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Steamy 'Days of Our Lives' Gay Kiss Flagged as Possibly 'Inappropriate' by YouTube: VIDEO


Here's a really hot preview for the upcoming storyline between Will and Sonny on Days of Our Lives which features some steamy kissing and the removal of a shirt, but it's been age-restricted by YouTube.

YouTube commenters are fuming, and rightly so: "If it was a guy and a girl it would never have gotten flagged. There is nothing inappropriate about it."



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  1. My question is why do you think people that's been a fan of Days since the first episode wants to watch this filth? It's disgusting and the fans should not have to put up with this. Who do you want to please...the gay society or your fans? I don't see why the writers think that they have to keep up with society and have this a part of the soap. Say I'm old fashion if you want...that's ok, but I prefer you classify me as a CHRISTIAN who stands by what the BIBLE teaches and this is far from what GOD would have in our lives. Be real...not everyone likes this crap.

    Posted by: Pam Neal | Oct 29, 2012 7:15:57 PM

  2. I will no longer watch Days of our Lives because of the homosexual sex. I am sorry but I find it gross. But I also find it uncomfortable watching anything sexual. What ever happen to private moments, to "getting a room," to modesty, to chastity? Is virtuous behavior today's disgusting behavior? What an odd time we live in.

    Posted by: Woman | Feb 1, 2013 7:08:09 PM

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