1. gregory brown says

    I know that the Phelps ghouls are already sharpening their pencils to figure out how much blood money they can get in a civil suit. Ignoring them is always the best response–but it’s good to see some action.

  2. johnny says

    We have freedom of speech in our country, like the results of that law or not.

    Yes, the WBC are repulsive and say (and do) the worst things imaginable about everyone, but they also have the lawful right to do it as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others.

    Imagine the tables turned on us when we protest in favor of marriage equality or gay rights. Would you be OK with someone launching from a crowd of opposition and punching you?

    Keep it in perspective.

  3. says

    Johnny – grow a pair. Your “hypothetical” is an almost-daily occurrence for LGBT people.

    Here’s the perspective you need to keep – we didnt’ start the fire.

    It’s not about us “imagining the tables are turned” – the table aint in our favour. Turning the tables means we bash back.

    But hey, hopefully some bigots will protest the funeral of someone you love with signs of hatred and you can smile and think about how wonderful it is that they abuse their freedom to do it 😀

  4. Charles says

    Yes, Johnny. I agree that it’s better not to sink to their level. However, how many GLBT people get attacked everyday? Christians can walk down the street and know they’re not going to be assulted because of their beliefs. At least if the WBC decides to sue, the lawyers can use a “heat of the moment” excuse.

  5. Kevin says

    I’m so sick of the Phelps people being defended. At what point do we quit accepting speech that is DESIGNED to INFLAME and PROVOKE? This shouldn’t be covered speech, it’s obscene in the truest sense of the word.

    God, I hate these people. I don’t use the word “hate” very often, but that’s exactly what I feel for these hateful bigoted morons.

  6. MarkRocks says

    Have some perspective here: the WBC has done more to advance the causes of gay rights than the HRC — these crazy people force everyone to consider their positions on gay rights, and to examine the hatred they have in their hearts. WBC needs to stay around, they need to be given more press, and we need the decent human beings in this country to be confronted with the results of poor education, brainwashing, and hatred. Parents see this behavior and realize they mustn’t teach their children to hate, for fear the child will wind up like the Phelps clan.

  7. says

    Comments here are nonsense.
    Take the fight to the fascists.

    You all keep twittering on about freedom of speech…..which is fine; but look around you, Rome is burning, they are seeking to deprive gays of their rights and demonise us; the republicans have veered to the extreme right; Bachman/Hannity have their own hate pulpit. Got enough freedom of speech yet ?

    I’m so astonished at these vids…….there was a whole crowd there that should have got stuck in immediately to the fascists showing such disrespect to the fallen and to their country. I was waiting for the crowd to surge forward and deal with these Nazis.

  8. says

    well, Canada has had very specific, explicitly outlined and discernible (for smart people) Hate Speech Laws for over 20 years now.

    here they are in a nutshell – if the SPECIFIC speech you are making incites hatred toward a targeted group the question becomes “What Is More Important? – Your Right To Say It, or The Safety Of the Targets of Your Speech”?

    it’s not about “Mean Speech”, nor “unpopular speech”, nor “controversial speech” – it’s S P E C I F I C.

    if what you specifically say puts the target of your words ‘at risk’ then the safety of your target takes priority over your “right” to say it.

    the lives, safety and wellbeing of the targeted group are more important than your right to direct hatred and incite hatred toward said targeted group.

  9. Caliban says

    Fred Phelps is getting up in years and it shouldn’t be much longer until he has a funeral of his own. Yes it would be “stooping to their level” but I hope when that day comes the Phelps family is surrounded by a SEA of people there to see that old POS being put where he rightly belongs, under the ground.

  10. Brian says

    Obviously the WBC are terrible, but the whole scene, including the counter protestors, is just awful. Imagine if that were a funeral of your loved one. You just want to bury them respectfully and remember them fondly. Chants of USA, USA, flag stomping, fighting between mobs, it’s all just so wrong at a funeral.

  11. says

    know what else is sick? FOX NEWS only has a problem with the Westboro’s when they protest straight soldier’s funerals.

    Does anyone remember that infamous Hannity clip where had one of the Phelps’ on and AGREED WITH THEM about gays? “Listen, I don’t agree with them (gays) either, I don’t like them either, but…”

    f***ing pig.

  12. mikenola says

    I am so proud of my fellow service members, past members and retired members for being able to and willing to show up to protect the funeral. I am also proud of the civilians who were there to protect the final respects of an American Service Member who died for her country.

