Tagg Romney Apologized to Obama for Saying He Wanted to ‘Take a Swing’ at Him


Last week, Tagg Romney offered some headline-making remarks when asked by a radio host how he felt when Obama called his father a liar.

Said Romney:

Uh, you know, uh, well, jump out of your seat, and you want to rush down there to the debate stage and take a swing at him. But you know you can’t do that, because um, well first because there’s a lot of Secret Service between you and him…

After Monday night's debate, the eldest Romney son (to Obama's right in the photo above) reportedly apologized:

Sources tell ABC News that on stage after the debate last night, Tagg apologized to the president for the remark, a mea culpa the president quickly accepted. A source close to the Romney campaign reports that Tagg’s younger brother Josh, 37, notes that he has, in fact, taken punches from Tagg – and that the president has nothing to worry about.


  1. johnny says

    Must be in the Romney genetics to first step in it and then try to wipe it off while everyone watches.

  2. 99% says

    Tis is actually kinda funny and touching… in a good way. I am glad to see that the younger Romney understands social grace and decorum in an age where profanity, scandal and sex tapes only help to get you promoted.

    I say situation diffused for the moment.

    Unless at the next campaign stop, he spouts off that he had his chance to land a punch and missed it.

  3. Paul R says

    Funny and touching? It looks like Michelle wants to tear off her brooch and stab it in his entitled eye. Of course the president has to be diplomatic. Many of us are not so inclined.

  4. Jack M says

    He did apologize, and that’s always hard to do, so he gets points for that. Doesn’t mean I like his father any better.

  5. Lifesart says

    I’m with you, Paul. Michelle looks as though she would like the Romney progeny to spend a few years slinging burgers for a living and see if they could keep their entitled asses out of debtors’ prison.

  6. Stefan says

    The younger brother says he’s been punched by Tagg. I have two brothers and we never punched each other. Sure, we engaged in pinching, wrestling, and general horseplay, but never actual punching or slapping. Boys will be boys, but the line was always clear between what was acceptable and what wasn’t.

    Sounds like the Romney sons were little hellions just like their dad.

  7. andrew says

    Tagg apologized and the president accepted the apology. Good for them. They are both bigger men than many of the regular extremists who post on this site.

  8. Caliban says

    By all accounts Obama graciously accepted the apology.

    Michelle however, looks like she’s thinking, “Pfft! I could wipe the floor with you, bee-yotch.”

    And she probably could.

  9. Wilberforce1 says

    Apologizing to Obama isn’t enough. The brat disrespected the Presidency and owes an apology to the American people. But in these ignorant days, we sure won’t get one.

  10. Hollywood, CA says

    A Romney Saying One Thing And Then Turning Around And Saying The Exact Opposite? Really? News at 11…

  11. Gabe R L says

    Well, people, the person he threatened to hit w3as Obama, not any of you, and Obama accepted the apology, so get over it. He said it in a moment of anger, which all of us have probably done before, realized it was wrong, and apologized for it. That shows that he does have a sense of decorum. Being jealous of the privilege the Romney boys have had also looks unnecessarily petty. Grow up. Stefan, while it is true that there are limits to what brothers do together, sometimes someone may lose their cool and punch another brother. It happens, doesn’t mean they were ‘hellions.’ A lot of you need to develop the tolerance and understanding you shrilly demand of others in whiny voices.

  12. ray price says

    If you punch some one,you do not tell them until he looks up at you. Obama is Left Handed.Check which hand the watxh is on,Obama could punch back on the streets of Old Chicago another day?

  13. ray price says

    If you punch some one,you do not tell them until he looks up at you. Obama is Left Handed.Check which hand the watxh is on,Obama could punch back on the streets of Old Chicago another day?