1. Jay says

    So these “eyewitnesses” existed when Earth was created? Were they floating in a spaceship watching the events unfold? That must have also been the exact time calendars were created.

  2. B says

    Then this a**hole shouldn’t be able to take advantage of any modern medicine. No modern hospitals, no therapy, no pharmaceuticals, none of it. Anything that has a basis in biology has a basis in evolution. He can try his best to pray away any ailments he has. hopefully right wing watch covers it.

  3. says

    The idea behind this article is excellent, and for me the first item is the real gem here: most of the people spend their entire lives only consuming what is created by others, and creating nothing themselves–or never sharing what they create, which is better than not creating at all, though not the best they could do.

  4. Caliban says

    Ugh! Idiots.

    Whoever wrote the Bible wasn’t an eyewitness either. Aside from the fact the creation myth is just that, a myth, whoever wrote it was a Bronze Age ninny who likely thought the world was flat and got their drinking water from the same place they took a dump because they didn’t know any better.

    So let’s not get *too* impressed with their (literally) stellar achievements. Believer or not, like Russel Brand said to those WBC tools, “The holy ghost ain’t got a pen, mate.” The Bible was written by men.

  5. simon says

    Fortunately, most people with common sense don’t agree with this idiot. We don’t need eyewitness for conviction in court if the physical evidence is strong enough. That is called forensic science. One may even argue that it is more reliable than eyewitness accounts.

  6. Steve says

    In court eye witness testimony is the weakest kind of evidence. Even when someone saw what happened, they frequently get things wrong or just don’t remember everything.

  7. revchicoucc says

    Which Creation story in the Bible is Mr. Fischer talking about as an “eyewitness account?” Genesis 1 is the “seven days” story. Genesis 2 is the “Adam and Eve” story. There are Creation stories in Job as well. They differ in significant ways.

    None of them give any clue as to the age of the earth, although I would say all of them support the idea that none of us humans were there to see it.

    Scientific assertions about the beginning of all things would agree that no humans were there to see it.

    Another example of a fundamentalist loving the Bible without knowing what’s in it.

  8. Moz's says

    But then don’t wee need eyewitness testimony on jesus ever existing?

    The gospels were written 70-90 years after said supposed person/ events without eyewitness accounts of their being written by eyewitnesses

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    There are traditional ways of interpreting the Bible to give a date of creation in 4004BCE. Some others, both Christian and Jewish, have similar dates. To hear similar nonsense, look at TR some weeks ago on evolution. First there was Bill Nye, followed by some “scientists” responding to him. Fischer elsewhere cites a “physicist” who gives 14 reasons for a young earth:( For whatever reason Fischer loves to cite problematic “facts”. Just more anti-science ranting from the Religious Right. (sigh)

  10. Non Believer says

    There are scholarly treatises that deny the existence of Jesus, suggesting that, like
    Mithra and any other divine hero, there is no proof of their existence.

  11. simon says

    Who are those witnesses he is talking about?
    Moses? Studies show that those Books were not authored by Moses. Whoever wrote those garbage was bearing false witness.

  12. Ray T says

    My world was created February 5, 1928 according to my mother who was an eye witness to the event. That is unless one’s world starts at the moment of conception. In that case it was sometime in April 1927; give or take. I would think even Ma would not be sure at what moment. So I am sticking to the February 5, 1928 unless someone has an objection

  13. Lymis says

    Actually, like most of these idiots, he has a point, but not the point he thinks he has.

    It is true that, barring some sort of scientifically objective eyewitness, the only ways we have of measuring the age of the earth or the universe are secondary.

    But like most of this sort of idiot, he tries to claim that absence of firm, objective and observational data means all bets are off and you can just make up any old theory you want to float.

    The truth is that an omnipotent God could have created the universe five minutes ago, with all the physical processes in progress, fossils in the ground, and radioactive decay partway through it’s cycle, and we’d never be able to tell the difference. But it would make no difference, because such a universe would functionally be billions of years old, and scientific analysis of it would support that.

