Catholic Bishop Demands Priests Recite Letter Blasting Obama

JenkyDaniel Jenky, the Bishop of Peoria, Illinois, is ordering priests under his command to read an anti-Obama letter he wrote this Sunday, the final services before next week’s presidential election.

“I require that this letter be personally read by each celebrating priest at each Weekend Mass,” he writes of the letter, which claims that President Obama and his administration’s healthcare laws are an “assault on our religious freedom“.

In the letter, Jenky cautions parishioners that Obama and a majority of U.S. senators will not reconsider the mandate that would require employers, including religious groups, to provide free birth control coverage in their health care plans. “This assault upon our religious freedom is simply without precedent in the American political and legal system,” Jenky wrote.

“Today, Catholic politicians, bureaucrats, and their electoral supporters who callously enable the destruction of innocent human life in the womb also thereby reject Jesus as their Lord,” Jenky added. “They are objectively guilty of grave sin.”

Earlier this year, Jenky delivered a controversial homily criticizing the contraception mandate. The bishop included Obama’s policies in a list of historic challenges the Catholic Church has overcome in previous centuries, including Hitler and Stalin’s campaigns.

Another Catholic leader in Illinois, Vicar General Eric Barr of the Rockford Diocese, claimed Obama is “steamrolling” his religion’s values while arguing for Muslim acceptance.

“Nothing justifies this peculiar and unreal stance of the president,” he said.


  1. MikeKV says

    With actions like this, the church should *immediately* lose their tax exempt status (and any other religious protections).

    These ass-hats also need to realize that preventing them from imposing their religious beliefs on us is *NOT* “an assault on our religious freedom”.

  2. anyone for bundt cake? says

    The thing is, once you reject Jesus as your Lord and have been condemned to Hell, you are pretty much a free agent after that.

    Those Bishops don’t seem to have much else in their arsenal.

  3. Rick says

    Why can’t these Catholics just go back to raping and abusing children and leave us decent people alone. Also report this ass hats to the IRS for preaching politics in the Catholic Church, demand that the IRS pull their tax exempt status for violating the laws that say the church can not preach politics and get tax exemption at the same time. They are clearly in violation of that law and god knows how many others.

  4. HadenoughBS says

    OK, raise your hands. How many of you – like me – are sick and tired of the heavy-handedness of the tax-free political undertakings by harmful hate-filled bigoted organized religions like the Catholic Church? If only the IRS had the balls to take ’em to the woodshed but, politically, I never expect to see that happen.

  5. Mike B. says

    The fact that ordinary folks and millionaires can get tax breaks for supporting their religions like the Mormon cul^H^H^H church and the Catholic pedo^H^H^H^H church is ridiculous at this point.

    When those people pay fewer taxes, it means that the REST of us pay more in taxes to take up the slack. And for what? So that they can support religious leaders like this idiot engaging in electioneering?

    You should be free to donate to your church, but America shouldn’t give you a tax deduction to do so.

  6. Sean Mac says

    I’m really not concerned – the majority of people attending those masses are getting irritated at the church disagreeing with them on contraceptives and will be less inclined to fund Pope Palpatine’s Manolo habit. The Catholic church is driving parishioners away. And this is a good thing.

  7. Rob says

    Yeah. They aren’t going to loose their tax exempt status. About all we can take comfort in is that this is one more step in the catholic church’s dance to irrelevancy.

    I’m not gonna get worked up over the letter. The sheep have already been told how to vote. Any thinking undecided’s may just be so annoyed by this obvious effort to control their votes that they will vote for Obama out of spite. (at least I hope).

    Cute hat, though

  8. says

    If Obama loses this election, you can blame/thank the Right for bamboozling him. How is it ethical that an entire news network questions the President’s citizenship for four years to create doubt in voters while a fringe element of the far right demonizes and degrades him? Most of this is financed by the rich who want to keep their stranglehold on the flow of wealth in our country. Watch the white hands apply the Blackface to our first African-American President at

  9. Icebloo says

    If religions insist on interfering with politics and our laws it’s time they were taxed like every other profit-making business that interferes with our laws.

    This “man” should be in jail. To me his actions fall under the voter suppression category which is illegal. He is trying to suppress the votes of the Democratic party.

  10. Swiminbuff says

    If Italy can look at taxing the RC Churchs non-church assets, why can the US not revoke tax exemptions when the RC Church or any other church clearly violates laws regarding religious interference in politics. If you want to preach politics from the pulpit, go for it but be prepared to pay the price from the collection plate.

