1. Diogenes Arktos says

    It’s going to take a lot more than a President humbling himself before God to even begin to fix Uganda’s massive problems. I’m sure the Religious Right will have some explanation why that country doesn’t improve. Probably us LGBT people.

  2. Paul R says

    I’m not sure what’s weirder, that these religious freaks seem to have realized that they lost their cause in the US and are now fixated on neo-colonialism in a relatively small Central Eastern African country, or this claim that it has “prospered,” which is an egregious misuse.

  3. Steve Chapman says

    So, let me understand this. We live in a secular nation ruled by a Constitution but Mr. Perkins believes that we should have the OLD TESTAMENT law in effect for homosexuality. What about adultery? What about eating shellfish? I love those guys who want to pick and choose the sins that outrage God the most. And it is always the sins they don’t do….Well maybe always in the case of Mr. Perkins.

  4. andrew says

    tony perkins is another bible believer who would immitate the Taliban if he had the opportunity. Take note: the bible like the koran is the root enemy of human freedom. If you are a Christian who quotes the warm and fuzzy parts of the bible while ignoring the vile parts you are part of the problem. You allow this collection of primitive myths and horrid morality to retain some undeserved respectability.

  5. says

    @ ANDREW :

    The abandonment of reason and rational thought in favour of “faith” as a human civilization paradigm has been tragically analysed;
    see “The Closing of the Western mind” : Freeman.
    Biblical Law; Sharia Law….all just vicious little thoughts of sadistic little nomads, Canaanites,Israelites,Muslims…..all just vicious bedraggled desert squabblers. And we should take heed of the wisdom and their laws ?

  6. says

    and, i suppose, he feels that “American Conservatives” are rejoicing and wishing their country was more like Uganda.

    Thank for the American Liberals who possess integrity and intelligence.

    the blood is not just on the hands of “the religious” – take a good hard look at your own bloody hands, GOP-voters and Closeted Adults.

    you’re just as guilty.

  7. jjose712 says

    He is a disgusting human being, but it’s good he is showing his true colors, here there’s not the rethoric of love the sinner and hate the sin, and i think this will put a lot of christians against him.

  8. b says

    Yay! Because that should be every presidents number one priority: leading their nations to repentance (so long as its repentance to a Perkins approved, vengeful Christian God demon of the old testament). Ahh, you can’t stop progress :-/

  9. Francis says

    Jack M. put it perfectly. Accessory to murder. They want us dead. That’s what the constant hate, the constant attacks against our community, the promotions of faulty studies and fabricated lies, and now what we’re seeing in Uganda. These people want us to die. Everything they are about is about that end goal. More gays dead.

    Which is why, yeah, it’s funny to mock evil people like Tony Perkins. But look at the story in Alabama. Hell, look at Southern USA in general. There are a lot of people out there who BELIEVE the things Tony Perkins is saying. There are a lot of people who are right behind these initiatives focused on destroying our community. We have to take these comments extremely serious because lives are on the line.

  10. Calvin Smith says

    Now that executions have already begun, any American who would encourage cleansing of society by executions of their own relatives and friends….has blood on their hands…a stain of Sin that nothing will wash away.

  11. simon says

    After loss at ballot boxes, he is going to lose his job. He is contemplating destruction. Either he will buy a gun to shoot people or finish himself.
    Hopefully he will make the right choice and choose the latter option.

  12. Alexx says

    Surprise surprise. Perkins holds up a country that still has civil wars, starving and destitute clusters of people, and a populace that believes a difference from the majority warrants murder as an example of of a modern nation prospered by god.

    That is not just stupidity and ignorance, that is hate and delusion Mr. Perkins. You should be ashamed to call yourself an American and a man of god.

  13. woodroad34 says

    Let’s just remind Tiny Tony that Uganda’s population was pretty much decimated by AIDS caused by heterosexual sex…you know, HIS kind of sex. And then there’s the Idi Amin thing…another heterosexual. So, Miss Tiny Tony, it’s because of you and your’s that Uganda is messed up, not because of gays — we make things better; you and your Satan= worshipers never have.

  14. BETTY says

    When the Tony Perkins’ of the world are praising the backwards wasteland that is Uganda, they have lost any little bit of reason and credibility (not that there was much) in their own fight. Perkins is holding Uganda up as an shining beacon of goodness?? Are we in some sort of bizzaro world now? Maybe he should pack his bags and move to this amazing country if he thinks it is so good! I’ve give him a week before he comes running back.

    BTW Perkins, it’s not just “liberals” who are upset with what is going on in this country. Anybody with even the slightest bit of humanity and compassion see this as a disgusting, scary bill. Period.

  15. Patricus Stravski says

    I really don’t understand how a person, such as Tony Perkins, is able to get away with saying such an atrocity against human dignity. For way less people have gone missing in my country. But I guess Perkins is just exercising his constitutional right of free speech. Well God fu**ing bless America. In my opinion people like Perkins are the ones who deserve political prosecution not gays.

  16. Homer says

    FRC’s endorsement of a law clearly aimed at violating human rights is irrefutable proof of their being a hate group. Anybody out there who remain unconvinced of this group’s aim should have no doubts by now with this latest statement from their High Priest Tony Perkins. With his statement, it is likewise evident that Perkins remains holier than the rest as he can unblinkingly support state-sanctioned persecution of Uganda’s LGBT community.

  17. Diogenes Arktos says

    The Kill-the-Gays Bill should be viewed as a horrendously dangerous piece of legislation regardless of what is actually an incidental issue of LGBT rights. Following Box Turtle Bulletin’s analysis and guidelines I drafted a letter of concern essentially ignoring LGBT rights and focussed on the importance of freedom of speech, freedom of dissent, and freedom to practice medicine. HIV is skyrocketing in Uganda – no surprise since the Religious Right believes in abstinence-only programs rather than the medically-demonstrated efficacy of condom-based programs.

    @Paul R: The Religious Right is praying for a domino effect. Next on the radar is Nigeria. These two countries have been the biggest thorns in the side of the Anglican Communion since the ordination of +Gene Robinson.

  18. Jeffrey says

    Who cares? It’s Uganda. Perkins can’t make anymore headway in presidential politics; your side got trounced! Go ahead, move to Uganda; let’s see how long you’ll last pretty boy!!!

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