1. says

    Great, great post. I don’t understand why much of the media is afraid to use the words “lie” or “liar.” They’re nouns as much as man, woman or child, and just as easy to prove. When someone in the media gives a liar a platform to lie, they have the responsibility to call them out on the lies. If they don’t notice them or don’t point them out to their viewers, they aren’t smart enough to be in the media.

  2. HereinDC says

    In John Aravosis blog post, he said it wasn’t a through list (yet)….. it was 1am EST when he posted….and he wanted to get his articel posted. I’m sure the list anti-gay list of the SA is longer.

  3. Francis says

    Her fans are OUTRAGED at her defending and promoting the Salvation Army. Like, this is as clear of an indication as can be that there is still so much ignorance and homophobia, even with people we thought were are allies.

    Stephanie is so desperate to justify her fundraiser she basically has not only thrown our community under the bus, but she bringing on the Salvation Army official, allowing them to lie, NOT having an LGBT official on air to speak the truth, and then co-signing and repeating the lies by the Salvation Army official. There is going to be hell to pay.

    This is the problem we’re seeing countrywide. It’s similar to the article where Dana Milbank says he’s mad FRC was classified a hate group. These religious organizations keep finding ways to sliver their way out of being checked on their hate, they’re allowed to lie about their true actions and attitudes, people buy into their lies and thus they keep being allowed to get away with it. Until that changes, homophobia will continue being a major issue.

  4. CKNJ says

    If she is gay and she let that go unchecked then she should really consider a new position somewhere else where that kind of reporting is acceptable… like Fox News. She has no place on Current. I think an apology and a revised stance made VERY publicly on Current is required to salvage her credibility!

  5. HadenoughBS says

    It’s truly amazing that even a gay broadcaster let’s this lying BS on her own show without challenging it! If we can’t depend on the Stephanie Millers in broadcasting to defend us (and herself), how can we take straight MSM talking heads to task for not doing so?

  6. Icebloo says

    We all need to boycott this self hating loser and bombard her Twitter account with messages of protest.

    What a terrible, unprofessional journalist she is ! AWFUL.

  7. Francis says

    Yes, she’s a lesbian, she came out a few years ago. But I thought she was an informed ally to the community. As you all would know, just because you’re gay doesn’t make you an ally.

    But I guess we were all wrong.

  8. Jonathan says

    Stephanie has awesome show that’s a mix of politics and comedy. I highly suggest everyone try it. I was suspect when I heard her do this George Hood Salvation Army interview. While I don’t support boycotting her show (because she’s such a great progressive voice), I do think everyone should forward any info and opinions her way to educate her. She’s a gay woman who’s been an outspoken ally to the gay community. The concept of throwing her under the bus because of this mistake is short-sighted and wrong.

  9. Mike says

    Sometimes the best way for truth to be Revealed is for the Lie to Speak for itself. I don’t see anything wrong with the Interview. What I see is Someone being Mocked without them realizing it, Well that is usually how I interpret Interviews such as this one.

  10. jakeinlove says

    I love Stephanie’s show and she has been an unyielding voice in the progressive movement. I just recently heard about this fund raiser and was a little taken back because she herself on the show has mentioned the discrimination from the Salvation Army. I just haven’t found time yet to discover why the change of heart. I still support Stephanie and think we need to not be so reactionary.

  11. Tom says

    Everybody knows the Christians real agenda is to destroy the gays anyway they can, lies and money and tricks, mind control you name it, it is all part of their war on gays.

  12. Trover says

    Stephanie Miller is a great person and a fair person. Cut the BS, OK! If, and I say, if the Salvation Army has issues, well, they also do much good. Cut the CRAP

  13. Anne says

    Bill Press is in on this, too. P.S. Trover – you can ask people who “also do good” to stop doing harm. You can put the pressure on them,but Stephanie and Bill are endorsing the discrimination while supporting the good.

  14. db says

    Stephanie Miller is not a journalist–she’s a commedian. She’s also an open lesbian. And while she is wrong on this people need to step back. She’s not evil, she’s not hateful. Dial it back.

