1. Opinionated says

    Get him into a sound studio for better vocals and then do that with a lip synch version and I think we have ourselves a new star. GREAT showmanship, despite the mediocre at best voice.

  2. Harrison says

    There’s no doubt his singing isn’t up to snuff, but the show is called “The X Factor,” not “The Best Voice.” They’re looking for people with star quality and charisma, too. Feel free to dig around and look up some of the other contestants on this year’s series– better vocalists, sure, but duller than dishwater to watch.

    (But I guess it all depends on what you think the point of a TV talent competition show is)

  3. Icebloo says

    As much as I DETEST tax-dodging, Royal ass kissing creep Gary Barlow I have to agree that this guy is AWFUL and should not even have made it on the show.

    Of course I think Gary Barlow should be kicked off the show too !

  4. Billy says

    Why do we have to get behind every single performer who is openly gay. This young man has no original style, a f*#king horrible voice, and barely a stage presence. He doesn’t have the X Factor he just has a big ego. Congrats. The streets are crawling with people like this. Why do we care? Ugh. GaGa generation indeed. Blech.

  5. gayalltheway says

    Is it possible to sing a mash-up of two songs with one flat key? He made it possible!
    The singing is horrible, his outfit is horrible, the dancing (if any) is horrible. I guess the only thing that’s working about him is that he’s “controversial” and that’s good for ratings.

  6. says

    I couldn’t get past the 45-seconds mark. I’ve been performing on stage for 40 years, in theatre, dance and vocal music – and, yes 23 years in drag. Frankly, if any of my daughters put on a show like this I’d rip off their wig and drag them off stage by their rubber parts. Flat, monotone, no diction, and the phrasing was off throughout what little I could stomach to watch. The staging and “choreography” was as canned and unimaginative as most of what passes for pop music presentation these days, so no marks there either. Then again, this is The X-Factor. Middling to talentless people being exploited for the public’s craving for freaks. How else do you explain the continuance of “reality” shows?

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