1. Gigi says

    Gary’s just pissed that, unlike Lance Bass and other ex-boy band members, he wasn’t strong enough to come out. Closet cases are the worst homophobes around…just look at Peter LaBarbera. Sure, Rylan can’t sing but – hold onto your tweezers girls – neither can Brit-brit. She’s done okay for herself.

    @Dave – A freak? That’s a bit harsh but you’re probably a guy who posts ads like:
    straight acting and looking/seeks same. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  2. says

    @Gigi, hilarious. πŸ˜‰ “discreet, str8-acting brodude who’s masc looking for other masc dudes who are ‘discrete’ and masc while also being masculine and str8-acting. i also really value honesty”


    meh. take it or leave it. unpolished, to be sure. but one thing is certain – this will inspire much insecure and projected anger from closeted cowards who dont’ have the balls to be as open and free as he is.

    just wait πŸ˜‰

  3. says

    That dude is the bastard child of Russell Brand and George Michael.

    Too bad he sounds more like the former than the latter, and is twice as annoying too.

    (BTW – I don’t dislike Rylan because he is flamboyant. I love Adam Lambert, who is super-flamboyant, but he also has the voice that Rylan is severely lacking)

  4. says

    Thomas – feel free to put a face and name to your comments to Represent Yourself.

    After all, you’re much more manly and strong and “masculine” than this guy, right? Therefore you’d be in no way afraid of putting a face to who you are as a gay man, just like him…..right?

    Because…i mean, you think he’s embarrassing. And he doesn’t feel he’s embarrassing….so….clearly you will have no reservations about making yourself just as identifiable….right?

    I call your bluff.

  5. ratbastard says

    Indeed, a minstrel act. Did they have an Uncle Tom or someone with black-face also? He and guys like him should not be construed by the average person as what a gay male is typically like, but unfortunately even today this stereotype remains. He should be recognized as a campy, effeminate man [of course not all effeminate males are gay] doing a cheesy act, not as representative of a gay man.

  6. says

    let’s just play the game – can any of the pathetically insecure haters who are freaking out about “minstrel shows” and ‘effeminate blah blah blah’ put a face and name to their comments?

    because if you can’t you prove yourself to be weaker and more cowardly that this man you’re emasculated by πŸ˜€

    he’s not afraid. so why are you? you’re NOT afraid?

    prove it.


  7. Luke says

    Love him love him love him! I love to see the British gay flag flying strong! Enjoy life and spread that gold and glitter around! Bless you for being yourself and loving every minute!

  8. Rovex says

    Oh look the bravest person in the world (AKA Littlkiwi) is off again. Someone must have said they dislike camp men or claimed to be gay but masculine.

    I think that if thats really him, good for him, doesn’t mean I want to shag him though, which is the point we keep making, but LK cant see.

  9. Rovex says

    LittleKiwi, the guy is crap. Gay, straight or whatever he is crap, plenty of straight acts are embarrassingly bad on X-Factor as well, want to defend them?

  10. says

    i don’t want to shag him, either. and i’m not particularly a fan of his singing.

    but it’s about intent and motivation – dislike him because you’re not a fan of his voice? fine. dislike him because you deem him effeminate and you’re still a wimp who’s afraid you’ll be ‘associated’ with it? then you’re an emasculated coward with no balls. πŸ˜€

    it’s like someone disliking Obama because of a specific policy and someone disliking Obama because “he’s a black liberal democrat from kenya who is also a socialist and a commie.”

    nuance aint lost on ya, is it rovex?

    who claimed to be “gay and masculine”? people who don’t have the balls to back up that claim?

    i’m all ear and eyes, sugarpie – show us all :-)

    and yes. there are plenty of bad “straight” acts – but you don’t hear insecure heterosexuals sayign “this is gonna make us look bad!!”

    so, come on big boy – let’s see what a man you’re not πŸ˜€

  11. Rovex says

    I never said it makes US look bad did I? I dont think I ever said that on here.

    What do you want from me? Do you want me to create a profile on a social site JUST to announce to the world that im gay? I dont have one at all at the moment, because i dont care about social sites and have no need for one.