    Now, that’s a pretty darn inelegant and ham-handed God, but hey, ineffable and all.

    Either way, Fischer is an ass. That, we do have eyewitnesses to.

  14. woodroad34 says

    Geez, Bryan Fischer is as great an Historian as Newt Gingrich. The Bible was written, when? A few thousand years after various civilizations rose in China, Mesopotamia, Peru, or Armenia? They had eyewitnesses that lived that long to create the Bible? Seriously? What school of logic is that…I know, I know…it’s not logic. Fischer is a reptilian thinking, ape-like hominid. His brain functions have been polluted by his life.

  15. Betty Treacle says

    I was there – right at the start – and that dolt has got it wrong, it happened 4.5 billion years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday, from the window of my spaceship.

  16. johnny says


    The bible doesn’t mention the dinosaurs but we have some pretty strong evidence of them as well. I love throwing dinosaur stuff up to the religious right, they have zero good explanations for them.

  17. Roger says

    To know if God, Jesus and the bible were real we also need eye witness testimony from a real eyewitness not just something somebody thought up and wrote in a book that got passed down and rewritten and altered and changed by who ever could read and write for thousands of years. People can say and write anything but the proof is does the information work today and after thousands of years of the Christian religion one can see that is does not work and instead of helping it destroys more lives today than it did years ago. You have no proof of any of the things written in the Bible, just some people who are bent on controlling others using their oppressive control over them using lies and fear of some place they will go if they are bad and yet you have no proof of this or heaven. You only say it is written and force others to go along with it or be attacked for not going along with a religion that is all about controlling people and getting them to give the church money. Today the Christian church is full of people who hate and pedophiles who rape children. The fake smiles and big talk do not work today on educated people who can think for themselves and who are not afraid to stand up and say enough of your madness.

  18. john patrick says

    I did a search for Terry Mortenson’s PhD information, and this quote from Wikipedia sums up what I found in various places: “Terry Mortenson is a lecturer and researcher for Answers in Genesis. He has a M.Div in systematic theology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (1992) and is most noted for his PhD thesis in the history of geology, British Scriptural Geologists In The First Half Of The Nineteenth Century, (1996). A selection of chapters from the thesis were edited and published in the journal Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal from 1997 to 2002. A revised version of the thesis was published as The Great Turning Point: the Church’s Catastrophic Mistake on Geology—Before Darwin. (2004)[23] Coventry University’s granting of the PhD thesis has been labled suspect based on fact that the University “has no expertise in either the history of science or geology and is, besides, a subpar university.”[24]”

    What I can say from the studies I did in scripture in college and university over the period of 8 years, is that Mortenson’s interpretation of Genesis is flawed, to say the least.

    The Bible is a collection of books written over a period of 1400-1600 years. It includes some history (not the kind of history we consider history today – though archeological studies have unearthed evidence of the historicity of some persons and events recorded in the Bible), poetry, myths, stories, proverbs, at least one love poem, letters, songs, laws for ritual and ritual purity, and lots of other types of literature. Some of the books – such as Genesis – combine several streams of writing into one. Thus there is a story of creation in 7 days, and a story of creation from mud and Adam’s rib. If you compare some of the Biblical myths with other myths in the civilizations among which Biblical stories arose, you find common stories such as stories of a great flood. The stories of the Bible didn’t just arise out of nowhere – they were part of the cultures from which they came.

    Reading the Bible as literal history and words dripping from the mind of a creator into the pens of authors who put these oral stories to papyrus and parchment is nonsense, even to mainstream believing scholars. The tradition of taking the words and stories literally is quite recent. Literal interpretation is not what one will find in the long mainstream of Jewish and Christian Biblical interpretation.