  11. says

    The Southern Poverty Law Association needs to look into the real possibility that the Catholic Church is a Hate Group for the following reasons;
    1 that Church calls gay people “intrinsically disordered”; and
    2 encourages active anti gay political expressions through biased legislation;
    3 it bans homosexuals from becoming priests;
    4 it protects child molesters, subverting the duty of disclosure under the rug of Canon Law instead of disclosing to Civil Law Authorities.
    This combination of malice is sufficient , in my opinion, to declare the Catholic Church a Hate Group.

  12. Stefan says

    The church is deeply hypocritical and has only become worse under Ratzinger. From the pulpit it proclaims to want to uphold the traditional family, but it doesn’t allow priests to marry (for no reason other than greed). It claims to protect children but covers up decades (centuries?) of child molestation. It decries abortion but subjugates women and puts them in situations where they’re going to end up with unwanted or untenable pregnancies. It claims to want to help the poor but continues to be in bed with the rich. And it fails to ex-communicate wealthy and powerful laity who are openly and trenchantly pro-choice, while lecturing the common folk about their politics. I’ve been lucky to be a part of some wonderful Catholic parishes, but it’s becoming clear that the power structure in the church is deeply flawed. I hope they do lose their tax exemption, along with the other religions who are clearly stepping knee deep into political advocacy of elected officials this election.

  13. SoLeftImRight says

    First comment by Mike is exactly on point. By no possible justification should these churches be specifically endorsing or attacking candidates. Tax the kid-fu#kers, already!

  14. Deke says

    Sounds like a hate group with a tax deduction. Does this guy didle little boys – or what? He certainly seems to have over the top issues. Shame he’s never resd the New Testament.

  15. Diogenes Arktos says

    Interesting comments at the end:
    “Another Catholic leader in Illinois, Vicar General Eric Barr of the Rockford Diocese, claimed Obama is ‘steamrolling’ his religion’s values while arguing for Muslim acceptance.

    “‘Nothing justifies this peculiar and unreal stance of the president,’ he said.”

    Apparently, the Vicar General doesn’t see any difference between Rome’s steamrolling of its religion’s values while complaining about Obama’s purported steamrolling of his.

    I don’t really understand the Muslim card, except perhaps because Islam believes abortion is perfectly acceptable in the first trimester. (Personhood beings when the soul enters the body after 3 months.)

    “peculiar and unreal”? ROFLMAO
    Does the hierarchy read their promulgations for what they actually say before releasing them? Does the hierarchy even have any contact with reality?

  16. andrew says

    Most Catholics, even the ones who go to church rerularly, pay little mind to the hierarchy’s teachings on sexual morality. The Church began losing that fight in the late 1960’s when Paul IV pronounced the practice of contraception gravely sinful. About 95% of Catholics ignore this teaching. Since then they have begun to ignore the hierarchy on the whole range of sexual morality. Furthermore, Catholics don’t like to be told by their priests and bishops for whom to vote. And in fact Catholics tend to be among the more liberal voters in the American electorate.

  17. ernstroehm's ghost says

    All you Church-haters out there should realize something. If everything in human life is “political” and if the Church is not allowed to touch politics, then the Church would not be able to address any issue at all.

    The idea that the government can order Churches to pay for abortion is about like saying that the Government can outlaw religious discrimination and order the Catholic Church to ordain atheists.

  18. PETER says

    Forget income taxes for churches who cross the line into politics, local and state governments should revoke their exemption from property taxes. Income may be zero, but property remains taxable always.

  19. John says

    I have decided that I will be actively lending my support to Americans United for Separation of Church and State.
    Churches, in general, are against us – with the Catholics, Mormons, and various evangelicals leading the charge. These three, in particular, have all crossed the line which separates church and state – and therefore, they no longer qualify for tax-exempt status. (Read the IRS rules).
    If we taxed these heinous institutions, it would go a long way toward reducing the deficit. While we’re at it, let’s throw the book at the pedophile priests and those who are complicit in their coverups.

  20. jamal49 says

    Considering that the Archdiocese of NY is one of the largest landholders in the city and upstate NY and that many Catholic archdiocese around the country are also large landholders, I think it IS time that the Catholic Church’s tax-exempt status be ended. That would go for any protestant churches that, like the Catholic Church, seem to feel that they have carte-blanche to interfere in our secular, political process. They do not. Tax the sonsofbitches now!

