1. Icebloo says

    It’s always great when these sports clubs/teams take this seriously so I applaud them for making a stand. The tide of public opinion is definitely changing in our favor.

    However I don’t for one second believe the player is sincere in his apology which someone else has obviously written for him

  2. Francis says

    That’s a strong penalty, unlike what we saw with the Yunel Escobar drama (although that was mostly as a result of a likely appeal by Escobar if the penalty was stiffer)

    Obviously, the fact these athletes keep using slurs such as this is disgusting, but the fact they are being taken to task each and every time they do means things are getting better. Homophobia isn’t simply being allowed to happen unchecked anymore. Hopefully Mr. Burch learns from his mistake.

  3. MikeInSanJose says

    When push comes to shove, 4-year olds make assumptions and hit-and-run political statements where no politics are involved without any substantiation or way to be held accountable for their own fantasy-based allegations.

  4. NeverEclipsed81 says

    Well at least he doesn’t seem genuinely homophobic. Words slip out, I give him a pass, it’s not nearly as infuriating as the athletes that make anti gay videos and pretend it’s OK because the bible hates us too.

  5. Dan says

    I agree with Derek W – at least he knows how to apologize. I don’t care if he wrote it or even if he believes it. The apology is unequivocal, with no ‘anyone who was offended’ backhands.

  6. andrew says

    Good. But I think a one game suspension would be more appropriate. And I don’t like the required sensitivity training. It sounds too much like the re-education centers that have existed in some authoritarian countries.

  7. daws says

    Kind of exhausting. They do it, get caught, and then apologize. I just want to shake these guys…YOU DON’T BLURT CRAP LIKE THAT OUT UNLESS IT RESONATES WITH YOU ON SOME LEVEL! I need to stop clicking on these articles. I’m going to get an ulcer.

  8. Sean says

    Seattle Sounders season ticket holder here. Based on the performance in game one of this suspension, it’s probably already cost the team a chance at the championship.
    And Burch had it coming and I’m glad the league took the action. Hopefully, he won’t be back next year. Pity, cause he’s a bit of a hottie.

  9. Yeek says

    I don’t insist that people actually be sorry when they are caught uttering homophobic slurs – but I insist that they act *as if* they are sorry. So…apology accepted.

  10. Fenrox says

    That’s lame, he should just apologize. Words used in anger are unfortunate but not a proper measure of the person using them. Gandhi would say the f-word if in the right situation too.

  11. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Fenrox : “Words used in anger are unfortunate but not a proper measure of the person using them.”
    Not in my experience. I have found out more about what people truly believe from what they have said in anger – because they don’t care about trying to appear socially acceptable. I do acknowledge, however, that some people can be tremendous liars when they are angry and can say things just to be hurtful.

  12. says

    to Diogenes’ point, remember when Mel Gibson was like “Sorry, i was drunk”

    i dunno. i’ve been drunk. i’ve been high as a kite. and at no point in either inebriated state have i blamed Jews for all the wars in the world.

    it aint the booze. and in this story it aint the anger – true colours get revealed by what you spew.

    all those racist tweets about Obama after the election, excused with “I’m not a racist, i just think Obama’s a socialist n***er”?

    yeah. sure. no racism in there. it was just the heat of the moment.

  13. Mike says

    Do some of you really mean to write that you’ve NEVER said something in anger that in the heat of the moment that you later regretted? Spare me the hypocrisy!

    Based on what I’ve seen from Sounders fans and some of the language used in the apology — “horrified” — being a prime example, I think the apology was not only a good apology, it was genuine. I also applauded MLS for reacting as decisively as they did with a strong penalty made all the stronger by the fact that it cost Birch a chance to play in an MLS Cup final.

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