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Please Join Us for an Election Night Liveblog at 6:30 PM


Please join us at 6:30 pm for a special election liveblog. NYC City Council candidate and Towleroad contributor Corey Johnson will be joining us to go over returns.

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News: Channing Tatum, Ontario, Beaked Whale, Frank Bruni

Road15 students on the wrong side of history.

RoadHurricane Sandy benefits happening this month in NYC - an excellent list. Of note is the benefit on Sunday at Industry Bar for the Ali Forney Center.

TatumRoadThe sexiest man alive?

RoadLindsay Lohan to be charged with lying to cops: "Lohan told cops she was NOT behind the wheel of her Porsche when it slammed into the back of an 18-wheeler.  Fact is she was -- according to multiple witnesses."

RoadHindsight: Bradley Cooper narrates anti-Romney documentary.

RoadBiden apparently happy with his vote.

RoadOntario: Out gay man and out lesbian in race to become the leader of the Ontario Liberal Party. "The race to be the next leader of the Ontario Liberal Party is now, finally, an actual race. Three weeks quietly passed following Dalton McGuinty’s resignation as Ontario’s premier before any of his political brethren launched a leadership bid. Then, in the space of 24 hours, a pair of contenders revealed their candidacy: Toronto-Centre MPP Glen Murray broke the silence Sunday night and Don Valley West MPP Kathleen Wynne will follow suit early this evening."

RoadThe looming GOP civil war.

RoadNathaniel Rogers takes a first look at August, Osage County.

LacheyRoadNick Lachey got back.

RoadGay political strategist Steve Hildebrand predicts an Obama blowout: “Obama wins 347-191,” Hildebrand wrote. “After Romney chose Paul Ryan as his running mate and his 47 percent comments, he was never able to convince a majority of voters that he would be on their side. He will lose what could have been a winnable race.”

RoadFrank Bruni rips Frank Schubert's ads: "That milestone seems within reach, and horrified opponents have responded with their favorite and nastiest scare tactic, the insinuation that America’s children are about to be corrupted. This fearmongering worked four years ago in California, where voters rejected same-sex marriage after the repeated broadcast of a commercial in which an adorable little girl exultantly informs her aghast mother that in school that day, she learned that princes could marry princes and that she could marry a princess. A stern-looking man then sweeps in to warn viewers that they will be saying O.K. to such ostensible brainwashing if they let gay couples say 'I do.'"

Road14 couples hoping for marriage wins at the ballot box today.

RoadSam Worthington arrested for being an obnoxious drunk in public.

DelgaudioRoadDelgaudio: Wingnut Eugene wants lawsuit dismissed.

RoadWorld's rarest whale identified for first time ever: "The spade-toothed beaked whale has not been seen 150 years. Now two of the rare animals — a mother and her calf — have been identified. The whales washed up on an New Zealand beach in 2010. Scientists originally thought they were a couple of Gray's beaked whales (shown right), which commonly end up stranded on the shoreline. Researchers photographed the dead animals, took tissue samples and then buried them. But after two years and DNA analysis, biologists have determined that the two specimens were the long sought-after spade-toothed beaked variety."

RoadMale model fix: Tyson Paige.

RoadSTUDY: Teens with lesbian moms better at school, happier in life. "A new study has found that 17-year-olds with lesbian mothers had high school GPAs ranging between A-minus to B-plus, while having strong family bonds with their mothers, whom the teens consider good role models. The Williams Institute at UCLA, which conducted 'Adolescents with Lesbian Mothers Describe Their Own Lives,' tracked 78 adolescents over a 26-year period."

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PA Machine That Changed Obama Vote to One for Romney 'Recalibrated' and Put Back in Service


This morning I posted a YouTube video which showed a Pennsylvania voting machine recording a vote for Mitt Romney which was intended for Barack Obama.

Mother Jones reports that the machine was taken offline, "recalibrated", and put back in service:

MSNBC's Zachary Roth reported that a Pennsylvania electronic voting machine was taken out of service after the video went up, but Mathew Keeler, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Department of State, says the machine is back online again—though he couldn't confirm whether that rejiggered terminal was the same machine featured in the video.

"There was a single complaint, so they recalibrated the machine, did a test run, and put it back online. We've had no complaints since then," Keeler says. While he couldn't say for certain that this was the machine that "centralpavoter" attempted to use, he added that "we believe they are probably connected."

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Empire State Building to Go Red or Blue Depending on Election Winner


The lighting on the Empire State Building will convey who's ahead in electoral votes tonight, and then ultimately turn solid for the winner, CNN reports.

As CNN projects winners in each state, the iconic beacon of Gotham will be exclusively displaying the race to 270 electoral votes with a vertical LED illuminated “meter” on its spire—blue for President Obama, and red for former Governor Romney.

And when CNN projects a winner in the presidential election, the full spire and upper floors change colors to either red or blue.

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Spain's Top Court Rules: Gay Marriage is Constitutional


Spain's highest court has upheld the constitutionality of the seven-year old marriage equality law.

Spain's top court today ruled that the law passed in 2005 by the Socialist government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero allowing gay couples to marry is fully constitutional, answering an appeal challenging in it by the conservative Popular Party's Mariano Rajoy.

Eight judges (seven progressive and conservative Francisco Perez de los Cobos) voted in favor and three judges, all appointed under the Popular Party, dissented.

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The 2012 Presidential Debates Get the Bad Lip Reading Treatment: VIDEO


Some humor while you wait for the votes to be tallied.


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