1. Strepsi says

    Great recap Andrew! But re: “Though there will be no consensus on a winner or loser in this debate” — sadly there is, and it was Romney who won.

    I am a huuuuge Obama admirer — and of course voting GOP is out of the question — but it was the return of Obama the policy wonk, not Obama the inspiring firebrand.

    So what if he was right about the details of a voucher? These debates are won or lost on body language.

    Romney started shrill, but then he looked direct and commanding. Obama started by looking like he’d rather not be there, and maintained that look. I the split screen, Romney looked directly at Obama; Obama looked down or away, which reads on TV as evasive or defensive. He should have been on the OFFENSIVE!

    Overall the effect was of Obama being the ‘old way’ and Romney offering Change! Why didn;t Obama lay out a clear plan and explain in a strong pitch why he needs 4 more years to finish!

    There were so many misrepresentations from the GOP and Romney, why didn’t Obama CALL THEM OUT? It’s sad to admit. but Romney won this one.

  2. BEAHBEAH says

    Yeah, there is no point in even trying to spin it. Poll after poll shows that the vast majority thought Romney won. To sit here and debate who was more factual is irrelevant, that’s not how debates are won unfortunately.

    Obama needs to wake the f**k up.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, every Liberal is so disappointed. Please. The show was NOT for Liberals. It was for independent White women. We’ll see who actually won.

    Romney = Fredric March
    Obama = Spencer Tracy

    Don’t go into a f.cking panic.

  4. JD says

    Romney may have won on debate “performance”, but he never rattled Obama. Obama was calm, the “adult in the room”, doing his best not to let the annoying loudmouth child distract him. That might not make for exciting television, and I wish Obama had been more on the attack, but he did nothing to hurt himself. There were no gaffes, and as the headline here indicates, the only thing people are going to remember is “Romney wants to kill big bird”. If people went beyond the visuals, and listened to the content, Obama still has the edge on the issues. Romney offered no specifics, lied and/or flipflopped on his previous statements, and spouted off the same republican talking points they’ve been saying for four years. He emptied his arsenal, but there was nothing new here.

  5. McKinley says

    Does he not know that S. Street has a world-class ninja in the form of Snuffaluffagus? And that badass invisible mofo heads the Wetworks and Reprisal Committee for all of PBS.

  6. Stefan says

    I’m surprised at people saying Obama at least remained calm and made no major gaffes. That’s some major optimism, there. The performance by Obama was cringe-worthy, and I campaign for the guy. Romney seemed poised and controlled, and looked like a leader. Obama seemed confused, unprepared, and nervous. A few of his replies were Palinesque streams of consciousness where he jumped around among three or four policies. No one will care about steamrolling Lehrer, and frankly Lehrer deserved it given his moderating skills. I can’t stand Romney and won’t vote for him, but that performance was close to an A+. Obama’s was barely passing. Performances like this don’t matter as much for the poll bumps as they do for mobilization. Obama just made a slam dunk election complicated.

  7. Will says

    Lie, lies and more lies, by the GOP. Facts rule the day. Sorry GOP.

    Romney was a bully, not very respectful to the process or Jim Lehrer, and talked like he was on Red Bull. Is this what determines a win?

    I could easily see Romney pinning down his classmate and cutting off his hair. Presidential? Not even, close. Can you imagine him in a meeting with World Leaders? Ugh.

    This is typical of the rights message…speak loudly, spew “47” points (lies) in one breath and hope to get something that sticks. I am not impressed.

    Obama should have been ready for this, and I am sure he will the next time around.

  8. says

    Oh, the hyperbole! Romney an A+, really? Were people wearing special glasses to see that?

    If this debate truly changed anyone’s opinion about which candidate to vote for then it only points to the general dimwittedness of the American electorate.

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    “If people went beyond the visuals, and listened to the content, Obama still has the edge on the issues.”

    Back in the early days of televised presidential debates… to be specific, JFK vs Nixon. Those who listened to the radio thought that Nixon won. Those who watched television thought JFK won. Look who won the election.

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