Posts from November 29, 2012

VCU Volleyball Coach Fired For Being Gay?


James Finley, coach for eight years of Virginia Commonwealth University’s women’s volleyball team, says he was fired for being gay. According to him, new athletic director Ed McLaughlin gave him and another openly gay employee the boot af…

Barney Frank: Liberals Needs To ‘Empower’ Themselves


Rep. Barney Frank is still mulling his options as he looks toward retirement. Though there’s nothing set as of yet, Frank told WBUR reporter Bob Oakes that he hopes to write a book about the LGBT movement here in the States and perhaps another book a…

Dr. Oz Says He Sees The Light On ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy


Television doctor Dr. Oz’s show yesterday to explore so-called reparative therapy, the harmful and distorted “therapy” that claims to cure people of same-sex desires. As most of us already know, this is junk science that deserves le…