Posts from November 29, 2012

What Is Happening at the Supreme Court Tomorrow?


BY ARI EZRA WALDMAN This term at the Supreme Court will decide what gay rights law will look like for a decade. But, before we get to the substance, we have to deal with some procedure: On Friday, November 30, the justices will meet to de…

Fortress Of Attitude Release ‘PS: Gay Car’ VIDEO


What do you do if you get a letter describing your car and your parking job as “gay”? And what if the anonymous sender says, no, he has nothing against gay people, but your parking spot just totally gay, and then even puts a post script reading “gay…

Nate Silver Talks Shop At Google HQ: VIDEO


Nate Silver, the world’s most beloved statistician, stopped by Google’s California headquarters to discuss his new book, The Signal and the Noise is The Soul of a New Machine for the 21st Century, how to deal with internet trolls and why past predict…

Join Cleve Jones and ONE’s Fight Against HIV/AIDS


In anticipating of World AIDS Day this weekend, activist Cleve Jones called on a few of his friends, including Colin Farrell, Kellan Lutz and Zoe Saldana Lark Voorhies, to participate in a new video series for the group ONE’s campaign fight against H…