DOMA Impacts Gay X-Men, Too


Immigration enforcement doesn't care if X-Man Northstar save American lives for a living; he's a Canadian citizen and his recent marriage to American Kyle Jinadu does nothing to change that fact. That's thanks to DOMA, which prohibits the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages.

And as you see in the screenshot above (click to expand), those immigration officials come knocking in the latest issue of Marvel's Astonishing X-Men. Northstar happens to be out fighting villains when they call, but no doubt this fictional ICE will make another appearance in months to come. Unless our real world heroes can use their powers to finally overturn the discriminatory law, of course.


  1. Caliban says

    It’s nice that they’re doing this, introducing a “DOMA issues for Dummies” primer for young adult readers of comics. They’re unlikely to hear about it any other way.

  2. LegionTonyL says

    I thought that Kyle was also Canadian? This isn’t really a DOMA issue since neither is a citizen and I am not sure either of them have their green card (Northstar might since he’s a teacher at the Jean-Grey School for Higher Learning).

  3. LegionTonyL says

    Of course, if one or both is a legal resident of the US, then the lack of recognition of Marriage Equality from an immigration standpoint does come into play.

  4. Gaudi says

    my roomates mom was victimized by a scam “work from home on the computer” message that had nothing to do with the story it was commenting on, lost all her money and now lives on a park bench.

  5. George F says

    Bi-national couples in the US are the most vivid poster people to show the rest of society why striking down DOMA matters…

  6. Doug says

    This is one issue that is extremely difficult for gay bi-national couples. I could not get my partner in on his own accord, so, if I wanted to be with him it was necessary for me to move to another country, which I did.

    It was VERY costly. I worked as a teacher there, making much less money. My career suffered here, but I really had no choice. I also took several trips to the USA.

    After 3 years of this the stress got to be too much and we broke up. I think we would still be together if he could have moved here

  7. says

    @ Legiontonyl — Kyle is American — his family lives in the Baltimore area, if I remember correctly.

    Be interesting to see where this arc goes — Marjorie Liu has been doing a pretty good job portraying this relationship.

  8. says

    Thanksgiving prep delayed my comic book pick up, or I’d have already blogged on this at HeroesNHunks, so thanks for the heads up. LOVE when you mention the LGBT comics news. Astonishing X-Men and Marvel in general has been so amazing of late in their inclusion of LGBT characters and storylines in high profile titles. The Beaubier-Jinadu marriage was handled very well. As are the details and dynamics of the relationship as seen in the couples personal dialog. Ongoing developments like this PROVE the title’s commitment to the story. The June Wedding wasn’t just a stunt.

  9. says

    OK – someone ALREADY posted the lame Work at Home rip-off and we called them on it. Do you think repeating the same text with a different name will be MORE effective? I guess bots do NOT posses artificial intelligence. Someone may want to work on that if they want to fool actual humans.