1. jamal49 says

    @ENDO: I thought it odd, too, that TW would make such a crass statement about Easton Ellis regardless of its veracity. I recognize that I, perhaps you, perhaps others, come here regularly because we are in the choir, so to speak, but it still reeks of rank amateurism to have done so.

    But, hey! It’s Andy’s house and he can damn-well say what ever the hell he wants. We are just guests.

    Having said that and, regarding Jason (everyone’s favorite TW troll), Jason is exercising his right to free speech which TW graciously allows him to do as it does others (99% of the time).

    I mean, Jason is so outrageously imbecilic that it has become a daily routine to come here, read the news (admittedly, like the lead to this story, biased news, but again, I’m in the choir) and then search for Jason-The-Troll’s and RICK’s silly, annoying, spectacularly-idiotic yet always entertaining comments. Toss in a little RATBASTARD and you’ve got a “Troll Trifecta”.

  2. tinkerbelle says

    This is the most amateur piece of high school crap I have ever seen. And you are all actually discussing this?

    Just a comment on Brett Easton Ellis’ œuvre— he did write one of the sexiest gay (peripherally bi) scenes (my opinion) ever in a novel: the three-way that was actually a man-on-man two-way in “Glamorama”… and it seemed like he knew what he was talking about. I still fantasize on that chapter. But that’s my problem, not yours.

  3. scotsyank says

    Lindsay Lohan is a sad girl with a sad life. Am I the only one here who feels badly for her? She’s tough to like, that’s for sure, but how about giving a break to a girl who was raised by incompetent, selfish narcissists, out for their own financial gain?
    And the best break we all could give her is to ignore her for a while.

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