Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1227

MICHAEL PHELPS: The Olympian sinks a 153-foot putt at St. Andrews.

BARRY: The Vampire Slayer. "No wonder our Commander in Chief looks so tired! He's been busy fighting vampires!"

QVC: Electronics expert Cassie Slane faints on live TV, show goes on as viewers hear her being dragged off.

AMANDA LEPORE: The NYC trans icon talks about growing up and being bullied.

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  1. jason says

    I’m sorry but Amanda Lepore looks gross. It looks like a fetish fixture that incorporates all the fetishistic, stereotypical elements of a certain female look with absurd clothing and make-up. Don’t like it at all.

  2. jason says

    Put some clothes on, Amanda Lepore. You look repulsive and revolting with your breasts hanging out. If you were a genuine woman, I’d say the same thing. Breasts are meant to be covered up in public.

    You look tacky and almost narcissistic. I don’t consider you to be helpful to the gay rights cause, Amanda.

  3. starquisha says

    any1 remember Tracy Ullman’s Linda Granger selling her re-hab doll
    as an earthquake hits? Wait, what? Jason says “almost narcissistic”
    about Amanda L.????

  4. Zine says

    I find Amanda Lepore fascinating, I wish somebody would make a fly on the wall documentary about her. Every time I watch an interview with her it’s always some fawning gay guy putting words in her mouth.

  5. mikeflower says

    Lepore’s comments reinforce my contention that parents of bullied children who kill themselves share responsability for their child’s death. These parents should have sued for tutoring service for their tortured children. Parents need to be pushed to protect their kids & not let them be devoured by the public school system.

  6. UFFDA says

    “She looks like Donald Duck in drag”…my God that’s funny, first I laughed a little then it got longer and louder and lounder…totally. totally ticked. YUPP wins.

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