  13. jamal49 says

    JACKFKNTWIST I’m with you.

    I keep handy a baseball bat with the carved inscription: This Bat Bashes Bigots.

    I’ve yet to use it. But, oh, how I want that day to come.

  14. says

    Yeah, standing around worshiping the Golden Calf of Freedom of speech while the Fascists degrade us into “untermenschen” has all been done before……and we remember.
    The way you guys think that Freedom of speech is a peculiar American value is delusional…..and you do not have a monopoly on its interpretation.

    All that needs to happen is for the next Republican / Tea Party President Romney to appoint two new Judges to the Supreme Court and you can kiss your sorry freedoms goodbye……..but you will still be able to SAY in public that you want equal rights…..while DADT,DOMA, Federal amendment on Marriage and other draconian legislation is introduced…..and upheld by the Scalia School of Jurisprudence.

    Bigots such as the Phelps scum are being tolerated; bigots disrespecting the democratically elected president are being tolerated and legislation depriving us of equality of marriage are being introduced in more States than are accepting same sex marriage………anti-gay right wing extremism is being tolerated in the name of freedom of speech.
    It’s trite to remind you at this stage that you would also tolerate the anti-semitism of 1930’s Germany in the name of your false god, Freedom of Speech.
    Let’s have freedom of speech which is expansive not the freedom of speech of the Phelps which is provocative, disrespectful, and treasonous.

  15. says

    @ PAUL B.

    I cannot understand that I have been reading about the Phelps for years denigrating funerals of service men and women who have given the ultimate price for their love of their country.
    I believe in freedom of speech and in democracy; but I know when small bigots behaviour is treason, shameful, and intolerable even to the most liberal societies.
    Quite simply the Phelps should not have been allowed to defecate on the people for so long . They should be stopped with whatever it takes. That’s my opinion….and there have been enough attendees at the funerals to do that.

  16. anon says

    The soldier wasn’t charged, but could be charged later. Emotional distress is sometimes a good defense in spontaneous assault cases, so even if charged, he might get off. There’s no way to predict how the Phelps clan will react, but they like getting attention, so I expect some reaction. Of course, Internet comments are free speech incarnate. You can’t top the nature of comments in online forums.

  17. bambinoitaliano says

    Not every human speak the same language. Sometime you have to stoop to their level so that they really really understand where you are coming from.

  18. PAUL B. says

    @Jacktwist…again, I agree with you completely. It sounds like Jamal49 is as well.
    “They should be stopped with whatever it takes”
    are your words…and I’m asking you again if you have any specific suggestions? I surely feel your anger Jack…and I’m open to hearing suggestions from you as to what is an appropriate response….in your opinion.

  19. says

    @ Paul B.

    The obvious response is violence. This is what has happened in the vid…..and that’s fine with me.
    If you want a quiet, PC response then let the Phelps continue to protest but not within an area where their behaviour is likely to lead to a “Breach of the Peace”……which is an old common law offence……and should be enforced.

    So pen/fence them in, a suitable distance from all funerals , say, not less than five miles from any service men’s Women’s funeral. In that way the legitimate grief and dignity of the mourners would be protected and the illegitimate attention seeking neuroses of the Phelps could prance to their hearts’ content.

    But there’s always the solution of beating the living $hit out of them so that they won’t want to insult the mourners again.
    Is this specific enough of an answer ?

  20. dattexas says

    Of course it’s about free speech. So LGBT demonstrations should be legal when performed in a friendly environment, but illegal when performed in front of a KKK convention? Um , no. You people using the incitement argument are not thinking. You should be erring on the side of allowing the speech to take place, not sacrificing our right to protest.

  21. candideinnc says

    Violence over desecration of a colored piece of fabric would normally upset me. I don’t revere cotton polyester. However, in the case of the Phelps circus, my response to a punch in the jaw is basically, “meh.”

  22. rayrayj says

    I hope someone follows this so if the Westboro Baptist Nuts sue the soldier who decked one of the Cult’s followers, we will know where to send the money.

  23. says

    The Phelps won in court and I believe that decision was correct. I want to live in a country where even the unpopular or vile ideas can be heard. I do not agree with their message or tactics but they have a right to display their opinion, this is America.

