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Towleroad Talking Points: Post-Halloween Rainbows


PHOTO OF THE DAY: Senator Al Franken's staff dressed up as a Halloween rainbow


A look back at today's top stories


With just a few days until the election, some anti-Obama enthusiasts are pulling out all the stops. Case in point a bishop from Peoria, Illinois who is forcing his priests to read an anti-Obama letter at Sunday services — maintaining that perfect mix of Church and State. Mitt Romney doesn't need people to write letters to make him look terrible. Mitt does that on his own. Check out what he said about a state supreme court ruling in favor of gay marriage back in 2004. 

New York Times election blogger Nate Silver continues to exude confidence about an Obama win on Tuesday. Today he bet Joe Scarborough a ton of money that Obama will be re-elected. Also in the pro-Obama camp is New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Today he officially came out with his endorsement of the President



In the New York Times today there is a piece about 'converted' 'ex-gays' who are upset about the "hate" they receive for turning straight. Well maybe if the very notion of needing therapy to stop being gay wasn't so offensive they wouldn't be ostracized. 


A group of stories involving anti-gay sentiment today. Speaking of so-called 'ex-gays', a former leader of the converted is warning of "homofascism". You may remember Andrew Shirvell from when he was harassing the University of Michigan's openly gay student body President. Well he is now a recipient of unemployment. A school in Ohio has really set itself up for a lawsuit after forcing some kids to remove shirts that supported gay rights. Also, Massachusetts Senate Candidate Sandi Martinez believes that the 'lifestyle' of homosexuals is sad



The clean up continues from Sandy. With power (hopefully) being restored to Manhattan this weekend, food and water stations have been set up to help residents get the essentials while they are still in the dark. Also very limited subway service has been restored today



Michelle Bachmann showed off her comedic skills at a debate this week when she mentioned that she doesn't like political speech

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Mainers United For Marriage Rally Ahead Of Vote: VIDEO


With the historic vote on Question 1, the passage of which would legalize marriage equality in Maine, the group Mainers United for Marriage today held its final "call to action" to guarantee as many supporters as possible vote yes next Tuesday.

Mainers United had hoped to draw 500 people, but this report from WCSH 6 put the number at about 250, while the AP put the number at over 300. From that report:

The memory of 2009, when voters overturned a gay marriage law passed earlier in the year by the Legislature, is still painful, Matt McTighe, campaign director for Mainers United for Marriage, told the crowd.

One key to victory this year will be to convince others that allowing "loving, committed" couples to marry is the right thing to do, he said. He encouraged people to vote early by absentee ballot at Portland City Hall after the rally.

"We do not want to wake up the day after the election and think we could have done it if we'd just worked a little harder or had a few more conversations," he said.

Watch video of WCSH's report AFTER THE JUMP.

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Mass. GOP Sends Hateful Mailer Smearing LGBT Friendly Dem


The Massachusetts Republican Party today sent out the above mailer smearing Democratic state rep. candidate Josh Cutler and his allies at MassEquality, which endorsed both him and a lawsuit that would have allowed state-funded reassignment surgery for a transgender inmate.

Apparently those two facts mean that Cutler is a "radical" or owes "these radicals" or something equally, nebulously frightening for the right.

You can check out the other sider of the flier AFTER THE JUMP.


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EB White In 1956: Candidates Only Claim 'Unconventional Thinking'

IkePostI previously highlighted a 1964 piece beloved Charlotte's Web author and long-time New Yorker editor EB White wrote about the rise of robo-calling.

"The phone should be live, with someone talking into the thing at one end and someone listening at the other end, even if it's only a French poodle," he wrote at the time, decades away from Apple, Steve Jobs or the iPhone.

Well, in 1956, three days before incumbent Republican Dwight Eisenhower trounced Democratic rival Adlai Stevenson, White penned another awesome piece, this time addressing the "unconventional" policies politicians claim as their own while on the campaign trail.

Read an excerpt AFTER THE JUMP.


From the November 3, 1956 edition of The New Yorker:

The impression one gets from campaign oratory is that the sun revolves around the earth, the earth revolves around the United States, and the United States revolves around whichever city the speaker happens to be in at the moment.


During a presidential race, candidates sometimes manage to create the impression that their thoughts are ranging widely and they they have abandoned conventional thinking. I love to listen to them when they are in the throes of these quadrennial seizures. But I haven't heard much from either candidates that sounded unconventional - although I have heard some things that sounded sensible and sincere.

A candidate could easily commit political suicide if he were to come up with an unconventional thought during a Presidential tour.

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Help 20 Million More Win The Right To Marry

20millionmoreWith election day finally around the corner, Marriage Equality USA has launched a side project called 20 Million More, aimed at passing equality or stopping discrimination in the four states with gay marriage-related ballot questions, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington.

"This fall, the opportunity exists to expand marriage equality or prevent anti-marriage efforts for almost 20 million Americans!" the group says before asking for people willing to work phones from the comfort of their own respective homes.

Details from Facebook are included to the right and will expand if you click on the image. Those interested can volunteer here.

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Sen. Franken's Staff Dresses As Rainbow To Fight Anti-Gay Amendment


Minnesota Senator Al Franken's staff dressed up en masse as a rainbow for Halloween as an effort to urge voters to vote "no" on a constitutional amendment defining marriage as one man and one woman.

[Via BuzzFeed]

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