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Victoria Jackson Tells Howard Stern She Doesn't Want to 'Make God Mad' by Letting Gays Marry: VIDEO


"I don't think there is such a thing as gay marriage," former SNL castmember-turned-wingnut Victoria Jackson tells Howard Stern, and we can't make it so because "that would make God mad."

Adds Jackson: "You have to take it up with God. God made the rules. He made a man and woman's bodies fit together, he made the Ten Commandments. I believe the Bible is God's word and I base all my world view on the Bible...I have gay friends ... I don't make their identity their sexuality. To me, he's my fun, theatre-loving, funny friend ... why is his identity his sexuality."


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  1. she's divorced.

    also, do Jews marrying make God angry?

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Oct 16, 2012 1:47:29 PM


    Posted by: BRAINS | Oct 16, 2012 1:49:30 PM

  3. Why does this lump of hair (literally; she has all the intelligence of a lump of hair) continue to get attention?

    Posted by: FML | Oct 16, 2012 1:51:41 PM

  4. She's a one woman loony bin.

    Posted by: oliver | Oct 16, 2012 1:52:05 PM

  5. She's so f**king stupid.

    Posted by: danswon | Oct 16, 2012 1:52:29 PM

  6. Are we sure at this point that she isn't pulling an "Andy Kaufman" and that this isn't some character she's playing??

    Posted by: Brian in Texas | Oct 16, 2012 1:55:30 PM

  7. I could not take this woman serious with that annoying voice..and what it spews even harder to take serious...

    Posted by: Derek | Oct 16, 2012 1:59:36 PM

  8. PLEASE stop paying attention to this lunatic. Posting her words gives her one more place to vent her ridiculous BS. Ignore it and it will go away!

    Posted by: AJ | Oct 16, 2012 2:02:08 PM

  9. God told me s/he's cool with it, and to ignore everything in that unauthorized (and self-published) book. So there.

    Posted by: Anastasia Beaverhausen | Oct 16, 2012 2:05:30 PM

  10. Victoria Jackson and Ann Coulter in one news cycle. Let's hope the lowest common denominator isn't too much lower. Thank goodness documents this vomitous spew of hatred; no matter how inane. Someday our children will look back at this stuff as just as ridiculous as pre-1960 arguments about segregation.

    God bless!

    Posted by: Fahd | Oct 16, 2012 2:15:00 PM

  11. What the ignorant woman doesn't understand is that the Bible was written by man, and I might add, not until 800 years after Christs' death. It is full of mistakes and 1 emporer decided what was put in the Bible and not put in the bible. It has changed due to the socail issues of the time. So if you are one of those who pick and chose what parts of the Bible you are going to live by, you are sadly living wrong. 90% of people have never read the Bible completely. They rely on what they here or just the few passages that they have read and then they have these extreme beliefs. It all just comes down to their ignorance and maybe stupidity for other!

    Posted by: Randy | Oct 16, 2012 2:16:35 PM

  12. I don't understand why the media gives this person a platform to say her stuff. Part of me feels disappointed by Howard Stern. If we simply ignored this stuff and focus on the positive, life would be more bearable.

    Posted by: Sarina | Oct 16, 2012 2:21:25 PM

  13. AJ: the same old tired "ignore it and it will go away" line. NO, it won't! These people will just do their crap under cover of night. We need to shine the light on their bigotry. If we don't they and their conservative lawmaker friends mobilize against us. We need to know what they are up to so we can fight back. So stop with the "ignore them" garbage. They aren't going away quietly and we have to be just as loud against and show that they are talking stupid.

    BTW, the more loons like her and the religious windbags, etc open their mouths and spew their nutbaggery they just make themselves look even more stupid. That's good for our side.

    Posted by: BETTY | Oct 16, 2012 2:22:22 PM

  14. This is the Ace in the Hole of religious conservatives: they should be able to control your behavior because your behavior will anger their god, as according to them.
    Can you say TALIBAN??

    There is one thing that unites the un-intelligent pious types: their desire to control the behavior of others. And these are the proponents of victimless crimes.
    They are "religious" not because of their peity or their "convictions"... they are religious because their religiousity provides them a rationale for controlling the behavior of others, where otherwise there is no such rationale.

    Posted by: Dan Cobb | Oct 16, 2012 2:24:26 PM

  15. Her god is ego - afraid, bigoted, cunning.

    Posted by: s. | Oct 16, 2012 2:24:38 PM

  16. Ummm SARINA: he challenged her on her beliefs and asked her hard questions. She just looked like an idiot. Well done Howard! While I am not a huge Stern fan, he is a supporter of gay rights and the right for us to marry and has been vocal about it. So having her on and making her look like a misinformed fool doesn't help her side, it helps ours.

    Posted by: BETTY | Oct 16, 2012 2:27:36 PM

  17. Except that the Roman church set out over the course of several decades to pick, choose and edit what ended up in the final version of the bible and were very proud of their efforts! There is no way, therefore, to claim that the current bible is the inerrant word of God, not to mention that the new testament was explicitly authored by humans. If you consider that the Torah and bible don't line up exactly then you would understand the impossibility of have two versions, both the inerrant word of the Lord.

    Posted by: anon | Oct 16, 2012 2:31:45 PM

  18. Does she get more idiotic by the day?! It seems so. Having said that, we really should wait on a decision until the new year, because if God gets mad, Santa Clause will be PISSED! And we don't want coal in our stockings this year.....

    Posted by: Tim | Oct 16, 2012 2:34:00 PM

  19. "I have gay friends ... I don't make their identity their sexuality. To me, he's my fun, theatre-loving, funny friend ... why is his identity his sexuality."

    Regardless of their politics or their views specifically on gay marriage, this is exactly how 99% of straight women view gay men--as playthings, pets, social accessories, good for a laugh, but certainly not to be taken seriously and certainly not to be regarded as real men.

    And this woman's position on gay marriage, by the way, is no different from Hillary Clinton's......

    Posted by: Rick | Oct 16, 2012 2:36:48 PM

  20. @ Fahd - my thoughts exactly. Victoria Jackson and Ann Coulter is a lot of CRAZY in one day!

    Posted by: Dave in PA | Oct 16, 2012 2:37:58 PM

  21. @ Fahd - my thoughts exactly. Victoria Jackson and Ann Coulter is a lot of CRAZY in one day!

    Posted by: Dave in PA | Oct 16, 2012 2:37:59 PM

  22. "Victoria Jackson and Ann Coulter is a lot of CRAZY in one day!"

    If you noticed , both their targets were gay MEN specifically, not lesbians. As is increasingly the case with straight women.....who naturally have begun to fear the consequences of male sexual liberation.

    There is no shared interest or common cause between gay men and straight women. None at all.

    Posted by: Rick | Oct 16, 2012 2:44:45 PM

  23. @RICK: 99%? You did a poll? Quit painting everyone with a broad brush fool.

    Posted by: BETTY | Oct 16, 2012 2:45:38 PM

  24. "...this is exactly how 99% of straight women view gay men..."

    The above statement is an example of the main lesson taught at the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan School of debate: lie.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Oct 16, 2012 2:46:01 PM

  25. Rick: you have as much knowledge as Victoria when it comes to issues. Her stupidity is directed a gay people. Your's is directed at women, effeminate gay men, etc, etc. Neither of you are taken seriously.

    Posted by: BETTY | Oct 16, 2012 2:48:57 PM

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