1. Fahd says

    Victoria Jackson and Ann Coulter in one news cycle. Let’s hope the lowest common denominator isn’t too much lower. Thank goodness documents this vomitous spew of hatred; no matter how inane. Someday our children will look back at this stuff as just as ridiculous as pre-1960 arguments about segregation.

    God bless!

  2. Randy says

    What the ignorant woman doesn’t understand is that the Bible was written by man, and I might add, not until 800 years after Christs’ death. It is full of mistakes and 1 emporer decided what was put in the Bible and not put in the bible. It has changed due to the socail issues of the time. So if you are one of those who pick and chose what parts of the Bible you are going to live by, you are sadly living wrong. 90% of people have never read the Bible completely. They rely on what they here or just the few passages that they have read and then they have these extreme beliefs. It all just comes down to their ignorance and maybe stupidity for other!

  3. Sarina says

    I don’t understand why the media gives this person a platform to say her stuff. Part of me feels disappointed by Howard Stern. If we simply ignored this stuff and focus on the positive, life would be more bearable.

  4. BETTY says

    AJ: the same old tired “ignore it and it will go away” line. NO, it won’t! These people will just do their crap under cover of night. We need to shine the light on their bigotry. If we don’t they and their conservative lawmaker friends mobilize against us. We need to know what they are up to so we can fight back. So stop with the “ignore them” garbage. They aren’t going away quietly and we have to be just as loud against and show that they are talking stupid.

    BTW, the more loons like her and the religious windbags, etc open their mouths and spew their nutbaggery they just make themselves look even more stupid. That’s good for our side.

  5. Dan Cobb says

    This is the Ace in the Hole of religious conservatives: they should be able to control your behavior because your behavior will anger their god, as according to them.
    Can you say TALIBAN??

    There is one thing that unites the un-intelligent pious types: their desire to control the behavior of others. And these are the proponents of victimless crimes.
    They are “religious” not because of their peity or their “convictions”… they are religious because their religiousity provides them a rationale for controlling the behavior of others, where otherwise there is no such rationale.

  6. BETTY says

    Ummm SARINA: he challenged her on her beliefs and asked her hard questions. She just looked like an idiot. Well done Howard! While I am not a huge Stern fan, he is a supporter of gay rights and the right for us to marry and has been vocal about it. So having her on and making her look like a misinformed fool doesn’t help her side, it helps ours.

  7. anon says

    Except that the Roman church set out over the course of several decades to pick, choose and edit what ended up in the final version of the bible and were very proud of their efforts! There is no way, therefore, to claim that the current bible is the inerrant word of God, not to mention that the new testament was explicitly authored by humans. If you consider that the Torah and bible don’t line up exactly then you would understand the impossibility of have two versions, both the inerrant word of the Lord.

  8. Tim says

    Does she get more idiotic by the day?! It seems so. Having said that, we really should wait on a decision until the new year, because if God gets mad, Santa Clause will be PISSED! And we don’t want coal in our stockings this year…..

  9. Rick says

    “I have gay friends … I don’t make their identity their sexuality. To me, he’s my fun, theatre-loving, funny friend … why is his identity his sexuality.”

    Regardless of their politics or their views specifically on gay marriage, this is exactly how 99% of straight women view gay men–as playthings, pets, social accessories, good for a laugh, but certainly not to be taken seriously and certainly not to be regarded as real men.

    And this woman’s position on gay marriage, by the way, is no different from Hillary Clinton’s……

  10. Rick says

    “Victoria Jackson and Ann Coulter is a lot of CRAZY in one day!”

    If you noticed , both their targets were gay MEN specifically, not lesbians. As is increasingly the case with straight women…..who naturally have begun to fear the consequences of male sexual liberation.

    There is no shared interest or common cause between gay men and straight women. None at all.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    “…this is exactly how 99% of straight women view gay men…”

    The above statement is an example of the main lesson taught at the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan School of debate: lie.

  12. BETTY says

    Rick: you have as much knowledge as Victoria when it comes to issues. Her stupidity is directed a gay people. Your’s is directed at women, effeminate gay men, etc, etc. Neither of you are taken seriously.

  13. Rick says

    As i have stated before, and pathetic limp-wristed fems on this site have taken out of context, I had a very satisfying consensual sexual relationship with my father for many years and my mother, like most horrible liberal women, opposed it. She was offended by our close bond and was always refusing to share my father’s penis with me and that’s why I’m so angry at women today.

  14. Rick says

    How typical of you, “Betty” to sympathize with effeminate limp-wristed gay men who worship women because they hate men.

    Perhaps you can help me with a woman’s question – I need laundry advice. Due to years of extreme-douching with high-pressure water hoses I have constant foul-smelling anal leakage and my underpants, trousers, couches and chairs are all horribly stained.

    Since you’re a woman, do you know any cleaning products that could help me with my issue, or any sanitary napkin/tampons that could help me with my dripping anus?

  15. Icebloo says

    Stop giving this attention seeking child free publicity ! She’s as desperate for attention as Roseanne Barr.

    There’s nothing sadder than a has-been, faded “celebrity” still DESPERATELY seeking another five minutes of attention.