    To sum up: Mortenson’s PhD is specious. His knowledge of scriptural interpretation and history is shallow. His knowledge of geology is based on his biblical interpretation and not on knowledge of science. He is at best a fool, and at worst a charlatan. His assertion that we have first hand witness of the creation of the world from the creator is nonsense.

    We know much more today, from scientific study, about the age and development of the earth and its life forms, than we could ever learn from a collection of oral traditions and writings that were assembled for religious purposes by people in much different times and cultures.

  19. NeverEclipsed81 says

    Nah. Carbon dating is very accurate. I’m going with that. We live in a world that can transfer my voice to a satellite and to the other side of the world in less than a second, science and technology always win. I would need eyewitness testimony that God wrote the bible, since it seems like people did.

  20. NeverEclipsed81 says

    @UFFDA I partially agree with you, except he’s speaking to millions of people, and it’s a reference point to how delusional he and his audience is. He makes gay people his subjects, we have to know what he’s saying.

  21. anon says

    Well, they are shooting themselves in the foot because a lot of their theology doesn’t meet even the standard of having a witness. Most of their theology is based on revelations, or essentially visions and dreams, which is certainly a lower standard. It would also call into question the resurrection, as that was not witnessed.

    Then there’s the issue already mentioned that the Bible does not actually give an age for the Earth.

    Finally, it’s not clear in the end why they should care if the Earth is only a few thousand years old. It doesn’t advance anything of their theological efforts. They need to cut their losses.

  22. Caliban says

    To me it’s weird that they make this silly argument to begin with, have made it a test of ideological purity. EVEN IF YOU BELIEVE THE BIBLE, why would the “creator” of the universe, Earth, and the Sun be bound by Earth’s 24-hour day/365 day year schedule? You’re taking what you claim to be is an omnipotent being and forcing he/she/it to abide by the natural laws you say that entity pulled out of thin air in the first place.

    That doesn’t make any sense even within their already delusional framework, but then logic isn’t one of their strong suits.

  23. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Uffda: As long as the Religious Right has a strangle hold on the Republican party we need to keep an eye on these people. I would say, however, that Andy has too much of it. (I already read RightWingWatch daily.)

    @Johnny: Actually, well brain-washed members of the Religious Right believe that humans and dinosaurs lived together.

  24. Bill Michael says

    Terry Mortenson is in the same group of people who discredit science in support of religion yet they will fly in a jet at 36,000 feet, drive a car across a cable suspension bridge, or undergo a CT scan, each of which are engineering marvels built upon scientific knowledge.

  25. Jerry6 says

    Since the English language was not created until about 400-500 years ago, and is a collection of words and phrases from several other languages existing at the time, any copy of an English language Bible is what its creator WANTED IT to say, and no one can prove otherwise.

  26. Homer says

    So there was an “interloper” who saw the whole thing? One wonders why, though, that this “eyewitness” has been less than frequently referred to by intelligent design stalwarts.

    Then, again, the “eyewitness” must have seen something he shouldn’t have and is currently under the Witness Protection Program.

  27. codyj says

    Oh yes, Brian,(eyewitness), you are correct, i remember now.. GOD was on the news telling us all about it..(he liked the old ‘dumont’ network outa NYC, and his eyewitness news program was sandwhiched in btwn Milton Berle and the Honeymooners

  28. codyj says

    Oh yes, Brian,(eyewitness), you are correct, i remember now.. GOD was on the news telling us all about it..(he liked the old ‘dumont’ network outa NYC, and his eyewitness news program was sandwhiched in btwn Milton Berle and the Honeymooners

  29. Contrarian says

    The GQ interview with Marco Rubio was a total suck-up puff piece. Rubio is an evangelical fundie Protestant on even numbered days in months ending in “R”, but a nice Catholic Hispanic boy otherwise. In Miami he says the rosary, but up in the redneck Florida panhandle he sings those old evangelical standards. A complete phony but that’s true of most of the Teabagger crowd.

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