1. says

    z Belgians are preparing staging of Prince Philippe Sarajevo assassination, while Israel is preparing for regional war. Regional, as China Xi Jinping survived. But it is not end of surprises.

    Yesterday original Sigumunt reappeared. While Israeli one – that committed this assassination – is hardly working in Berlin, Germany . In same time both originals, as Asterix and Obelix are helping to prepare a true Balkan pot for IDF . As they did not stopped, Sieg Hailing.


  2. Fruit-for-Peace says

    I recently heard an interview on NPR with a guy that wrote a book about all the “famous” U.S. generals since WWII. The author also talked about how Petraeus was absolutely HATED by the CIA establishment and by other generals. Why? Because he wasn’t a “good ol’ boy” and wouldn’t be part of their “good ol’ boy” club and mentality. This is what happens to a relatively civilized, professional person when they try to work within a diseased, vile and downright EVIL organization like the CIA.

  3. 24play says

    Belonsky seem to be confused again. The FBI is the organization that would investigate possible wrongdoing at a federal agency. The CIA didn’t choose to “outsource” anything.

  4. ratbastard says

    People in MOST institutions favor those who’ve worked their way through the ranks WITHIN said institution, and look with suspicion on ‘Outsiders’ coming in and taking charge. This is not unusual or rare.

    That the president so readily accepted his resignation suggests to me it was a convenient way of getting him out, and there must have been some personal animosity involved between higher ups [including the president?] for such a publicly humiliating thing to have been allowed to occur. He wasn’t just forced to quietly resign, he was publicly humiliated.

    Somebody, PLEASE tell me how this president is such a great ‘Progressive’? Explain, because he’s followed most of GW’s policies, and made some of them even more harsh than GW. He’s been extremely war-like, hasn’t fulfilled the majority of his campaign promises fro 2008, operates at best from the center, has done even less than GW in regards to prosecuting Wall St insiders and the financial collapse debacle. VERY few top insiders have been prosecuted and imprisoned under this ‘progressive’ president, in fact he bailed them out of their loses, just like GW. What’s he done, progressive-wise? Give people free cheesy phones? Give folks more food stamps? Publicly proclaim he’s ‘OK’ with gay marriage and unions [while doing really nothing substantive besides his words]? I’d respect a true ‘Progressive’ whose actions matched his or her words, even though I’d personally find fault with some economic and even social policies, but this guy is a joke. And people are supposed to get all excited over him [aside from the overwhelming number of black folks who love him simply because of his skin pigmentation]? Julian Assange is right on this, Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  5. Randal Oulton says

    So, he had an affair. In Canada, this would be cause for titillation, but wouldn’t have anything to do with his job and certainly wouldn’t get him fired. What happens in bedrooms is considered nobody’s business.

  6. ratbastard says

    Here we go with the asinine typically knee-jerk anti-American Canadian nationalist comments masquerading as cosmopolitan internationalist sophistication; he didn’t lose his job because of an extra-marital affair, he lost it for POLITICAL reasons and intrigue. The fact he was basically publicly humiliated suggests something of a personal nature, that a powerful individual or cabal had a personal vendetta against the man.



    WTF are you babbling about? Seriously…I commented on WHY I think he was kicked out, and made NO COMMENT about what I think of the man personally. Get your head out of your arse, sunshine.

  7. Gary says

    Richard’s mine. I love the guy. He’s got that kind of handsome intelligence that I would love to have come home to me at the end of the day. Richard is among the brave….anyway. This has a Watergate hint to it. Extra marital affair? Give me a break. Hillary says she is leaving right after the inauguration. Petraeus should be forced to testify. If it weren’t for tropical storms, this might have stopped Obama. He was out golfing today. Truth.

  8. Gary says

    Wow. Listening to Andrea Mitchell, this really reeks like a crock. Obama is no different than any other president, Evidence of corruption and probably much we are not privy to, He has been seen crying twice. What’s that about??

  9. Iban4yesu says

    @ ratbastard :
    WTF are you urself babbling about? U were harping about how he was wronged for ‘several hours and then some’!!
    Probably not in your unicorn and Barbie world, but if u urself “get your head out of your arse, sunshine,” u might c what comes around, goes around..eventually!

    “The Culprit – Petraeus, David H.

    War Crime Charges:

    Complicity in the commission of a war crime – plunder of public and private property, failure to protect civilians.

    Oversaw the surge in Iraq and the current escalation of the war in Afghanistan

    Overall responsibility for missile attacks into Pakistan

    Responsible for the operation of torture prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan

    Complicity in the commission of a war crime – wanton destruction of cities and villages, devastation not justified by military necessity, ill-treatment of civilian population of or in occupied territory.”

  10. ratbastard says

    @White Man’s Burden,

    Nice name,sunshine. Troll much?

    And where the phuk did I say Obama set Petraeus up? Do you always respond to a post you don’t like with bullsh*t in attempt to put the other person on the offensive for posting stuff he didn’t post?


    You’re mentally ill. Take your meds.

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