1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    That was more like gales of laughter than *chuckles*. How did her opponent keep a straight face?

  2. Jack M says

    I have no desire to hear any of her idiocy. People have been laughing at her for a long time now.

  3. Gus says

    You guys are missing her deluded point. She does not engage in political speech, to her she is preaching the Gospel.

  4. Michael in Toronto says

    I can honestly say I have never disliked anyone so intensely – such a stupid, bland, trivial, wrongheaded, messianic, ignorant maniac. How on EARTH did she get elected in the first place? And it seems she’ll win again, despite huge losses.

  5. Dan Cobb says

    Straight guys will do anything for an attractive woman… even one who is barely this side of brain dead.

  6. Bernie says

    I cannot understand anyone with a half a brain voting for someone like Bachman. She seems to live her life in a constant state of denial or fantasy or both. I think she should be forced to sit down and see, listen and hear the top 1000 stupid things she has said.

  7. andrew says

    That sure sounded like a lot of people laughing. Mabye the majority of the voters in that House District will vote for Jim Graves.