    When will these leeches just go away ?

  16. Michael says

    Hold on, let me get my Top Ten list… Hmmm, lying… cheating… stealing.. adultery… What? Huh? This is really confusing. I don’t see anything that mentions orientation but this whole adultery thing. Isn’t Vickie guilt of this one?

  17. GregV says

    Well, 1Timothy 2:9 says that she should not wear those pearls she has on.

    Corinthians tells her to cover her hair.

    1Timothy 2:12 tells her that she should stay silent around a man (like Howard Stern) and listen and learn from him.

    Leviticus tells her that her tattoos are an abomination.

    And judging from all thst jewelry, she hasn’t given away all her possessions to the poor.

    And this is all from what we can see in the still photo above.

    There’s no telling how many times she’s done other abominations, like a bacon and egg breakfast or making a sandwich on the Sanbath.

    But nothing the Bible says ever really matters unless it only inconveniences OTHER people.

    “Except that the Roman church set out over the course of several decades to pick, choose and edit what ended up in the final version of the bible…”

    @Anon: There never has been a “final” version. Some translators decided in 1946 to add in the word “homosexuals” to some of the most popular versions where it had never existed in any version before.
    The creator of The Good News Bible thought that men kissing men in the Bible was too much to bear, so he decided to change it to “shaking hands.”

    The changes continue to this day and WILL continue. It’s so odd that most people don’t care what the original authors actually wrote. They seem to convince themselves that the edition they have just dropped out of the sky or something.

  18. Rick says

    @GREGV You don’t get it. All the Biblical talk is just cover.

    For men, the real issue in play when it comes to homosexuality is masculinity and how it will be defined.

    For women, the real issue in play is the social power they derive from their relationships with men and the threat to that power that male sexual liberation/homosexuality poses.

    Any attempt at analysis that does not proceed from these two core realities will result in mis-“diagnosis” of the problem and mis-“prescribing” in terms of the remedy.

  19. Rick says

    It’s obvious to everyone that isn’t an extremist liberal fem that women are the problem.

    I mean, I’d love to prove myself wrong by showing proof of the incredible work my straight friends and family are doing for us gay people, but then I’d be lying and I prefer to take the Paul Ryan approach and lie without even attempting to provide back up for my lies.

    But between my leaking anus and my harridan of a mother refusing to let me fellate my father I think it’s pretty clear that I’m smarter than all of you and not the least bit mentally unstable.

  20. BETTY says

    The real RICK/JASON fancies himself an expert and feels it is necessarry to come on here and educate us. He is nothing nut a blowhard who needs to give it a rest already! Rick: your armchair diagnosis of the “problem” are so out of left field and are completely assinine. Come out of your basement and join us in the real world. I promise the straight women and girly men aren’t going to hurt you.

  21. anon says

    Gregv: I wasn’t referring to translations, I referring to the actual books and text they decided to include and the “Apocrypha” that they excluded, including whole books, and the movement of passages from one book to another. It was translated into Latin and remained that way for over a 1000 years.

  22. I wont grow up says

    This woman has the I. Q. of a glass doorknob. Why give her a forum, especially on a gay website. We all know her views, sure its good to know who the enemy is, but this lunatic ? Its like asking Betty Boop for her opinion on international politics.
    But judging from the intelect of the average American today, theres bound to be some people who take her seriously. Oh s**t I don’t know,,, nevermind.

  23. Rob says

    Just a question, can anyone honestly say that they knew this woman was still alive before she started all her gay-bashing? I certainly didn’t. Just like Coulter, she’s talking because we’re listenign. Ignoer both of them.

  24. says

    I just sent the Stern show an email giving Howard hell for putting this woman on his show, I know he’s supportive of the gay community but no one needs to give her a place to spread her hate.

  25. BRAINS says


    Are you really serious about your statements, or are you just trying to garner a response from the rest of us just for the fun of it?

    If you are serious, you do know that you have some serious mental health issues. Right?

  26. Lee says

    OMG, I love the fake “Rick” (Oops, I just said OMG, that’s really gay/feminine of me, right?)

    The real Rick probably isn’t as gay as he would like to believe. His constant obsession with women shows that they must hold a huge amount of power over him. He’s (secretly) attracted to them, but got turned down so many times, probably heard the term “I thought you were gay” from a woman one too many times, that he decided to be gay. A VERY MASCULINE gay man of course, one who hates women and other gay men who fail to meet his standards for supreme MASCULINE GAY MEN.

    Back to topic: I thought Stern was very easy on her. What worries me about Jackson’s approach that “God is mad at us for allowing gay people to live openly” is that it seems to me to be only one step away from some nutjobs taking it upon themselves to start getting rid of gay people, so that God is no longer mad…

  27. jamal49 says

    Dear Victoria:

    As a gay man, I do not identify myself solely on my sexuality. It is but a small part of the complete composite of my humanity.

    Tis thee, oh noble wingnut, who obsesses on gay sexuality. Perhaps you need a bigger vibrator or a more potent husband.

    By the way, Victoria, my male lovers’ bodies and mine have all fit together pretty well, just as Goddess intended.

    So, Victoria, you’ve had your say. Now, please sit down and shut up.

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