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Fortress Of Attitude Release 'PS: Gay Car' VIDEO


What do you do if you get a letter describing your car and your parking job as "gay"? And what if the anonymous sender says, no, he has nothing against gay people, but your parking spot just totally gay, and then even puts a post script reading "gay car"?

Well, if you're the band Fortress of Attitude, you turn said missive into a clever song called "PS: Gay Car" and release a tongue-in-cheek video. Watch it AFTER THE JUMP.

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  1. This was pretty cute.

    Posted by: BenR | Nov 29, 2012 10:46:06 AM

  2. This was pretty cute.

    Posted by: BenR | Nov 29, 2012 10:46:07 AM

  3. That was kind of fun.

    Posted by: JaysonJ | Nov 29, 2012 10:50:38 AM

  4. I wouldn't have used the word 'gay' to describe it, but people who park in two spaces really are @ssholes.

    Posted by: Caliban | Nov 29, 2012 10:55:08 AM

  5. Those guys deserved an angry note for taking up two spaces, regardless that there weren't other cars around. I live in the 7th largest city in the US, populated mostly by idiots, many of whom don't understand any part of "lined-off parking space" and just nose their ugly cars in at a space-hogging angle rather then expend maybe one extra calorie of energy or one nano-volt of brain function to turn the steering wheel a bit more to get in at a 90-degree angle in only one space. I'm inspired print up copies of that note -- which nailed the situation precisely, that the driver can't think outside his own selfishness -- without the gay stuff to stick on two-space parked cars. Clever idea to turn an anonymous note into a song, but it's a dumb song. And what's with the stereotype-perpetuating "dancers"? Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know...just tossing the stereotypes back at the oppressor. Come on..that was the 70s. (Ok, everybody, go ahead and blast me for being a petty disgruntled grouch....)

    Posted by: AlamoSpartan | Nov 29, 2012 11:01:55 AM

  6. Song was a little long. Played well past the punch line. And should've been a disco anthem. Otherwise, well played.

    Posted by: I Will Survive | Nov 29, 2012 11:02:47 AM

  7. Whoever wrote that note knew nothing about Lennon:

    Posted by: Eric | Nov 29, 2012 11:14:04 AM

  8. uhm, where precisely is that car wash and what are their operating hours? My very very gay car could use a little buff and shine...

    Posted by: hugo | Nov 29, 2012 12:33:55 PM

  9. Cute but people that take up two parking spaces should be whipped.

    Posted by: Bobby | Nov 29, 2012 1:47:08 PM

  10. MY comment on people who send/ leave u with such a note

    Assholes never stop shitting until they die

    Then they stink worse.

    Posted by: billywin | Nov 29, 2012 3:23:30 PM

  11. Cute

    Posted by: jaragon | Nov 29, 2012 4:52:18 PM

  12. I wonder if this comment will get posted?

    Posted by: Alan | Nov 29, 2012 7:34:19 PM

  13. Oh geez i have a gay car, I just bought a Honda Fit...who knew?

    Posted by: Will | Nov 29, 2012 11:37:03 PM

  14. My truck needs a bath!!!!

    Posted by: billmiller | Dec 2, 2012 9:26:22 AM

  15. love Yoko!!

    Posted by: ty | Dec 3, 2012 2:56:39 PM

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