Towleroad Poll — Wrap Up — First Presidential Debate, Vote and Share

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  1. Stefan says

    Sorry, but unless that poll above ends up showing a huge advantage for Romney then people either didn’t watch the debate or are being willfully blind. Whatever dimension you measure by (zingers or anything else), Romney won comprehensively. As an Obama supporter (and a pretty active one at that) it was a bad enough POTUS performance to cause me to actually worry about him losing a lot of votes.

  2. EchtKultig says

    Obama has never been the strongest (or perhaps more correctly, strongest-seeming) debater. People said this during the democratic primaries in 2008, and after the McCain debates. Furthermore, his campaign had indicated earlier this week that they weren’t going to be planting zingers. Pundits on Charlie Rose openly wondered whether this was a deliberate technique on their part…because, in 2008 debates, his seemingly professorial, non-aggressive manner, contrary to expectations, did not sway polls against him. I’m not saying that will be true this time – but don’t be so quick to assume he lost the debate. If he loses the election, the history books will say that; if he wins, they will probably call it a tie. Because a tie won’t be enough to help Romney. There’s usually a bounce for the challenger after the debate: happened to Kerry in 2004. The electoral math shows Romney would need a huge bounce with, say, Latino voters and college educated women, to turn his standing around in swing states. Immigration didn’t even come up in this debate.
    Romney, true to form, merely came up with a new set of lies (the Etch-A-Sketch in action) to try to broaden his base. It’s possible this will repair some of the damage of the 47% comments. We’ll see. He still has a long road to climb.

  3. Francis says

    Obama was weak, indecisive, flaky……..VERY poor performance overall. Romney lied a lot, he made a hard turn to the center and the President allowed him to do so, make clear points and make Barack look insecure about his record. There were no zingers, it was more like a steady stream of punches from Romney and Obama was pit-patting back.

    I know the President had/has the plan to box Romney into a corner and not look too un-presidential but his lack of assertiveness and almost scared behavior tonight actually made him look just that, and Romney’s confident demeanor when discussion is fake plans will dampen impact of Obama’s message going forward……….at least until the VP debate next week.

    With all of this said, this is one debate, it’s not going to dramatically turn the polls to Romney’s favor, and by next week, we’ll be on a different subject. Not freak out time. Expect Biden to throw punches next week.

  4. EJR43 says

    Romney won this debate hands down and I couldn’t be more thrilled! He definitely has my vote.

  5. Patrick says

    People, Obama was crushe in this debate. Take him off your pedestal of worship. Obama has shown he doesn’t what he’s talking about regarding business, and quite evident his handle on many other issues was less than clear, and in some instances, he fully dodged the topic and immediately shifted to a broad range answer. Seemed as if Obama didn’t know, and Didnt care! Couldn’t even look Romney in the face for most the debate. True colors have come out. Then his timing for bringing up plans to fix the recession.. 4 years after he started this presidency???? REALLY! INSULTING!

  6. Booka says

    That is so brave of you “EJR43″ to stand so proudly and let the world know how ignorant, selfish, and un-supportive you are of your own community, and peers in a time when we are struggling to gain our equality.

  7. EJR43 says

    I said nothing about the gay community. Clearly you’re a one-issue voter…and that one issue isn’t jobs, the economy, military spending, etc., etc. For you it’s all about how well the candidate likes and validates meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and my personhood! All it took was for Obama to throw you a gay marriage milkbone and suddenly he’s your savior and hope for tomorrow, every other important issue at hand is derailed from your conscience. What a lemming.

    Sorry, but I don’t need the president to tell me that he thinks that I’m worthy enough to get married, or that I’m gay and okay (I already told myself that years ago)…I need a president who will – among other things – save my job and house going forward.

  8. Brian in Texas says

    This was a bad debate overall. Jim Lehrer was basically asleep at the wheel. Not enough ground was covered and he had no control of the candidates. Romney did well enough. However, there was nothing memorable or a moment where Obama made a huge gaffe or was “gotten” by Romney. I suspect Obama will be more aggressive in the next debates and not so conservative like he was in this one.

  9. i could go on, but I won't says

    If most voters are like me the debate had no impact because it was just too boring. The whole set-up is just boring. Two Harvard graduates played softball. Yawn, what was the score?

    And which side was Romney on? He seems to play for both teams, a real switch hitter. Must make his supporters nervous. Will the real Mitt please stand up and take a position on health care, taxes, immigration, anything???

  10. shane says

    Yeah, Romney looked and acted more confident that O. But that’s the White House plan…wait til the real attack ads come out these next few days with ‘straight from the debate’ video that showcases all Romney’s lies, flip-flops, and smug sociopathic nonsense.

  11. Mawm says

    I thought Obama won the debate. I guess I live in a parallel universe. Romney, again, had no specifics on how he would accomplish his tax-cut, and he looked crazy. Obama looked like a president and he spoke directly to the American people reminding them that Romney wants to use the same failed Republican economic policies that don’t grow the economy and leave us in debt.

  12. Mawm says

    I thought Obama won the debate. I guess I live in a parallel universe. Romney, again, had no specifics on how he would accomplish his tax-cut, and he looked crazy. Obama looked like a president and he spoke directly to the American people reminding them that Romney wants to use the same failed Republican economic policies that don’t grow the economy and leave us in debt.

  13. Bill Perdue says

    No matter who wins we lose. Amid all the pomp and circumstance and sound and fury of the first debate between a card carrying member of the .01% and their most effective lap dog since Clinton, some things were not discussed.

    The solution to unemployment – taking back the $7.7 trillion given to the rich and using it in massive, union organized efforts to green industry, agriculture and the infrastructure.

    The needs of working people, which include non-interference with union organizing, socialized medicine, 30 hours work for 40 hours pay, interest free housing and auto loans. month long paid annual vacations and yearlong paid parental leave to care for newborns and wages and benefits at high trade union levels for workers, retired workers and student workers.

    A law making it a capital crime to lie to the American people in order to start or continue wars of aggression aimed at making the world safe for big business.
    A date certain when Brad Manning will be freed and compensated for being tortured.

    Vote socialist, write in Brad Manning, or sit it out. We don’t have a horse in this race.

  14. Jerry6 says

    I find it difficult to believe that ANY American would vote for ANY Republican after what the Republican Congressmen (And Congresswomen) as well as Senators have done to block everything the President has wanted to do to to reverse BUSHHEAD’s Job losses and defficits fighting Two UNFINANCED WARS that were started to get control of the Iraq oil for Chaney’s friends.