1. Brian says

    Not sure it’s still “Coming Out” if you have already been out for years but the media still thinks this is need to know info. Hopefully people see beyond the headline grabbing and see what an awsome vocalist this guy Jaymi is. Just caught up with this new band on you tube – much success to these guys. Lots of fun, personality, humble, and for a change… these guys are great singers. Hope they go the distance – UnionJ for the WIN!

  2. Francis says

    Well, Johnny, George has not come out yet. He may not be ready yet.

    Very happy for Jaymi to come out and be proud and have his fans back him up. Congrats to him!

  3. Chuck Mielke says

    It’s good to see a performer come out near the beginning of his career. “…The times, they are a-changin’!”

  4. Dylancat says

    Aha – so my Gaydar DOES still work! Congratulations, Jaymi (and great voice, by the way…!) xxx

  5. sparks says

    I’ll be honest: I usually HATE boyband acts on these shows because they’ll slap four or five soloists together who can’t create harmony to save their lives. But this was pretty good. (Gary was right.. there was a tiny pitchiness here and there but their voices were fine together.)

  6. Isaak says

    The band wasn’t actually formed FOR X Factor. They added George in but the other three have been together for some time. Win or not, these guys are really going somewhere and they so deserve it. Congrats to them all for being such a good group of lads and so supportive of Jaymi.

  7. Icebloo says

    Louis Walsh is a hypocrite and a monster – he’s pushing this young kid to come out so he can use the kid’s sexuality for free publicity & then Louis can make more money off of him.
    Louis is a multi-millionaire who has no risks attached to coming out himself yet he is still in the closet.

  8. N says

    Icebloo, Louis is only a mentor for the duration of the show and wont earn from any success the group gets. He had nothing to do with the formation of the group, and they still have their original manager from pre-xfactor.