    Clearly YOU have issues with self promotion and validation, and assume everyone else does to, its really quite pathetic.

  12. says

    thanks for proving me right, wimp πŸ˜€

    you make up straw-man arguments, don’t have the brains to back them up, and then don’t have the balls to stand up when your bluff is called.

    typical coward. rock on!

    it’s very simple – as i said earlier, none of the haters who will freak out about him being “effeminate” or “making us look bad” will have the balls to put a face and name to their comments.

    hence, their anger – that “femme” guy is more man they’ll ever be. πŸ˜€

    suck it.

  13. Rovex says

    You are one messed up human being you really are. Clearly you have issues.

    You need to get over yourself, you are a gay man in a liberal western city, hardly that brave.

    S0o which it is with you? Mummy issues or daddy issues? Both?

  14. Rovex says

    Ive read your blogs, they are a veritable feast for a psychologist. Full of phoney, full of issues, full of self hate. The really sad thing is that you cant see it.

  15. ratbastard says

    Lil’ Canadian,

    I’d imagine the real reason most effete and campy men ‘Come Out’ is exactly because they are flamboyant and fit the stereotype of a homosexual to a T. Most homosexuals are not flamboyant, effete, or campy, and just live their lives quietly, like everyone else.

    It’s also very un-wise to be so public with private info on the internet, for obvious reasons. But, if you get off on the tiny attention and status it gets you, Lil’ Canadian, more power to you. Other than that, you might strive to be less an obnoxious know-it-all who argues and counter argues by brow beating, the way a classic bully behaves.

  16. Rovex says

    I dont hide either, im just not a publicity whore like you. Im comfortable with myself and very happy being gay. Did it occur to you that not everyone is as extrovert as you? It doesnt make you ‘brave’ it makes you annoying.

    You want to know the real reason dislike people like you? Its your attitude, not your sexuality. You think you’re so brave, so clever, so unique, but you’re ten a penny and boring. Newsflash, its not 1975 any more, nothing about you is brave, shocking or interesting.

  17. says

    its’ not my fault that I, and this guy who’s got your panties in a twist, don’t live crippled by the same fears that keep you as an anonymous troll.

    seriously. it’s not my fault, nor Rylan Clark’s, that you guys have capers for testes.

    who dislikes me? anonymous cowards? oh, RATS! :-)

    hey – i made a prediction and you testicle-free wimps proved me right – the “i hate femmes gays” don’t have the orbs to put a face to their comments.

    enjoy πŸ˜‰

  18. Val says

    Dude can’t carry a note. He may look good and have a nice production behind him but this is a singing competition. Close your eyes and you just hear a terrible singer.

  19. Rovex says

    LK that link just says it all about you, an attention seeking self promoter. Nothing you do is brave, its old and boring. You act like its 1975.

    99.999% of people have no idea who that face is any pretty much all of those dont care. You arent brave. Frankly you ar an insult to truly brave people like the 14 year old Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban for demanding an education. You are a coward, a boring coward.

  20. Rovex says

    Why does putting your face to a comment make you so brave when hardly anyone who reads the comments will ever meet you? Im 5000 miles from you, how does your picture make you so much braver than me? What does ANY of that have to do with fem or masculine guys? Are you able to answer without sounding like a childish ass?

  21. graphicjack says

    He is charismatic, sure, but part of the problem with the music industry today is “stars” are chosen for looks and charisma, and not talent. I like him as a person, and couldn’t care less if he is effeminite, but he is a terrible singer, and that’s why I’d give him the boot.

    Let’s compare him to someone else who has looks and charisma, but not the best voice… Madonna. First off, Madonna’s voice is better than his and she can write her own music. Secondly, on top of being entertaining, she has some pretty powerful messages to say (though they didn’t always get understood or articulated well). Can this guy even be compared to Madonna? Not even remotely. Can he be compared with George Michael, Adele or anyone else who can sing well? Nope. He does not deserve to be on the show for those reasons, unless everyone else is as lame as he is.

