I think we should be able to disagree respectfully.