  15. Vint says

    Frankly, the time lines don’t even begin to skim the surface of the Salvation Army’s anti-gay activities. The public has a short memory indeed. The Salvation Army waged a pitched battle against gay civil rights – the right not to be discriminated against in employment and in public accommodations – in the 1980s. The triumvirate of the Salvation Army, Agudath Israel of America and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York repeatedly sued, ultimately successfully, for the overturning of Mayor Ed Koch’s Executive Order 50, banning discrimination on the basis of “sexual orientation or affectional preference” by agencies under contract to the city of New York. The city had initially threatened to refuse to renew $4 million in contracts with the Salvation Army for child-care services because the group rejected the antidiscrimination ban, but relented. No gay man alive in NYC during those times will ever forget that the Salvation Army stood in the way of their basic human rights, while suckling at the teats of the city, taking millions in public funds each year—even if Stephanie Miller has forgotten.

    At the time, the Salvation Army claimed, as it does now, that it does not discriminate. But it also clarified that it would not hire a person to head a day care center if he were gay and the Salvation Army found out. The Salvation Army didn’t discriminate (it thought) because it didn’t “ask”.

  16. James Holman says

    When I heard their pitch for that organization this morning, I was shocked. I mean, how can they NOT know about its history?

    So disappointed. I just hope enough people complain to her so she gets the message.

  17. Rrhain says

    The best thing to do is call her up during her program and let her know (calmly and directly, without insulting her) what the real situation is with the Salvation Army. Explain that whatever “good” they do must be judged against the very real harm they cause and it is very disheartening to see her support a group that actively seeks to deny her her rights.

    She has repeatedly said that she cannot understand why gays would support candidates that vote against them and she really needs to think why she is any different when it comes to the Salvation Army: She is “voting,” as it were, against her own interests.

  18. Steve says

    For what it’s worth – my boyfriend is doing a drug-rehab program with the Salvation Army and likes it and he feels like they’re helping him. He says they’ve been accepting of him. He had tried a rehab that was specifically for gay men and he prefers Salvation Army. So, personally I appreciate the Salvation Army for that.

  19. FunMe says

    I think Stephanie knows a tsunami is coming her way, that’s why she writes this in her face book:
    “Bill Press and I have heard you loud and clear about our support for the Salvation Army fundraising campaign. Please tune in tomorrow for the third hour of Talking Liberally/The Stephanie Miller Show for our joint response.” Love, Stephanie”

    I wonder how she is going to explain this fiasco. After all, she’s a lesbian. Late to the table, but a lesbian nevertheless.

  20. Fruit-for-Peace says

    It is incorrect to refer to Stephanie and/or her show “journalism”. It is the equivalent of a morning zoo-crew program where you get a generous mix of politics and comedy all mixed together with fart jokes as the glue holding it all together.

    Yeah, she needs to readdress the SA and their pretty well-known homophobic stances. I would LOVE to hear a similar SA radio interview with Mike Malloy. Mike would TEAR them a new orifice because he KNOWS how homophobic the SA is and Mike is a steadfast ally of the LGBT community!

  21. J Feder says

    They are all scumbags- her tour producer Roland purposely made his ex boyfriend Archie’s life miserable. Archie is a saint and Roland made him a mess. So its a crew of liars and scumbags- and Archie approves this message!

  22. jakeinlove says

    Whatever people.
    She’s since apologized for her lack of research regarding the SA. She and, I believe, Bill Press are discontinuing the fund raiser. Stephanie has said she’s matching her funds raised for the SA and will be donating the same amount to Trevor Project.

    Some of you guys are just so quick to jump on the ‘torch and pitchfork’ bandwagon. Must have been all that Republican rearing as a child.


  23. Rick says

    She could be a dupe for the anti-gay Christians who was gay but now ex gay and pretending to be gay to try and fool LGBT people. Sound confusing? You are right that is what the anti-gay Christians are trying to do, confuse and make LGBT confused about who is doing what. The Art of War, confuse your enemy. Anti-gay Christians want to confuse LGBT people because when they are confused they can be controlled and will believe lies and propaganda made up by the anti-gay Christians. The anti-gay Christians can then “get away with” their evil plots and plans to destroy LGBT people.

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