    But the death threats are insane… I really think comments should be disabled on many sites when the whackos come out in full force.

  22. says

    i never said i was brave. in fact i’ve actually said the exact opposite. i’m just an average person. who refuses to hide.

    and what does it say about you that a young girl in Pakistan can stand up to be counted and defy injustice and YOU cannot?

    it doesn’t make me brave, it makes you a complete wimp and coward, though.

    simple – as i said earlier, the “anti-fem” brigade who did indeed turn out for this article are unable to put a face and name to their comments. the “this makes us look bad!” dunces, the “not all gays are femme!” plebes. anonymous wimps.

    you project just like Teresa on NJ Housewives.

    you started this, you complete wuss, by saying ‘oh, someone must be gay and masculine, ohhh, someone doesn’t get that we’re not attracted to him’,

    uh…ok, strawman.

    now, can you answer from a place that’s not anonymous? no. poor baby. i don’t have that problem. i stopped giving excuses for cowardice when i came out in high school.

    πŸ˜‰ feel free to continue to prove me right.

    *elegant curtsy*

  23. says

    well said, graphicjack.

    and the death-threats are insane, but they’re to be expected, alas. and how sad is that? this man’s very being upsets insecure heterosexuals just as much as it, clearly, upsets insecure semi-closeted homosexuals.

    someone sees the freedom in someone and all they can do is feel intimidated because they don’t know that freedom.

  24. Rovex says

    Wait a minute LW, YOU are the one who jumps on EVERY guy who dosnt like fem guys, YOU are the one who says gays have to be fem. You automatically assume and HAVE SAID that non fem guys are self haters or faking it. YOU are the one causing the problems here.

    You still havent made a case for why i should care about the guy in this article. Hes gay, so what, he is also rubbish. So what..

    Im a coward for not being like the 14 year old Pakistani girl?? I dont have a reason to go out and risk getting shot, i dont have a cause. It doesn’t make me a coward it makes me damn fortunate.

  25. says

    i’ve never once said “gays have to be fem”. that doesn’t even make any sense.

    i’ve never once said “non-fem guys are haters”. it would certainly come as a shock to my lovers. πŸ˜‰

    at no point have i ever said any of those things you claimed i did. so congrats, once again you prove me right – you need to make up reasons to be angry. i’ve never said non-fem guys are self-haters, or faking it, or that all gay men need to be fem. not once. ever. because i don’t believe it. at all. would you like to attempt to prove me wrong by, you know, actually proving me wrong? you won’t be able to. because there’s no reason why i’d say those things, as i don’t believe them.

    yes. you’re a coward. a 14 year old pakistani girl stands up to defy injustice and you, a cowardly grown adult man, cannot do the same in your own free country. woohoo.

    is that pic really you? if so, i now know why you’re so bitter and angry. you’re not masculine looking, just homely.

    you couldn’t get f***ed if you fell @ass-first onto a cock factory.


  26. says

    Yes you have said those things, so now you are a liar as well as a coward. Coward is your new name from now on. Coward. Tell me what have you done, in person that’s so brave then? Got any evidence of it?

    Your comment about my looks was 100% expected, you totally proved me right with that. You fell for it loser. You a liar, coward and sickeningly superficial.

  27. says

    prove it, rovex πŸ˜€ you won’t be able to. because i’ve never said those things. you can’t make up something about me that’s totally untrue to justify your chosen dislike of me

    just like “ratbastard” pretends that “blacks killed his dad” (HAHA!) or that crazy old white biddy pretends that President Obama is a Communist.

    you wanna claim i said those things which i don’t even believe? back it up, by proving it πŸ˜€ citations, beotch.

    and yes, you’re as homely as they come. no wonder you’re bitter. :)

  28. says

    And remember this is the UK X-Factor – they live for this sorta thing. JedWard, anyone? Identical twin boys who (tunelessly) sang love songs to each other (?!)

    it’s about the spectacle. and they like their spectacles cheeky, yo.

