News: Supreme Court, Carnival Cruises, Plague, Rick Santorum

RoadNaked AIDS activists storm John Boehner's office (work-unfriendly) Three arrests.

SupremesRoadThe Supreme Court's most likely moves on marriage rights: "The court, after several false alarms, now appears to have settled on deciding this Friday which of the cases it will hear. Along with the DOMA and Proposition 8 cases, the court also will be considering a request brought by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, who is asking the court to overturn a court order halting enforcement of a state law that ended same-sex couples’ domestic partner health insurance benefits while making no changes to opposite-sex couples’ health insurance benefits."

RoadHow many people watched Liz & Dick?

RoadGay Hurricane Sandy victims struggle to recover.

RoadRoach-eating contest winner asphyxiated on bug parts.

RoadCarnival Cruises bans drag on drag cruise: "Arrangements have been made for drag performances in the main theater featuring stars from LOGO TV. These functions will be private and only the performers are permitted to dress in drag while in the theater. Guests are not allowed to dress in drag for the performances or in public areas at any time during the cruise." Then backtracks

RoadJoseph Gordon-Levitt to take on the role of Batman?

RoadVIDEO: Sandy's storm surge batters Union Beach, New Jersey.

MasonRoadA first look at James Duke Mason's Kickstarter-funded noir thriller Disappear Here.

RoadMan discovers his wife is trans after 19 years of marriage, assaults her: "I pushed her against the wall and said: Now I know the truth. Are you a man? She then announced that she was born as a boy and that she had been operated on. She was now a woman, and so she did not need to tell me about her past as a man. My world collapsed. That evening came to blows. The police came."

RoadRachel Maddow makes it into Doonesbury.

RoadBrad Pitt will soon marry, he says.

RoadNY state Senator Ruben Diaz encourages anti-gay pastor Erick Salgado to run in NYC mayoral race: "Diaz, who opposes same-sex marriage, abortion and supports prayer in public schools, said religious and Hispanic voters do not see a valid option among the current crop of mayoral candidates from either party."

RoadHenry Cavill looking super-suave in Details.

RoadSome on-set images from Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

PlagueRoadDavid France's How to Survive a Plague wins 'Best Documentary' at Gotham Independent Film Awards.

RoadRick Santorum is open to another presidential run in 2016:  "I think there's a fight right now as to what the soul of the Republican party's going to be and the conservative movement, and we have something to say about that. I think from our battle, we're not going to leave the field."

Road$1000 for "lunch" with Jeff Stryker.

Secrets of a gay Mormon felon.

RoadObama's gay rights to-do list: "If he truly wants to be remembered as the gay-rights President, he will have to do more than be a sometimes reluctant champion. Perhaps he will learn the lesson of his own reëlection—that equality is good politics. All this may be ambitious. But it was by employing a strategy that often involved confronting its allies while engaging its opponents that the gay-rights movement achieved unprecedented results over the past four years."


  1. 99% says

    19 years and you had NO idea your wife was transexual? Really? No hint? Who are you? Marcus Bachman?

  2. Wow says

    I think lying about your gender is wrong. That guy had every right to know his wife was born a man. If it’s “no big deal” then he should have told him. Obviously, it’s a big deal.

  3. Eric says

    I have a rule: unless you were actually in that relationship, you don’t get to say what someone should have done in that relationship. It’s not your life, you don’t have all of the facts, and it’s not your place to judge.

  4. MaryM says

    Curious to know why she married him if she didn’t trust him enough to tell him that she was trans.

    She should have been honest from the start. A relationship built on lies is bound to fail.

  5. Graphicjack says

    Santorum wants to run again? Seriously? Go ahead… We can all use the laugh.. The Tea Party is dead and the Republicans will be too if they don’t nominate a centrist for the 2016 presidential race. Can someone please wipe the Santorum away?

  6. unruly says

    So he admittedly assaults her and he gets a pass on that? Seems like a guy marries an Asian woman 16 years his younger, gets jealous of her having relations/flirtations with other men now (19 years later), and is using the excuse of her being trans to annul a marriage (thereby protect his money) and assault her. Very convenient. He admits the rumors existed for years but didn’t have any concern until now; this is going on the idea he didn’t know in the first place.

  7. Wow says

    If she didn’t disclose she was a MAN then the marriage should be annulled. It was a fraudulent marriage. Can you imagine what kind of shock it would be to think your wife was actually a man and didn’t tell you? C’mon…

  8. Brent says

    Actually, she is a woman in spirit if not in her genetic code. She should be referred to as such. I’m not defending her for cheating on her husband or for not telling him her biological sex, but she should still be addressed appropriately. Also, no, I couldn’t imagine the shock because I’m gay. I’d never have a wife in the first place.

  9. KSBrian says

    Guess the stupid SOB forgot about a little called the CONSTITUTION, Separation of church and state.

  10. James says

    The story about the transgender “wife” doesn’t surprise me. Transgenders are notoriously dishonest about their gender issues. They are either ashamed of their past gender or they simply don’t want to be honest because they feel that it will cut down on the number of sex partners available to them. I recently read a post by the transgender blogger Natalie Reed proclaiming that transgenders owed their sex partners nothing in the way of disclosure.

    These are deceitful, selfish people.

  11. MammaB says

    Wow James – thanks for reminding us the kind of hateful trolls that can make the comment section such a disheartening place to go.

    THESE are arrogant, ignorant people.

  12. says

    remember, folks – behind every anti-trans gay man is the father whose approval he still fails to earn.

    so take solace. they hate trans people because they’ve never been accepted, unconditionally, as gay men.

  13. says

    Naked people, dancing and jiggling around in a Congressman’s office . . . how juvenile can you get? Once upon a time, AIDS activists staged “die-ins” in public to symbolize how AIDS funding and treatment was a life-or-death issue. What the Hell is tits and ass supposed to symbolize? Today’s generation of Gay activists ain’t about sh*t but making spectacles of themselves and grabbing their fifteen minutes of tacky fame. Disgraceful!

  14. Derrick from Philly says

    “Can you imagine what kind of shock it would be to think your wife was actually a man and didn’t tell you? C’mon…”

    Well, if he already thought it then it shouldn’t have surprised him when he found out.

    (I couldn’t help it Wow. I make those kind of mistakes in clarity too :-))

  15. says

    According to the profile linked to regarding Jeff Stryker, he is 47 years old. According to Wikipedia he was born in 1962, which would make him 50 years old. It would appear Jeff is having some trouble counting candles.