  21. Tom Cardellino says

    These arrogant tax-free men in silken gowns are not only boy-rapists but little-girl-rapists as well who force as best they can their minor girl victims to hole up for the 9-month pregnancy in some nunnery or orphanage somewhere, and then pressure them to give up the child in adoption so that The Holy Roman Catholic Church can lie in the paperwork and declare the “father” unknown and send this priestly infant-of-rape into the mists of lost bureaucracy and “divine provenance.”
    Not only should the whole racketeering lot of the hierarchy of the American Catholic Church serve hard time in prison for their many decades of systematically abusing children, but their blatant racket of trying to destroy the evidence of their crimes should enhance their prison sentences for their unmitigated arrogance and flaunting of the civil law, from which they profit enormously because of their tax-exempt status.
    Raised Catholic, I can only look with disdain as these priests play “dress up” every Sunday, their garments intended to call upon the visual memories of the multiple merciless Popes who openly waged bloody war way back when these “vestments” were the fashion. They are not merely laughably anachronistic “dresses and finery.” They are the monarchical remnants of a time gone by when the concept of a “democracy” was either laughable or a dreaded threat to be obliterated, just as The Holy Roman Catholic history delineates the 1,000’s of fellow Christians whose life blood was shed to maintain the Absolute Monarchy of the Nation State of the Vatican where the Pope’s “infallibility” could sign a death sentence as easily as you or I would sign the check for dinner out.
    Enough is, indeed, freaking enough with these cadres of conmen and their tax-exempt status, which means we all support their sins of lust against humanity and their sins of theft against the American taxpayer.

  22. Bill says

    As to ernstroehm’s ghost’s comment that “The idea that the government can order Churches to pay for abortion is about like saying that the Government can outlaw religious discrimination and order the Catholic Church to ordain atheists,” that is simply a silly analogy – insurance premiums go into a pool. The Catholic Church can pretend their contributions are going to something else and Planned Parenthood can claim that they are taking up the slack by allocation more of their premiums to pay for abortions. As long as everyone pays the same as they did before, the insurance company is happy.

    The Catholic position would be like me saying that I shouldn’t have to pay for damages caused by a drunk driver out of “my” insurance premiums and therefore that damages caused by drunk drivers should not be covered by my insurance company at all.

    And for that matter, just look at the picture of that bishop. Can I object to having to pay for his early coronary or stroke due to his sinful behavior (gluttony, presumably, if the picture is any indication of his girth)?

    Oh, I forgot – the bishop’s “sins” get covered. He just wants coverage dropped for things he disapproves of.

  23. chuck says

    I encountered two receptionists yesterday. As I walked into their conversation: “I am a good Catholic, but I am getting so tired of the Bishop telling me who I can and cannot vote for!” After talking with them awhile, the other then said: “Our family doesn’t listen to the political sermons at all anymore, we just tune them out”

  24. woodroad34d says

    Good! I’m glad someone is taking action. This is long overdue for the Catholic mafia. They’re so arrogant and intrinsically evil….not unlike the Mormon hierarchy or any church organization that attempts to control and govern people secularly rather than guide in spiritual matters.

  25. Jim Emery says

    I lived in Colombia, where the catholic church has to provide birth control
    coverage, just like all other employers. What I love most, is that the government recognizes common-law marriage for both gay and straight couples, and has forced the catholic church to provide pensions to the surviving partners of gay priests. Imagine the howl in this country if they were forced to provide that!

  26. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Will: There is one good thing I can say about Rome: they are consistent about being pro-life and anti-capital punishment. The only exception I know of is the church in Uganda which supports the kill-the-gays bill over the Pope’s express direction.

