Empire State Building to Go Red or Blue Depending on Election Winner


The lighting on the Empire State Building will convey who's ahead in electoral votes tonight, and then ultimately turn solid for the winner, CNN reports.

As CNN projects winners in each state, the iconic beacon of Gotham will be exclusively displaying the race to 270 electoral votes with a vertical LED illuminated “meter” on its spire—blue for President Obama, and red for former Governor Romney.

And when CNN projects a winner in the presidential election, the full spire and upper floors change colors to either red or blue.


  1. Dearcomrade says

    I cannot think of a better way to roll out the new LED light system on the ESB than celebrating Obama’s victory with Blue light! Lets hope for the best.

    Under the new computerized system, staff will be able to customize lights from a palette of over 16 million colors, including hard-to-achieve pastels, in virtually limitless combinations.

    Philips Color Kinetics LED lighting technology also makes it possible to control and focus the light exactly where and how the effect is desired. Ripple, cross-fade, particle and burst effects, previously not possible, can be easily automated to create unique lighting designs.

    Staff will be able to minimize light spill, ensuring that light is focused on the facade and mast, while providing enough light to allow the building to be seen from anywhere in New York City. This feature not only respects the night sky, but the building’s neighbors as well.

  2. candide001 says

    Will Blitzer jump off the top of the building when it turns blue? CNN needs the rating boost. Blitzer’s done all he can to turn CNN into Fox Lite.

  3. scott says

    I don’t know, maybe I’m being overly picky, but I cringe every time this whole “red vs. blue” mentality is encouraged. Why must politics be turned into a team sport in this country? Just keep the lights red, white and blue in celebration of the political process instead of making this a football game.

  4. Matt says

    Scott’s right. This isn’t like your team winning the Superbowl. You’d think people would be eager to put aside partisanship for a while at the end of this election day.

  5. endo says

    I’m with Scott. This seems juvenile… and for some reason, it reminds me of silly papal customs like grey smoke for selecting a new Pope! Obama himself has said many times, “We are not blue states and red states. We are the United States.” Make the damn lights purple.

    That said, if they insist on doing this, I sure hope they’re blue!

  6. Jack says

    +1 to those saying that this is juvenile.

    Just furthers hyperpartisanship. I want nothing to do with it.

  7. Caliban says

    Yep. No one is more hopeful than I that Obama will be reelected, but this Red VS Blue business isn’t really helpful. The truth of the matter is that nowhere is red or blue. Not New York and not Utah or anywhere in the deep South. They’re all gradations of purple (if you go by the red/blue dichotomy) and in order to get anything done our elected officials have to stop acting like Mean Girls more interested in making the other “clique” look bad than doing the job they were put there to do.