  24. sgvmk says

    Shouldn’t something like desecrating a flag be able to fall under the fight words doctrine? Attacking a flag like that in front of a soldier would seem close to calling an African American the N-word, something so directly offensive to the person that a breach of the peace is almost inevitable.

  25. PAUL B. says

    @Jacktwist…thank you for your honesty…and again, I’m right there with you. For those here that don’t like hearing this…”turn the other cheek”. But for me it’s not about that anymore…it’s time to crank it up a notch.
    But…what’s the best retaliation, is my only real question.

  26. says

    @ Dattexas :

    No one is sacrificing a right to protest !

    What the Phelps are doing is behaviour which is criminal, in that it is behaviour likely to lead to a breach of the Peace. It is an offence to behave thus.
    (Is that melodramatic enough for you ?)
    Their behaviour is also treasonous in that it undermines the moral of an institution of the state….the military.
    My vitriol may be an exercise of free speech but it is not insulting, offensive nor likely to provoke a criminal offence.
    Your comparisons of the exercise of free speech are delusional.

    Clearly the Phelps’ behaviour has led to violence in the public arena and therefore that proves my point…..they should be arrested every time they appear at a funeral where they are likely to provoke violence.

  27. I wont grow up says

    I’m pretty certain, if you interview all the people at that intersection that day, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who saw what happened. I looked at all three videos and I didn’t see anything. Did any of you see anyone get knocked down?

  28. says


    Friend, if Romney and the fascists get in the SCOTUS is likely to rule against us on every issue for the next generation ( with new appointments)… equality, no equal protection, and straights get benefits that we are not good enough for.
    As for me having a right to reside with my BF in the USA, if I could get married, that will be out the window too.
    But straights have the right to reside with their spouses………

    Free speech is not my god, nor your second amendment…….in fact I’m one of those people who believe you need a new liberal constitution……but how could the states agree to that ?
    (I’m now offically rambling !!!!)

  29. johnny says

    You don’t get to pick which brand of “freedom of speech” is allowed. The law covers pretty much all of it. I don’t like it at all either and feel WBC is scum, much like the rest of you.

    Don’t make me a target here, I’m just saying the truth.

    Don’t hate on the messenger.

  30. says

    Question: What do you get when you tease a dog until it becomes enraged? Answer: Teeth marks on your ass if you’re lucky, and a torn-out throat if you’re not. Let’s just say the Phelps crowd are finally getting what they’ve been begging for.

  31. Caliban says

    It wasn’t that long ago that gay rights protests were seen (and still are in many places) as disruptive, destructive, and detrimental to public order. Not to mention disgusting and offensive.

    Be careful what you ask for because you might just get it. The price of having free speech for yourself is extending it to sh*t-heels like the Phelps.

    Which isn’t to say I wasn’t cheering too when that guy punched one of them. Those pr*cks have been begging for it for a long time.

    On another note, however, as someone else said, the ironic thing is that the net effect of the Phelps’ antics has been more positive for gay rights than negative. Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, and the entire cast of Glee couldn’t mobilize entire schools to protest in defense of gay rights but the WBC can and regularly does. They’ve made Fox News anchors stand up for gay rights. They are so vile they make people question their own long-held prejudices. They couldn’t do more for gay right if we paid them.

  32. Mary says

    These lunatics have no decency. Can’t they let the dead rest in peace? If the WBC really were concerned about the survival of Christian values they’d know that a funeral is no place for a disrespectful act – either toward the dead or toward your nation. What they should have done is holdup a sign thanking Sgt. Johnson for her service to our country.

  33. Joseph Singer says

    Good contents, but dammit, when are people going to learn to take videos by turning their smartphones 90 degrees so the video doesn’t look like it was taken through the keyhole of a door. Dammit people please learn how to use your phones.

  34. says

    quick question – some of you who seem to be objecting to “hate Speech” laws or policies then reply with something like “what if the tables turned and ‘we’ got punished for blah blah blah…”

    what do you specifically mean? do you mean when Gays promote hatred or engage in hate-speech?

    because there’s a rather large and discernible difference between Hate Speech and Equality Speech.

    Is there a certain aspect of Hate Speech that lgbt people use? i’ve never seen it.

    do we have any comparable “_____hates_____” signs or mottos?

    just curious.

  35. Hal says

    I’d rather have some quiet protestors saying stupid stuff than a bunch of people screaming USA USA outside the funeral for my loved one. That’s worse to me than what, 20, laughable idiots from the Westboro Baptist Church? Come on, it’s not like they bring 100 people to their protest…it’s one hillbilly family. Ridiculous.

