1. e.c. says

    “We do not need to match the other side dollar-for-dollar…” Translation: our fundraising has been for crap in Washington so we’re going to have to rely on lots of secret money from the Cathlolics and Mormons.

  2. Eddie says

    “…is making the case that voters can oppose gay marriage without being a bigot.”

    No, you can’t. Every argument made by the anti-equality side is based on bigotry, on the notion that opposite sex relationships are somehow superior to same sex ones and deserving of some special recognition by the state.

  3. SoLeftImRight says

    My thoughts, exactly, Michael. Who is the big ‘mo in the photo? Of course it’s some self-hating, deluded monster behind anti-gay BS. I’m donating more money to Washington right now.

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