  27. Susan Pateracki says

    Please stop preaching that there is an attack on Christianity. Please stop demonizing President Obama. Please stop crushing other Christian hearts and souls. We are all God’s people. Even though our President Obama has a different name and a darker skin, you preach and attack. I you think and preach losing Christianity, we Christians are here. We just pushed away from your churches. Your churches no longer feel like God’s house of worship. We are here and we praise God every day and we pray to God. We look at what Jesus Christ said to us. What our Savior Jesus Christ taught us. We live by our Jesus Christ’s love and good. To touch lives in a good way. To be a light for others to worship God Almighty. And our dear Jesus Christ. Through the years we left your churches. Preaching prejudice, hate, and attack on other Christians. Your churches have sent Christians to attack Christians. Even Crooked Christian Evangelists like Ralph Reed that leads what he calls the Christian Coalition or called ALEC. Ralph Reed takes in millions of dollars from corporations to control our country and fund Republican Presidents. Wouldn’t you think that an Evangelist could use that money to feed hungry people or pay for a child with cerebral palsy to get stem cell treatment? No, just control our country and to me that is not a Christian. You sent Christians to attack and demonize another Christian soul. Barack Obama who became our President. He has been crucified lied about attacked hurt by Christian’s attacking. I am one of the Christians of many that have left your churches. I was brought up a Methodist. My husband was brought up a Catholic. We are good Christians. Jesus told us to care for all in need whether poor, sick, hurting, and suffering. Jesus told us to go out and do good to help thy neighbor. We don’t think that only means love thy neighbor in the church congregation. Or only love thy neighbor of the same color of skin. Or love thy neighbor that is different through no fault of their own. We are all God’s children but we have been fractured and hurt by churches. My mother and father suffered horribly for years with no hope for any cure. My parents were true Christians. They were Humanitarians. They loved animals. They cared for all and were not prejudice. Christians like my parents aren’t in your churches much. My Mother had a severe Parkinson’s disease. She couldn’t talk, swallow, sit up, and walk, for years. I took care of her and was helpless to help her. All I could do is love her and hold her as she cried. My family and so many of Gods people wondered why our country wouldn’t move forward with stem cell research to help the suffering. Back to back. My father had major strokes. As my mother’s body started shutting down, my father was in the hospital. We stayed with my mother and called Hospice but took care of her ourselves to love her and read scriptures of the Bible to her. The next three years my father suffered horribly. His brain was so damaged. He cried every day. He was so afraid. I held him and loved him through those emotional years. We were together when my mother took her last breath and the same with my father. Our family stuck together and loved both to their last breath. My mother loved Jesus so much and my father. I was taught to love others, not to be prejudice, to care for those in need. I stepped out for a minute to cry as my Mother’s body was shutting down. I called a Minister to be with her also. When I stepped out to cry. The Minister asked if there was anything he could help me with. I asked him “I have prayed and prayed for years throughout the suffering of my Mother. I asked Jesus to hold her so she would feel comfort. I asked the Minister “Why wouldn’t Jesus hold her”. The Minister said to me “God did answer your prayers. He answered your prayers through you. “You have cared for her and you have held and loved her. God comforted her through you. I never forgot that God works through people. He works through sensitive hearts that will love and comfort people. I have had a way to sensitive of heart all of my life. The suffering of my Mom and Dad that spanned for 13 years back to back tore my heart up. Then I accidently came across a Stem Cell doctor. I didn’t even know they existed in our country. If I knew I would have given away all of my possessions to get my mother and then father to stem cell treatment. It would have stopped all of their suffering. No one told me that. After finding this stem cell doctor, I spent time in the clinic and say all of the people traveling from all over our country and other countries with hope in their eyes. Hope for cures. It wasn’t legal in our country yet so this doctor had to get the patients across the border to Mexico where it was legal. I watched more and more suffering people. I watched Mothers bringing their children in wheelchairs. Mothers carrying their small children. Children suffering with Cerebral Palsy trapped in their own body that can’t talk or communicate at all. Their little bodies so crippled up. More children with Autism. Adults with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Strokes, COPD, MS. All suffering people. Every person broke my heart. I have always been too sensitive and have always wanted to hold and comfort people that are suffering or sad or elderly. A curse that I can’t get out of. I feel the pain they have. I feel the sadness they have. I feel the hopelessness they feel. I feel too much that I prayed to God to take away my sensitive heart. I want to help all of them. God you know that my heart is full of tears and pain for every single person. God why are you showing me so much suffering when it hurts me so? God is this one of my purposes while I am here to take my sensitive heart, passion to help, and drive. Is one of my purposes to fight for this stem cell research that all of your children pray for. I vow to you God that I will do everything I can to change people suffering to help the children suffering. The struggle lasted for 12 long years. I am the one that went to President Obama as every Association like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc always go to the President of The United States and begs for this research and cures. I picked up the torch and went to our President. His kind and compassionate soul took action knowing he would probably be attacked. He stood up for the children and every adult in this country. When our President announced stem cell research moving forward, I received so many emails from Parkinson’s Association and all other ones saying “We Won, Thank you Susan and God Bless President Obama”. It still took until 2011 for the research to move and there are cures coming out of this. Success with blindness, success with Cerebral Palsy, Success with Muscular dystrophy, some success with cancer. I never knew Christians are such hateful human beings. I never knew churches preach attack other Christians that are trying to do something very good to help others. All of the attacks President Obama got were like a knife stabbing through my heart and soul. God people attacked Gods people that care so much and change this stall to get the cures. Our God is a loving God. He gave humans the mind to think and reason and find ways to help others. I know in my heart that what I did was right and what President Obama was right. I know all the hate that churches sent out is not God’s will. I know that rape is not God’s will. I know that suffering is not God’s will. I know God wants his children helped that pray for him to help. I feel Jesus in my heart and I feel all of his suffering children. I showed a couple websites demonizing President Obama because of this. I showed him this Catholic web site demonizing President Obama. My husband said “Honey I don’t want to see it. I don’t have the answers. I don’t know what is wrong with Christians today either. I don’t know why Christians are so hateful. President Obama did not win just because of minorities. Every person with Parkinson’s voted for him. Every person with Alzheimer’s voted for him. Every family with a suffering child voted for him. Christians voted for him. Christians that can see the light his soul gives out. He has a true Christian soul that you demonized. Just not the Christians those churches sent to attack him.

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