  36. says

    “Friend, if Romney and the fascists get in the SCOTUS is likely to rule against us on every issue for the next generation ( with new appointments)… equality, no equal protection, and straights get benefits that we are not good enough for.”

    @JACKFKNTWIST This comment has nothing to do with the court ruling in favor of WBC’s freedom of speech. Just fyi I am a democrat and gay, so stop putting people into boxes.

    The law is the way it is so it can protect everyone, including us. There are other countries that believe that displaying gay pride or gay awareness (Russia) is a “vile act” etc. they most likely say the same things we do about the WBC. We cannot squelch speech just because it isn’t popular.

  37. says

    “because there’s a rather large and discernible difference between Hate Speech and Equality Speech.”

    @LITTLEKIWI This is only the case when your are looking from one side of the argument. Many religious people around the world see gay pride as Hate Speech towards god and implement laws banning said “hate speech”. You and I can easily see the difference but I do not want the law to be biased, because biases change. Freedom of speech was written and is defended to protect everyone.

  38. says

    but that doesn’t survive the most basic rational test of logic, Bryce – what threat is posed to “their God” by gays having equality?

    no more a threat than a JEW a MUSLIM a BUDDHIST a ZOROASTRIAN or anything or anyone else havign equality.

    that people here seem to think there’s no discernible difference between signs saying “God Hates Fags” and “I Love My Gay Sister” makes me wonder what the heck y’all get taught in school.

    that’s the thing – hate speech isnt’ decided by the plebeian masses – it’s a process of intellectual discernment. Canada figured this out 20 years ago, folks.

    when your “freedom to say _______” comes at the expense of the freedom, wellbeing, safety and livelihood of the targets of your speech, your right to say it is less important than their right to live free from your intended persecution.

    there’s a difference between hate speech and unpopular speech.

    and don’t compare your country to Russia or nations that are furhter behind the times – y’all keep forgetting Canada which, let’s be fair, has a rather telling history of being ahead of the curve or the myriad social issues that the USA drags its heels about figuring out.

  39. cb says

    Westboro Baptist Church spreads its hate through picketing in our streets, provoking attacks, with abusive language and flag desecration, attempting to create a confrontation. This is not a church, this is a hate group. This is not about protesting, freedom, or God. They are in it for the money and the press; this is a family law firm. They are not a “church.” It is a scam. They go after anything that can get them in the news. This is a family of lawyers using this “god hates you” thing to make money. It is time for this scam and the hate to end.

  40. kdknyc says

    As hateful and crazy as they are, the most appropriate thing to do (which the media sadly won’t do as they are more driven by ratings than ethics) is to IGNORE them. Deny them that thing they crave–media attention. These people thrive on that media attention, and if that were denied to them consistently–if they never got any press or other media attention and were sure they wouldn’t get it–perhaps the satisfaction they derive wouldn’t be there. Then they might crawl back under the rock they came out from under.

  41. Caliban says

    You’re exactly right, kdknyc. If you read anything about the history of Fred Phelps and the WBC you know that what he craves most is attention. That’s been his schtick all along, for decades. Their fixation on gays is relatively recent, but Fred has ALWAYS been about pushing buttons, being the biggest pain in the *ss he possibly can.

    Personally I wish a mob would descend on the whole lot of them and kick their @sses black and blue. But part of me is also interested in preserving Constitutional rights because one you start limiting them you CANNOT guarantee that it will go the way you plan- in fact the law of unintended consequences pretty much guarantees that eventually it will bite you on the @ss.

    I mean making a law, even a Constitutional amendment, that forbids protesting at funerals sounds like a nice, sensible idea, right? But once you start fiddling with it what else is going to change? You could certainly get a majority of the population, and probably elected officials, to vote for making it illegal to protest at churches. How would you like that? Doesn’t sound so good, does it?

    Yes the Phelps and others use it to abuse groups and individuals but I’d rather err on the side of freedom than end up with censorship.

  42. tonycharles says

    actually its a lot of wishful thinking on your part. The jerk attacked a father from the wbc and the cops tackled him (navy seal) WBC came.WBC picketed. Perverts raged. WBC left.

  43. Caliban says

    Tony, you’re even more pathetic than Fred Phelps. Say what you will about him but at least he has the guts to spew his bullsh*t in public while you hide behind a computer screen. Shirley Phelps has more balls than you do, in fact, which makes you pretty godd*amn useless.

