1. VDUFFORD says

    This is starting to get old. He looks like he is auditioning for Falcon Studios to become the next bad porn star or maybe its The Voice to become the next overly tattooed bad singer.

  2. Mike says

    He is looking gayer all the time.

    And anyone who says Beckham doesn’t do anything for them needs to have some serious shock treatment. The guy is pure sex appeal and it’s a pretty safe bet anyone who claims otherwise doesn’t have an ounce of their own to begin with.

  3. jakke says

    I like that he’s fit and toned, but not a ridiculous and puffy meathead which seems to be the ideal these days. Pumping your body full of supplements so all your clothes fit awkwardly? Yuck. I’m all set.

  4. pickles says

    What is in his white shorts? A water balloon? We’ve all seen plenty of wiener but that doesn’t look like man-junk to me. It used to be that underwear stylists (yes, the job really kind of existed) would use crustless Wonder Bread to smooth out the ‘facts’ of a man’s dong. That ain’t no WB. Regardless of his size, that looks dopey, in many ways.

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