1. Disgusted American says

    was a funny episode…..loved the “mis-understanding” – made for great laughter……esp. at the end where Phil got a kiss planted on his lips

  2. bostonbeat says

    i LOVED this episode! so cute and touching, even? the character of phil is so dim anyway so this scenario is quite fitting. i loved the end when he figures it all out. so cute. and btw, ty burrel is pretty hot :)

  3. db says

    Bob, when was the last time you saw him? You realize he’s 50 now and looks like most 50 year old men. You can’t expect someone to look like they did when they were in their 20s.

  4. Scar2 says

    Loved it. Been reading couple of articles how the show has not been up to par this season but I have to disagree. It’s still the only show on tv that makes me laugh out loud one minute & then cry the next.

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