    Troll away, needle-d*ck. You’re nothing but comic relief.

  44. "The Gay" says

    Dueling mobs, how quaint.

    And that dreadful Lee Greenwood song – just putrid.

    I think it’s sad that this was someone’s funeral. I feel profoundly sorry for everyone there that knew her. This isn’t at all what services should be about. It’s just not fair.

  45. "The Gay" says

    Then again, giving the WBC exactly what it wants, which is a restriction on the free speech and the system they have contempt for – THAT would be a real victory for them.

    The USA is a nation of contradictions and living examples. You may not like all the living examples, but it certainly makes some ideals a great deal clearer.

    So when people say there ought to be a law and more limits on expression, blah blah blah, they’re being naive and pawns for some truly evil $hit.

    I particularly love how people from other countries come here to a blog created in the USA that’s primarily about gay USA news, who and opine about how the USA needs to be more like THEIR country, and why the values and history of this country need to be subverted to accommodate THEIR ideals of what’s right and wrong.

    Fix your OWN country, nobody gives a crap about your opinions about what’s going on here. You don’t even live here, and when you do come here, you only experience a tiny fraction of the country. You don’t know ANYTHING about us.

  46. Icebloo says

    I’m so glad people are literally fighting back against these attention seeking morons.

    Didn’t Obama sign a new law where they were not allowed to be at people’s funerals any more ? Why aren’t they automatically arrested before the funeral attendees arrive ?
    A grieving family should not have to deal with these evil idiots.

  47. Bill says

    You don’t have to beat them up to put them in their place. Here’s what happened when they “visited” San Francisco: It’s offensive, but the guy is simply doing a parody of them by being even more crazy than they are, if that is at all possible. I sort of wonder how he did it while keeping a straight face. He did such a good job of it that some people passing by thought he was serious!

  48. billywingartenson says

    Some day someone without a family and with only a few mos to live due to eg cancer, will buy or build flamethrower and send these creeps to the hell they deserve.

    Plese god make it so. Yes some people deserve not sympathy for their sickness but cruel and unusal treatment

    Too bad we cant just give them to the talibs with a vid cam. The enemy of humanity’s enemy is our friend.

  49. Eric says

    Like several other people have said (though the distinct minority on this discussion board), what WBC want is attention and the ability to sue people who harass or attack them. Unfortunately for decent people everywhere, this incident is a win for them–lots of attention, and probably more money to finance their disgusting speech.

    For the disturbing number of people here who have said that WBC deserve to suffer or be handed over to the Taliban, all I have to ask is, seriously? We are supposed to be a better people in a better country than the Taliban in Afghanistan or Pakistan. We don’t have to respect WBC, but we certainly do have to tolerate them. Many of us shake our heads in disgust, dismay, and mystification when there are riots in the Muslim world over a perceived insult to Mohammed or the Koran or the religion. Guess what, the same thing happened in the US on a small scale today: violence to protect a symbol.

    For those of you who would argue that WBC’s speech is not covered under the US Constitution’s freedoms and/or would argue for a Canadian or European style hate speech prohibition, let me state this: when governments start deciding what kinds of speech are acceptable or not, what kinds of associates are considered acceptable to meet with, what kinds of people are judged worthy of holding and claiming rights, we are all in danger of having our rights eroded. If we think that it is reasonable to put limited restrictions on specific rights to guarantee safety, the parameters of those restrictions are something that should be constantly debated and tested. The WBC case does not even come close to meeting such a threshold: WBC’s views are vile and shocking to say the least, but they are not dangerous.

    Finally, for those of you who say that witnesses to the assault should lie to the police or that the police should not prosecute the soldier, such attitudes undermine the rule of law and equal protection under the law for everyone. If it acceptable that a person connected with WBC should not receive the protection of the law because the audience finds his or her speech odious, then there is no reason that conservative religious bystanders who witness a gay bashing should tell the truth to the police investigating that crime.

    I find it disturbing that a population who has experienced much discrimination under the law and denial of the full rights of citizenship would be so quick to take away the rights of another group (even if they are horrible people).

  50. AngelaChanning says

    I am surprised that this has not happened sooner and it was only a tackle. People have been shot with much less provocation, which of course, I am not saying such provocation is justified. I know police involvement at these gatherings often focuses on preventing good folks from doing something like this that would land them in trouble.

