1. Bill says

    Well, the exorcism may actually work temporarily for people sufficiently kinky for that to get them off – once a certain nearly white, frothy substance is “exorcised”, some people find themselves “cured” of homosexuality for the duration of the refractory period.

  2. says

    so God cares more about ridding people of “homosexuality” than about ending war, famine, child rape, abuse, cancers and disease that kill the “young and innocent”?


    wow. your god sounds like an @sshole with messed up priorities.

  3. Pants Afire says

    Fischer flat out lied about the Regnerus study. UT’s review IN NO WAY affirmed Regnerus’ conclusions. The review just said that there was no evidence (or insufficent evidence) of scientific misconduct.

    On the other hand Regnerus’ peers in academia, even within the Sociology department of UT, have thoroughly refuted and repudiated his biased, bigoted, and bought ‘findings’.

    He is effectively being shunned within his own “community”.

  4. Rick says

    Did anybody notice how red Bryan Fischer’s face got when he was asked questions about him having attraction to men? Then there are those white shoes and the fact he is anti-gay nut job of a man who is most likely hiding a a gay secret, so who has to tell the world he is not gay by being a rabid anti-gay Christian. Somebody needs to find out what Bryan did in his younger life or maybe even now that is gay and like a lot of anti-gay Christians he is having gay sex with somebody now or then.

  5. Bernie says

    If a consenting adult wants to have an exorcism and believes that it works… so be it, but I will say that I also believe that most adults who agree to an exorcism are probably mentally ill or have some form of severe religiousity; however, I do have a problem when a parent “forces” a child/a minor under the age of 18 to have an exorcim, then I do believe this is some type of abuse

  6. michael10018 says

    I know I’m picking at nits here, but if you look at the pictures, you will see that the name of his school is Roosevelt High School, which is in Fresno, CA, but is not Fresno High School, which is my alma mater.

    I panicked a bit when I saw his year of graduation and Fresno High School mentioned together. That would have meant that at some point we had been in the same building. Not the case, happily.

  7. Diogenes Arktos says

    Damn! The New Yorker link *now* points to a story you can’t read in full! Sorry, guys, I should have checked it out before posting it. One point it addressed was Fischer’s traumatic childhood, a topic he didn’t really want to talk about.

    If Fischer had actually read the Regnerus study – at least the setup – he would have known that real same-sex couples is precisely what was not studied. It is an accident that two were.

    @Anon: WBC hates everybody period. Fischer claims to love everybody period.

  8. Simon says

    Thank God for the right wing nuts, it’s people like them who got Obama back to the oval office. As the old generation continue their outdated lies about gays as their last breath, the new generation among all others are getting more informed and evolved about gays.

  9. Bill says

    “Did anybody notice how red Bryan Fischer’s face got when he was asked questions about him having attraction to men?” Not really – the redness seemed to be more when they showed him and David Pakman at the same time.

    Fisher really did have something to be embarrassed about, though – the multiple fibs he told. Mark Regnerus, for example, collected data based on interviewing adults who had a gay parent while growing up. That includes cases in which the parents divorced and the child was raised by a single straight parent from that point on. Regnerus had very little data on households with two same-sex partners because he was basically looking at the past. With more data, collected more or less the way Regnerus did, you would probably find that the poor outcomes were due to descrimimation. Fisher also got the identical twin studies wrong – they showed for identical twins, if one was gay, the chances of the other being gay were around 50%, about twice the value for fraternal twins. If genes weren’t a factor, it should have been the same as for fraternal twins, and if neither genes nor the prenatal environment was a factor, it should have been even lower.

    Either Fisher is lying or he doesn’t understand what he is babbling about.

  10. anon says

    The photo looks like a time-warp from the 50’s not the late 60’s. I suspect he became stuck in time in the 60’s in reaction to the social events of that era. Essentially, he’s always trying to turn back the clock.

  11. Jack says

    I love David Pakman and his approach to interviews. He simply (and respectfully) clarifies whatever his guests believe, then lets them hang themselves with it. He follows by strongly (yet respectfully still) standing up for us — and he does it so well that, unbelievably, the fiercest lunatic is willing to be interviewed by him again! That takes talent. We can’t get enough straight allies like David Pakman.

  12. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Bill: Quite by accident the study did include two real same-sex couples. (He claimed that he didn’t have the resources from his biased sugar-daddy funders to properly collect enough data!) I remember Regnerus’s criteria for a same-sex identified person are incredibly broad. It could be as little as two nude men masturbating while watching a straight porn flick. If I remember correctly, that would be sufficient to make the men and their wives be classified as same-sex couples. Regnerus has admitted that his study does not support how people are using it – but he refuses to lift a finger to stop it.

    For whatever reason, Fischer has an allergy to appropriate facts, especially up-to-date information. He’s the type of moron who still uses pre-AIDS and early AIDS data to reflect current practice and science. Believe it or not, he still believes poppers are an essential part of the cause of AIDS. Yes, that idea was seriously floated – but it was fairly quickly disproved. Nearly 30 years ago. Seriously, what else can you expect from a young earther?

  13. says

    Vitiligo is a pigmentation disorder in the human skin. The human skin contains special skin cells (melanocytes) that produce the pigment melanin which colors the skin. In Vitiligo, the special skin cells (melanocytes) as well as the tissues (mucous membranes) that line the inside of the mouth, nose, genital and rectal areas, and the retina of the eyes are destroyed.

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