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Tommy Thompson Tries to Take Down Tammy Baldwin with Lies About Honoring 9/11 Victims: VIDEO


Daily Kos notes that this is "what losing looks, and stinks, like":

The truth is, Baldwin supported honoring the victims of 9/11 in nine votes, nine votes that Thompson of course ignores. But in 2006, weeks before the election, the Republicans offered a resolution that CQ Weekly said was "stuffed" with "references to GOP-crafted measures that they say improve national security."

Baldwin released an ad in response, calling Thompson's ad a "disgrace".

Watch both, AFTER THE JUMP...

Baldwin would be the first openly gay Senator in U.S. history if elected.

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  1. I've voted for Thompson years ago when he was governor. It was a different time and he was a different type of Republican, one that promoted Log Cabin candidates and one that the state workers' unions actually endorsed. What the hell has happened to you, Tommy? I heard the radio version of his ad just today and it disgusted me. All of his accusations can be proven wrong, yet he puts this crap up and has the nerve to say he approves the message. I wasn't going to vote for him anyway, but now my checkbook is out and I'm writing a check to Tammy Baldwin. Now that he finds himself behind in the polls, he resorts to shameful and disgusting lies about his opponent. It speaks volumes about what little character he has left.

    Tommy, I'm ashamed that you were ever our governor. I regret ever to have voted for you. You're a stain on this state.

    Posted by: Mike | Oct 24, 2012 6:16:30 PM

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