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Anti-Gay Pastor Ken Hutcherson Says Equally Anti-Gay NOM Too Much Like The GOP, 'Old And White'


Virulently anti-gay preacher Ken Hutcherson has been increasingly vocal in his disdain of "sissified" discrimination groups that he says are too soft on gay people, including the National Organization for Marriage.

Now Hutcherson is saying that NOM and their prominent allies are racist. From Christian Post.

[Hutcherson went] as far as to accuse some of the outside leadership of racism, and felt they were excluding him because he was African-American.

"When I knew my involvement was going to generate controversy, I offered to step back and suggested others who were on the front lines do so as well for the sake of unity. They refused, leaving me as the odd man out. If you look at them, they were all the same color with the same moderate views. It just didn't make sense why they would not include a person of color who was willing to fight."

"I believe there are conservatives of all colors, but the leadership from NOM, Focus and Mission Public Affairs, wanted to run being a moderate campaign where everyone felt warm and fuzzy. But we know that sin is never satisfied and always wants more. These guys just looked and acted too much like the GOP – old and white."

NOM big-wig Brian Brown called Hutcherson's comments "absurd and reckless" and "not true." "Pastor Hutcherson wanted to work on an initiative and not a referendum which we thought was the best method," Brown claimed.

So what about those cynical attempts to play on racial divides to weaken progressive groups? Was that not racist?

[via Good As You]

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  1. I'm really late to this thread, and my animosity to Jason/Rick is well-known, I think Ratbastard is largely in that camp but not always, and is definitely a different person. UFFDA seems to be merging into the hateful Jason/Rick crowd. But I have to say, Mary seems completely apart from this crowd. Yes, she was annoying when she was anti gay, and yes it's unusual that she spends to much time on a gay website. But I actually find her point of view interesting. Attacking her for being old is just silly, old straight people are the only ones standing in our way so I for one appreciate her point of view. To be honest I'm not familiar with her posting on fem gays so I may have missed something there. But in general I can understand her point of view. It's no surprise she's out of the mainstream here because she is out of the mainstream generally. But she's not UFFDA, he just supports her because he likes to support anyone being controversial just for controversy's sake, and I don't think he has an original idea in his head. Mary actually thinks things through, she'll never be in total agreement with most of us but she's hardly a troll and nowhere near as horrible as jason/rick.

    Posted by: Brian | Nov 19, 2012 8:10:54 AM

  2. i thought this story was about another pastor caught touching his choir boys. LOL AWESOME comments and discussion though. Heres food for thought on the whole butch/femme thing. What if homohatred is a born trait like a hunters instinct leadership or even gayness itself? So your gonna have some gays nagged by homohatred and learning to act butch not liking the nellys and others not bothered who could care less. Seems to fit.

    Posted by: amazingjose | Nov 19, 2012 9:40:14 AM

  3. Some who post on this site, like Little Kiwi and his faithful followers, are to put it simply, the Donald Trumps of the left. With meanspirited and bombastic rhetoric they attempt to silence all who dare to disagree with their dogmas. Personally, this out, proud and committed supporter of the LGBT community dislikes bullies as much as bigots. In my naivete, I didn't realize that bullies existed on the left. But, here you are!!!

    Posted by: andrew | Nov 19, 2012 12:02:43 PM

  4. you mean he's surprised that the anti-gay bigots look just like the anti-integrationist bigots?

    next up we'll have one of those clue-less ultra-orthodox rabbis have an awakening that the Christian forces they join with in anti-gay battles are also, amazingly, anti-Semitic.

    everyone else, meanwhile, wonders why it took 'em all so long to notice.

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Nov 19, 2012 12:14:30 PM

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