  29. Mary says

    Rovex, you’re probably wasting your time trying to reason with Little Kiwi. Many Towleroaders have tried – all without any luck. I think his comments that you are homely are crossing the line (and I don’t even know what you look like, but it’s not a thing to say/write to someone.) But don’t feel bad. He’s told me that I’m old, expressed glee that I can’t have children, and told me to stick my head in a oven (and also die in a car crash.) Our man Kiwi is a real case study for a psychologist. Here is a young man (relatively young, in his early 30s) with good looks, intelligence, writing ability, insight beyong his years, two wonderful supportive parents, and supposedly a “rad” life. Never have I seen someone with so much to offer the world so ruin himself with anger and bad behavior. I said once that he has the talent to be the gay movement’s C. Wright Mills, but chooses instead to be it’s Abbie Hoffman. A shame.

    However, I’ll defend him on one thing. It’s true he didn’t say that all gay men had to be femme, only that gay men who are not shouldn’t be critical or embarassed of gay men who are. His point seems to be that each individual should be comfortable with who he is and not pretend to be something else. And on this I agree with him.

    And Kiwi, if you don’t know who C. Wright Mills is, go look him up. You would appreciate him more than I do since he’s from your side of the cultural/political spectrum, not mine.

  30. says

    Oh, Mary, ya dumb c**t πŸ˜€

    here’s the funny thing about you – in one breath you seem to shrug and say “oh, he can’t be reasoned with” and then in the very next breath prove that i’m right – in that what rovex is said is a complete untruth.

    so you’re in the same boat. you want to dislike me, you just don’t have the brains or back up to do it properly.

    don’t worry. it happens a lot πŸ˜‰

    yes, don’t waste your time trying to “get through” to littlekiwi…especially if what you’re trying to “get through” are things you’ve made up in your own crazy head.

    you gotta love that truth has a liberal bias. πŸ˜‰

  31. Mary says

    Kiwi, does your Mother know that you refer to women you don’t like as “c**t?” . What woman wouldn’t be horrified that her son uses such degrading terms? Maybe that’s why you also use a pseudonym. Unless, of course, you want us to assume that your first name is “Little” and your last name is “Kiwi?”

    As for why I’m defending you, let me quote your own words – “learn to discern.” I defend you when I think you’re right (as I often do.) But I take issue with the way you insult people. And truth is neither liberal NOR conservative. It is what it is.

    And by the way, Kiwi, no need to express some nice words about my change of position on gay rights issues. Like your friend TJ you just hate to see a person evolve as I have. Proves Republicans are human too (darn it!)

    And about all those compliments I gave you ….I meant every one of them. And….(ahem)…’re welcome.

    (insert Kiwi’s famous “elegant curtsy” here)

  32. says

    you’re not a woman. anonymous trolls don’t count.

    rovex came on, trolling like a dunce as usual, attempted to pick a fight and did so by, well, lying. yeah, i’ll call an ugly sack of lying s**t an ugly sack of lying s**t.

    feel free to prove you’re a real person who’s really evolved.
    tumblr. blogspot. youtube. or both.

    if you can’t prove you’re real you can’t prove you’ve evolved.

    worry less about mother’s worrying about what words their sons use and worry more about your fellow GOP ladies who drive their own kids to suicide. ya dumb c**t. πŸ˜€

  33. Alfred says

    Wow – I really really love this type of performance. It is ENTERTAINMENT. Yes he can’t sing like Adam Lambert, so what? He gives 120% in his performances entertaining the crowd. Not many X-factor contestants can do that. The UK X-Factor has so much production value, I think this number alone has the same budget for an entire episode of X-Factor in Australia.

  34. RJP3 says

    Decadent, effeminate minstrel act. Why would any gay person feel good being represented by this clown?

    Posted by: Thomas | Oct 15, 2012 11:37:43 AM


    From this comment we do not know Thomas is gay at all — this could be from a common bigot. Remember that the Nazis gained support gathering the haters who despised decadence and effeminancy in Berlin culture.

    Same thing – different decade.

  35. Randy says

    I like the idea of him, but the execution is not there. He needs to sing better, and he needs to own the stage more. He can’t assume the spectacle will take care of itself.

    I think he can do it, but he needs a LOT of work.

