1. stan says

    …i know you folks in the states get a bit uptight about religion…but it’s time to start saying what it is. the mormon and catholic church control the bsa organization. you need to be making that plain and clear…see how long they can take the heat. meanwhile…this guy is the kind of hero i admire.

  2. Deke says

    No, Andy Zerbinopoulos is not a saint. He’s an Eagle Scout. I sent mine to Ryan yesterday, along with the Eagle necklace for his mom. Scouting taught us all about character and honor. I’ve thought about returning mine to the BSA, but it meant more to me than it did to them. It’s a delight share and it did not require any deep thought. My hunch is, Ryan will have an entire flock of Eagles before too long.

  3. John says

    Bles you guys that are sending your pins and the necklace. You are the true definition of Eagle Scouts. I hope someday the BSA will realize its error, but until that far off day, you guys are the real thing.

  4. Francis says

    Hundreds have been returning their badges since Jennifer Tyrell was discriminated against and the BSA reaffirmed their homophobic position. It’s so awesome to see people, gay and straight, taking such a stand, especially for vulnerable, discriminated-against teens such as Ryan, and it’s reassuring because it shows more and more people will not allow homo-hatred slide without speaking. Dr. Andy’s act will not be forgotten; thank you Doctor.

  5. Bob says

    Look at the anti-marriage groups in the States where marriage is on the ballot, Prop 8, etc.
    — and they have had way too much success at it

  6. Deke says

    The pity of it is, as Ryan Andresen affirmed, that scouting offers kids wonderful opportunities. My dad, also an Eagle scout, was the first scoutmaster to let black kids into an all white troop. Doing so posed as little a moral dilemma for him, as sharing my Eagle with Ryan posed for me. It is what decent people do. The BSA took a wrong turn when the LDS adaopted scouting as its youth program and took over the Board in the 1990s. They eliminated religious awards from religious groups who were accepting of gay people.

  7. woodroad34d says

    That’s what being a Boy Scout is about. I say, take away any medals or recognition that the Boy Scout council/board/organization has for being dip-sh*ts and ruining if not destroying the Boy Scout brand.

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