    I am not sure why traditional media still consider them newsworthy? They live for the publicity and it may be only worth their while to stage these ugly scenes if they know they get coverage for it. As others have noted, this will only embolden them even more.

  51. sam says

    Coming from the other side of the pond and looking at the American ideal of free speech, I am appalled. That ideal seems to be that you will allow your fellow citizens, in this case the Westboro Cult, to defame, disrespect and protest at the funerals of service men and women who have died in the service of their country; and you simply have to put up with it? Clearly, the ‘freedom to bear arms’ and the ‘freedom of speech’ need to be reexamined in a modern society. As for the litigious nature of Cults like Westboro, for that you have to look to your judiciary – sadly ours is following suit.

  52. Booka says

    Why are the Canadian laws regarding inciting violence so impossible to imagine in the USA? There seems to be a very strange reverence for the “Rule of Law” even if there is little common sense in it. Violence is not something you want to endorse. That said there does come a time when it serves it’s purpose. Need I remind many of you that it was NOT a group of PC protesters that started the Christopher Street riot, but a bunch of Drag Queens with bricks in their purses. Anything less would not have given us even the chance to seek our ‘Equal Rights’. Any of you that are so caught up in the protection of these incendiary bastards rights, for the sake of the rights of us all, might do well to understand that through out history, there comes a moment when all the talk is done, and will not change the wrongs. At that rare moment the only thing that is going to work or change the dynamic is a few brave souls willing to fight to hold their rights. The fears for the abuse of that scenario, seem to have erased the true benefits of a aggressive stance. That tenant, the writers of the Constitution understood VERY well, yet, all the same were loath to promote for obvious reasons. In a word: sometimes, just sometimes, when nothing else works, you might want to put a brick in your purse.

  53. Bill says

    Regarding Sam’s comment, “Coming from the other side of the pond and looking at the American ideal of free speech, I am appalled. That ideal seems to be that you will allow your fellow citizens, in this case the Westboro Cult, to defame, disrespect and protest at the funerals of service men and women who have died in the service of their country; and you simply have to put up with it?” …

    What the courts decided is that laws that restrict such protests in the immediate vicinity of a funeral are constitutional. The Phelps people stay just far enough away to comply with those laws, and the people attending the funerals hopefully never see them. That doesn’t stop the Phelps Freaks from ending up in the news, though, particularly when counter protesters also show up and unintentionally help create a circus for the media to cover.

    The media coverage does not typically give one any sense of how far away the Phelps Freaks are from the funeral, and the public probably assumes in watching the videos that they are closer than they really are. I think showing how far away they have to stay would be a good thing – it would make the Phelps Freaks look more ineffectual, and hence less newsworthy. As others have pointed out, the Phelps Freaks are proverbial “publicity whores”, so making them less interesting to the media would help discourage them.

  54. thom says

    …Folks…This is clearly an attempt to get litigation started.,,this is what they do. They have no other source of income..some are lawyers (Shirley, are you litening???)…this is a result of inbreeding at Westboro Baptist Church… thyea re all insane.

  55. strange1 says

    ” Yes, the WBC are repulsive and say (and do) the worst things imaginable about everyone, but they also have the lawful right to do it as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others.” except when it comes to bashing Mohammed….sorry, when it’s equally ok to slam islam..then I’ll respect free speech regarding religon.

  56. strange1 says

    Obviously the WBC are terrible, but the whole scene, including the counter protestors, is just awful. Imagine if that were a funeral of your loved one. You just want to bury them respectfully and remember them fondly. Chants of USA, USA, flag stomping, fighting between mobs, it’s all just so wrong at a funeral.”……and the cheering and laughing by the WBC filth as they lower the casket is what? So am I to understand you’d rather the counter protestors be silent as the WBC cheers and laughs? Sorry. i ‘ll go with the singing of God Bless the USA any time. OH, BTW..I’m one of the originals who fought this filth back when they first started. i’m responsible for dealing out some old fashioned justice on the face of one of those pigs..and would do it again with “pride”.

  57. says

    remember – the WBC are heinous but not the “real” enemy.

    the WBC didnt’ convince anyone to vote for Prop 8 or donate to anti-gay causes.

    it’s the “nice n’smiling” anti-gay Christian denominations in America that are using sweetly-subversive bigotry to cause real harm.

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