  36. Icebloo says

    A lot of fuss over nothing. He is not talented at all and he’s immature and annoying.

    I can’t wait until tax-dodging suck up to the Queen Gary Barlow is off the show. I HATE him. He’s so arrogant and smarmy.

  37. says

    DREADFUL singing, choice of songs, choreography, etc. At the same time I didn’t see anything particularly “flamboyant” about this cute guy. I think the crime here is no talent.

  38. Rovex says

    LW you are a barman with a Quentin Crisp complex. Please provide evidence of your bravery, or are you just going to continue your circular argument that having a blog makes you out and brave, therefore you are.

    Ok so if you dont think those things you need to re-evaluate your posts because thats exatly what you say at times. Clearly your arent a very skilled poster as your low class responses have proven.

    Homely or not i wouldnt f*ck you if you were the last hole on earth, i do well enough. You might be moderatly attractive, if rather obvious, but your personality is abrasive and ugly.

    Its sad that sometimes you make sense, but then go off on a rant about how brave camp men are and how chicken masculine men are and how they are faking to fit in. You never mention that masculine gay men fake being camp to fit in with the more ‘social’ gay crowd, which is very common. you have a very one dimensional mind, a narrow view, and no empathy.

  39. Rovex says

    For what its worth i dont hate camp men, im simply not attracted to them whether they are gay or straight. Some have class and grace and are nice people, then there are people like LittleKiwi, entitled, bratish, obnoxious, bitchy and, well, queeny.

  40. ratbastard says

    Nazis! SOME people see Nazis EVERYWHERE! NEWFLASH: The Nazis ARE GONE, and have been for 67 years, since the end of WW2. They came to power in Germany 79 years ago and lasted a little less than 12 years. MILLIONS of people [MANY of them ‘Nordic’ and non-Jewish] died to put them out of business. Do the people who scream ‘Nazi’ feel the same way about their leftist brothers and sisters, the communists, Marxist, Maoist? This Troika are responsible for murdering MORE people than the Nazis, lasted FAR LONGER, and still are are quite active in some places, even fashionable and hip among many people of a especially a certain class.



    YES, my dad was BADLY hurt [and eventually died as a direct result of his injuries] by a gang of young black males who for whatever reason [they didn’t rob him] targeted him. I believe he was targeted for assault because of his skin color, Lil’ Canadian. This incident has not made me ‘racist’, but I’m certainly not going to shy away from speaking the truth about what happened just because it makes some people uncomfortable.

    You have obvious and serious mental health issues, Lil’ Canadian. Get some professional help.

  41. says

    I’ve never made claims to any bravery. Quite the opposite. I simply live without hiding or shame or excuses.

    I’ve never once, in my life, said “masculine men are chicken”, or anything of the sort. nor have i ever said that masculine gay men are “faking it” to “fit in” – not once. because i don’t believe it. the vast majority of my gay male friends would be described, by society at large, as “masculine”. for me to have any form of disdain or loathing of “masculine men” would certainly come as a shock to my friends, and lovers :-)

    Merely that men who denigrate “effeminate gay men” are complete cowards still sucking up to Straight Bullies for approval. :)
    which is true.
    as every troll on this site, and others, proves.

    i love it. you want *more* proof from me and the only *proof* of your existence is of some homely guy you posted. uh, ok honeybun πŸ˜‰ but you don’t look terribly masculine yourself. just homely and bland. congrats!

    between you and ratbastard, who invents lies about a father being killed by blacks, i highly suggest you two have nice martini made from strychnine and bleach.

    btw, Ratbastard, you wanna “speak the truth” about what happened to your father? give us the details of the attack. it’s gotta be online, it was an attack. by blacks. on a white man. the media has a tendency to report on THOSE stories, πŸ˜‰
    unless you’re making it all up. which you clearly are. wanna prove me wrong? then actually prove me wrong.

  42. gayalltheway says

    Gary Barlow said that “This is a signing competition”.

    FALSE! It’s a reality show and you need drama for ratings. And this guy is a walking “broadway theater”. In other words, good for business.

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